Rag quilt pillow to match my quilt

I knocked this up in just a few minutes. Fun and easy to sew rag quilt pillow.I had some squares left over from the super-soft and snuggly-wuggly rag quilt I made and showed you last week. Not enough flannel to make anything large, but just enough to create a matching pillow cover to go with my quilt. And oooh, it's snuggly-wuggly too.

I always wondered how to make a rag quilt, and this is a great tutorial. Has a video and a photo step by step. Snuggly-wuggly goodness :-)

It's made in exactly the same way as the quilt, using 3 layers of 6 inch flannel squares and then two 9-square pieces are joined together to create the cover.  I'd used up most of my flannel squares and just had mostly the purple floral left, so rather than be an exact match, I had to make all the outer squares in the same fabric.  I think it still looks good though and is a match for the quilt.

I knocked this up in just a few minutes. Funa dneasy to sew rag quilt pillow.

Here's a super short video of the process, because all of the full details are in that original article about the quilt, including the full video there. I didn't talk nearly as much as I usually do – the whole video is only 3 minutes long!  That's a record for me for sure, although it was difficult to get the voice over to match the pictures – I kept trying to say too much  😉

It was fun to make a quick snapshot video that way.

How to make a rag quilt pillow


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Here's a quick summary:

  1. Cut flannel into 6 inch squares
  2. You need a total of 54 squares
  3. Match them up in sets of 3 with the right sides all facing up
  4. Sew a cross from one corner to the other through all 18 sets
  5. Join 3 together to make a row.  Join them wrong sides facing so your seam allowances are on top. Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
  6. Sew 3 rows together to make a block of 9
  7. Sew all around the perimeter with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, repeat for both.
  8. Join the two pieces together, wrong sides facing, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a gap in one side to insert the pillow form
  9. Throw it in the washer a couple of times with a couple of old towels
  10. Add your pillow form and hand stitch it closed using that 1/2 inch seam line as a guide.
  11. Snuggle and enjoy!

I knocked this up in just a few minutes. Funa dneasy to sew rag quilt pillow.

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Awesome video!! Question: Would it look bad to make the front & back different? The rag quilt I made has owls, foxes, dots, flowers & chevron(5 different patterns)! So I wanted the front with owls, dots, chevron & the back with foxes, flowers & chevron!! Do people do this?

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Kelly

Hi, Kelly, I think is fantastic having 2 different looks.

Gretchen Dedrick
Gretchen Dedrick

Perhaps a silly question, but do you know what size pillow you used?

Lynne E Baltzet
Lynne E Baltzet

your tutorial video makes it a project I will do. the written instructions just were not enough. you make great videos.

Pam @Threading My Way

Looks great, Deby and would be very snugly.