3/4 Sleeve Summer Blouse – An Easy Two Hour Project

3/4 sleeve summer blouseThis is the 3/4 sleeve summer blouse project, designed to take only two hours to complete.  I have to admit that I agonized over this project for some time.  More than a few days were spent at my desk thinking about how I could come up with the easiest to make, most elegant blouse possible.  To be honest, I had thought I'd already pulled it off with the Secretary Blouse and the Office Hours Blouse – but I think this one is even easier!

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Please do let me know if you agree. I like a challenge.  This is also the 4th more requested pattern on So-Sew-Easy.com “a short sleeve summer blouse easy and elegant”.  The only problem I found with this is that the third highest traffic country for this blog is Australia, which is now heading into winter.  So how to please both the northern and southern hemisphere ladies?  Well this is my attempt, so let me know what you think.

If you would like to see a short video of the blouse please find me on Instagram @soseweasyoffical

This blouse features a rounded neckline,

and an easy to close back with a loop and a button.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

It is lower at the back than the front for those who love the “Parisian tuck” but prefer something more elegant.

With elastic at the waist so you can show your waistline or make the illusion of having one.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

I recommend you to wear this 3/4 sleeve summer blouse with dressy shorts, a pencil skirt, or cigarette summer pants.

But here is the best part, you can roll the sleeves down to make a long sleeve elegant summer or autumn blouse.

I have to warn you though, this 3/4 sleeve summer blouse can only be made with soft drape fabrics such as georgette, silk, rayon.  Please have a look at the fabric recommendations.


  • 2 to 2 1/2 yards of woven or knitted fabric
  • Elastic thread
  • Thread to match
  • 1/4″ elastic 22″ to 28″ depending on the measurement of your forearm (above the elbow)
  • Bias tape 1/2″ (buy or make your own)


  • Sewing machine
  • Serger
  • An extra bobbin with elastic thread
  • Sewing Needle size 70 or 80.
  • Tailor's chalk or erasable fabric marking pen

Fabric Recommendations From Fabric.com

Experience Level:  Intermediate Beginner

There is no seam allowance or hem added to the pattern. I recommend a 1/2″ seam allowance.

You will need to know how to finish a collar using bias tape,

Use Bias Tape for a Neckline or Arm Hole Facing

and your own bias tape, as well as how to sew a button by hand.

Making continuous bias binding tape


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Pattern Download

Download HERE

Pattern Layout3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Body Measurements

Size Bust Hips Waist Length
S 33″ 34″ 25″ 22″
M 37″ 38″ 28″ 22 3/8″
L 41″ 42″ 30″ 22 3/4″
XL 43″ 44″ 32″ 23 1/8″
2XL 45″ 46″ 34″ 23 1/2″

How To Sew Your 3/4 Sleeve Summer Blouse

Mark the elastic placement on the front and back of the blouse fabric using your tailor's chalk or erasable pen or baste by hand.  I prefer to hand baste with a contrasting color since this is easily removed and will not fade with the handling of the fabric.

Serge the seam allowance but do not cut the fabric.  We are going to need the width of the seam allowance to finish the back opening.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Sew the back until the notch, this is marked in your pattern.  Iron the seam allowance open.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Print sides together,  sew the shoulder and sides,  serge the seam allowance.  Iron the seam allowance towards the back.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Sew the sleeves along the arm to make a band.  One side will be gathered and the other side will have elastic.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Gather the sleeve.

Reduce the width of the sleeve to fit the armhole size.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Insert the sleeve inside the armhole matching the seams.   Make sure the right sides of the prints are facing each other.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse


3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Apply elastic on the sleeve.  Measuring your forearm and adding one inch for ease.  Fold the edge of the hem of the sleeve making sure the stitching will not show.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Stitch the back opening folding the serged edge down.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse Attach a loop 1/4″ from the edge of the neckline on the left side of the blouse.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Add bias tape at the neckline.  Work on the right side of the blouse turn the bias tape and stitch on the wrong side of the blouse.  Attach a button on the right side.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Sew a snap (not shown) here at the edge of the sleeve and another at the hem of the sleeve.  Roll the sleeve and snap the sleeve to shoulder.  This is what gives the sleeve the romantic balloon effect to the blouse.

3/4 sleeve summer blouse

Hem the blouse.

Finally, apply the elastic thread to the waist.     

Design Note:  If you do not have an hourglass figure I suggest you add a couple of rows of elastic thread in between the ones I have applied, to avoid a bubble between the rows.

As I finish this 3/4 sleeve summer blouse, four different ways pop in my head on how I could finish the sleeves.  The blouse can be worn in two ways, long sleeves for the southern hemisphere and 3/4 for the northern hemisphere.

I think you guys can come up with your own designs.  Let me know in the comments below how you chose to finish the sleeves,  or even better – send me a picture and I'll add it to this post.  As a bonus,  I'll send the first person to do so a $20 gift certificate for Fabric.com!  Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!

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As I mentioned this is our fourth most requested pattern for summer.  In case you missed the fifth most one, or you just want a more casual blouse, here is one with long sleeves that also works for both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Summer Blouse Pattern – Simple Elegance At Your Finger Tips


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  2. Angelique says:

    Do I absolutely need a serger for this project?

  3. Sharon says:

    I would have liked to see a full photo of the entire front of the blouse and sleeve.

  4. mary says:

    s= bust 33 and waist 25 ; for Barbie! Please design one for a ‘fat’ friend.

  5. Curvy Girls are Chic says:

    I am loving your patterns Mayra and I just realized the issue with the fabric suggestions not showing up. When I awoke this am I saw your email and said look how cute! I then scrolled down and said oh here are the fabric suggestions. But when i come to my computer I do not see them.. I my laptop uses Chrome and I am looking at them on an iphone.. But this is lovely!

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      yes then you do have an adv blocker in Chrome. The fabric I used is silk Georgette, I am thinking of making another one in navy blue, to go with my new cigarette pants.

  6. Sarah P Testa says:

    Sigh, it is a LOVELY design but I don’t feel like ‘advertising’ .my waist at the moment. As for the bias, I really prefer making my own since I like it to match. These are both little details are my problem, not yours 😉 Thanks so much for your hard work ❤

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