How to Sew Incredible Summer Outfits Yourself

Don’t you hate it when you grow out of your favorite clothes and have to say goodbye to them? Or when some tiny blemish or stain ruins an otherwise perfect outfit. All these problems can become blessings in disguise for you if you are familiar with the intricate art of sewing. With just a few stitches here and there and a few minutes of work, you can transform your old outfits into something completely new and amazing.

1-Turn your hubby’s shirt into a trendy dress

Sew Incredible Summer OutfitsIf you are tired of the shirts that your husband or boyfriend keeps buying and then discarding, then turn those dresses into trendy little dresses with just a few simple stitches here and there. Off the shoulder, dresses are all the rage now and you can easily get a fabulous dress of your own by cutting off the neck and shoulders of the shirt and elasticizing the top edge.

2-The Journey from a skirt to a dress

Sew Incredible Summer OutfitsIf you are in love with the pattern of your skirt but don’t care much about its then we have the perfect solution for you. Arm yourself with your sewing kit and a tank top for size and you can easily transform the dreary old skirt into a smashing maxi dress that is perfect for the summer.

3-The graphic scarf of your dreams

Sew Incredible Summer OutfitsIf you have accumulated an impressive collection of graphic t-shirts throughout your youth that range from political satire to funny comics, but you can’t wear them anymore because they look suitable for your age, then you can easily repurpose them. With a bit of creative sewing, you can turn all those shirts into a fantastic scarf that you can wear to make a fierce style statement.

4-From night suit to a night out

Sew Incredible Summer OutfitsIf you have a super long shirt that you brought accidentally or it was gifted to you and you hate using it as a night suit then we have got just the thing for you. In just six simple steps and the help of your beloved sewing kit, you can turn the long shirt into a super sexy dress that is perfect for date night or a wild night out with your girls.

5-Shine like a designer

Sew Incredible Summer Outfits

Now you don’t have to salivate over the latest designer offerings as you can sew their amazing clothes for yourself now. One great example would be this shirt inspired from Stella McCartney that uses a basic black shirt and tulle to create a gorgeous shirt that is surely going to make you the belle of the party. You don’t even have to be a master at sewing to master this look as this incredibly easy style can be made by anyone at all.

If you have truly mastered the art of sewing, all this will be child’s play for you to sew incredible summer outfits. Just imagine a world where you won’t ever have to get rid of your old clothing as you can always use it to create something bigger and better for yourself.

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