The Workout Wardrobe Summary So Far – Progress Report

Workout WardrobeWhen I wrote in a recent article that we were already on our sixth pattern of the Workout Wardrobe that we kicked off back at the start of the year with our New Year's resolutions, a number of readers wrote to ask for a summary of all the patterns to make sure they didn't miss anything.

Below is a list of the six project so far.  We've covered a lot of ground in this series already, from the Sweatpants and Hoodie, to a Sports Bra that will actually fit you, to the High-Low and Racerback t-shirts that will fit properly when you're working out.  There's even a money or Running Belt to keep your valuables safe will jogging or at the gym.

In summary, I'd have to say that the Workout Wardrobe pattern series is probably going a bit better than my actual workout routine.  I'm still trying to get in the mode of working out regularly like I know I should.  In any case, it certainly helps to have some workout wear that actually fits now, although I guess this just takes away one of my excuses now.. darn.

The Workout Wardrobe Series

The Hoodie

This is an easy-to-sew pattern for a very popular design that can be worn for a workout or just around the house.

The Sweatpants

These sweatpants are more in the traditional (read practical) style and have more room around the legs without being floppy.

The Sports Bra

This sports bra pattern and tutorial comes with a full video class to explain the intricacies of sewing 4-way stretch knit fabrics.

High-Low T-Shirt

The High-Low T-shirt is the perfect item to hide your panty line.  It's A-line and semi-fitted above the bust point so will be loose around the hips and closer to your body at the shoulders.

Racerback Tank T-shirt

This design is not meant to be tight on your belly and is higher at the front than the back. It goes perfectly with the sports bra .

The Money Belt

Keep your valuables safe while out for a run or at the gym.  Enough room for some cash, cards, passport and even your phone.

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How do I get the sweat pant pattern?

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member

Hello Don, click on the orange button, it should take you to our store on Bluprint.

Pam Scott
Pam Scott

The sports bra was so much fun to make! Thanks!


Thank you!! I can now save it all to pinterest to work on later! Summer is always a hard time to find time to sew. But winter will be here sooner or later! LOL. thank you for a great site to get patterns and inspiration!

Nancy Allen
Nancy Allen

Thanks ladies! Great site. Love your patterns, instrux, tutorials, and inspiration. Keep up the great work.

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Nancy Allen

You are welcome Nancy!