20+ things to sew for yoga, the gym or a workout

Fun ideas for things to sew for yoga, the gym and working out.  Love the t-shirt refashions to work out wearDid you make a resolution this year to work out more, go to the gym, do daily yoga, jog, run or even walk more?  How is that going?  Oh dear…me too.  My 30 days of yoga stopped after day 8 and has been rather sporadic after that. Isn't it the way that you would have more energy and get up and go if you did these things, but don't have the energy and get up and go to start them!

I feel we need a boost, a little something to get us moving again.  So let's get our sewing machine needles moving first and create some work out wear, or something for our yoga class or the gym.  Just so we can feel a little more inspired to get out there and just do it.

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Here's a collection of inspiration and tutorials for having some fun with your work out wear, creating something unique or useful, or just making a great gym bag or running belt.

Got any more links or ideas?  Please do share them in the comments below.  Or join me in lamenting our lack of get up and go this year…

Things to sew for yoga, the gym and your workout

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6 Responses to 20+ things to sew for yoga, the gym or a workout

  1. Cindy says:

    I’m just starting to make upcycled things and am going to sell online But wondered if you can let me know a few things to do this.

  2. Frankie says:

    Oh Deby, I hoped you would stick to your yoga schedule better than that!! Since your mat is probably all crumpled up in a corner, you might want to check out these free yoga bag patterns, to keep it safe! And when you get back to it, I’m sure I’ll have some videos up for you go be getting on with!! http://www.getintoyoga.com/2015/05/10-free-yoga-bag-patterns/

  3. Grandma says:

    This collection is missing your Little tiny blue zipper bag! Love those zipper bags! 😉

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