Free Skirt Sewing Patterns – over 100

Free skirt sewing patterns

Introducing an EPIC list of free skirt sewing patterns. I KNOW you all love free patterns – its the most searched for area of my site.  And you LOVE the Pinterest Group Board where you all share your favorite free sewing patterns.  And the Free Dress Patterns List was the biggest traffic generator on the site for weeks after it was published.   So, here you have it.  The BIG List of free skirt sewing patterns for every type and style of skirt you can imagine.  Over 100 at the time of publishing and growing as I find more great patterns to include. Last updated on 30 April 2016.   Over 100 Free Skirt Sewing Patterns Don’t forget to check out these other popular posts on this site: Also check out the Skirts Sewing Patterns board on Pinterest. Follow Deby at … Continue reading

Can I ask your fitting advice?

Test fitting a new knit dress

I’m making a dress.  Its from a commercial pattern, and its for an upcoming wedding I’ll be going to next month.  Knowing how pattern sizing is always off, I’ve made a test from some dollar fabric to see how it fits.  According to the pattern envelope, I should be between a 14 and 16 – so I cut a size 10 and guess what, it’s still a bit too big. But sizing aside, what do you think?  I know there are a lot of very experienced sewers out there who have given advice before – can I ask for your fitting advice on this test please? The front view looks not too bad, although I’m not too keen on those chubby bits by my armpits.  It’s my least favorite body part – do you think I should try to bring up the … Continue reading

Things you never knew about me

I’ve been here a little while now, and I’ve had a few comments and emails asking about where I live and what life is like here in the Cayman Islands.  There is an About Me page you can take a look at, and you can see my silly profile photo over there on the right.  But what about the detail – the nitty gritty – my dirty little secrets?  Read on… I am British, but I left the UK 9 years ago to live in Thailand.  I was there a year and now have lived in the Cayman Islands for the last 5 1/2 years. I have three cats.  Panther who has mental health issues and grooms himself until he is bald, Oliver Twist who only has three legs and Scruffy who came to us completely bald but is now … Continue reading

Sexy 30 minute easy skirt tutorial

So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.

I simply cannot believe this was SO EASY!  If you want an easy to make and easy to wear skirt that’s flattering, and so cheap to make then read on because this post is for YOU.   Want a really easy skirt pattern? See this skirt above?  It took just minutes to make and I assure you anyone can do it.  Too tight for you?  Too short?  Too long?  You can make this skirt just how you like it, then you can make another and another, and all before breakfast.  Read on…. This skirt is just two tubes of stretchy knit fabric and can be made in minutes, adjusted to your own particular style in terms of how snug or lose you want it, how long or short you want it, and can even be worn in different lengths with the same … Continue reading

The Dress that REALLY got me noticed

So Sew Easy - Danielle Dress - free pattern. The dress that really got me noticed as a sewist.

This is the dress that started it all. The dress that really got me noticed as a sewer, or is it sewist?  Let me introduce you to the Danielle dress. Danielle is yet another – this time from Burda.  I think my dress looks nothing like the one featured on their site.  Isn’t it amazing how different something can look in a different fabric and without those silly puffy sleeves?  While I think theirs looks a little frumpy, mine makes me feel tall, smart and a little fancy! Once again my reluctant photographer tries to do his best while making me balance on some very uneven rocks in a high wind and high heels.  Just so he can laugh at me I think. The day I wore this into work I felt a bit like a celebrity.  It was noticed and … Continue reading

Making a pencil skirt sloper and the resulting skirt

So Sew Easy - drawing your own pencil skirt sloper pattern. It's so easy - spreadsheet provided.

Why design your own pencil skirt sloper pattern? Have you EVER owned a pencil skirt that fit you properly?  I find the ready to wear either gape in the waist, or are too tight across the hip or thigh or the darts aren’t right.  I guess perhaps my waist to hip ratio does not match the ideal hourglass figure.  Neither is my widest point in the regular hip – I am a true pear with my thighs wider than my hips but with a very square waist to hips too. Now that I can sew (a little) I thought it was about time I tried to rectify this with my own pencil skirt.  But buying a pattern would not solve the problems and would require so many alterations and it’s so difficult to fit on myself without any help.  So drafting my own pattern from scratch … Continue reading

McCall’s M6074 – the One to Four hours dress

So Sew Easy - M6074 one hour dress.

I’d been itching to try this pattern for a while and eventually got round to it.  It’s a very simple pattern with just 4 pattern pieces, well 2 really if you consider that each one is a mirror image of the other.  Two for the front, left and right side and the same for the back. And a small piece as a casing for the elastic which creates the gather under the bust. According to the measurements on the pattern envelope, I was a size 14.  Dresses normally come out too large, but I’d rather take in than find I’ve cut too small and ruined the fabric.  So I used this black and white ‘nests’ ITY knit from FabricMart.  And although this is described by McCalls as a one hour dress – it did take me a lot longer. The dress was … Continue reading

Making zipper pouches – on sale until 24th March at PinkEPromise

I’ve been making more of the great zipper pouches.  I started these originally following the FREE online video course from Craftsy – Bag Making Basics – Reversible Tote and Zipper Pouch.  These are super quick and easy to make, and I’ve made a ton of them.  I sell them in my Etsy shop – Print or Plain, and in local gift shops here on the island.  They sell REALLY well to the tourists.  I think because they are so bright and colorful and fit in with island lifestyles.  Soft and comfy to carry, big enough for the essentials but not too bulky and obvious.  I use one everyday and so do all my friends since I’ve been making these.   Plus from 20th March I also have them on a 4 day sale at PinkEPromise.  Usual price $12.99, but on … Continue reading

V-neck T-shirt and A-line Skirt

So Sew Easy - V-neck T-shirt and A-Line skirtzx

What is it with the use of the alphabet to describe clothing shapes?  It was only when I was thinking of a title for this post that I realised what I had made. A V-neck T-shirt and an A-line Skirt.  I just suddenly thought that was really funny!  Anyway, moving on… You may have recently seen my scoop neck t-shirts.  Love these so much, great casual t-shirts for everyday where.  The next item in my Sewing With Knits course is the V-neck T-shirt.  The neckline is a little more tricky to sew because to make it look good, you have to line up the V part of the neckline with the V part of the body of the shirt.  But the instructions are excellent.  Having a video tutorial with the instructor talking you through it is so much easier than trying to … Continue reading

Is all fashion just copying?

I watched this very interesting video – a presentation by Johanna Blakley: Lessons from fashion’s free culture.  In it is discussed the lack of copyright on fashion and apparel and how trends are just everyone copying from one another at the same time until everything looks like a variation on the same theme.  (She puts it much better.)  For example, peplums coming ‘back into fashion’.  Black and white seems to be predicted as popular for this year. Also discussed is the collaboration between fashion designers and large retail stores to bring those expensive fashions into the reach of us regular folks.  And how they realise that having their designs copied makes little to no impact on their sales because the customers who buy the copies could NEVER afford to buy the originals anyway. She shares her perspective on how the lack of copyright protection means that designers are forever striving to … Continue reading

Navy pleated skirt – free pattern and tutorial

So Sew Easy - Navy pleat skirt

I’d been held up previously by not having a zipper foot so my sewing options were limited.  But I’m pleased to say my prized foot is in hand and ready to sew – and I made use of it right away with this Navy Pleated Skirt. It’s made from a free tutorial here at Grosgrain Fabulous.  The tutorial gives full info on sizing and drawing up your pattern and how to sew. She recommends a stiffer fabric like a linen or cotton twill to hold the pleats and stiffen the waistband, but I fancied a lighter version and this was made with yet another fabric remnant – a soft and drapey navy blue something.  It makes the skirt very light and cool to wear and gives it a softer appearance than the one featured in the tutorial.  I also made … Continue reading