Summer Blouse Pattern – Simple Elegance At Your Finger Tips

summer blouse patternThis summer blouse pattern is a way of remembering a friend and a gift to the many ladies that have been asking for a blouse that can cover the forearms.  There are five big requests I get when the weather starts to get warmer. One of them is a blouse that is fresh, simple, elegant, and able to be worn with shorts, a mini or maxi, jeans or culottes — while at the same time being warm enough that a cool evening breeze won't be uncomfortable.  It's a big task for one piece of clothing, but not impossible in my opinion.

Today is the birthday of my friend Auleris.  We have not seen each other for many years, but last I heard she'd made her way back to Panama and still remains a nun.

There are some people who were born to follow a path and have known it their whole lives.  Auleris is one of those people.  Her passion for God was so strong that she knew she wanted to commit herself to serving others and serving God since before she even graduated high school.  Her work has taken her all over India and South America before finally returning to her own country.

I met Auleris at the library in the small town where I grew up.  I noticed that she was doing a Biology paper which was due the next day and she was writing it by hand on the back of paper that already had writing on it since she had no money for even paper.  I told her if she did not have a Biology book she could borrow mine or come to my house and do homework together.  She said thank you and we didn't speak again for about two weeks.

One cold rainy night, I heard someone calling from the gate.  It was Auleris, completely soaked and carrying a bundle of clothes in her arms.  She had run away from the home she was staying in.  You see, her real home was on a farm, a two-hour walk from the school where we went.  So from Monday to Thursday she would stay at the home of an uncle and return home on Fridays for the weekend.

That rainy night her uncle had come home drunk and had tried to touch her.  When she ran to her aunt she did what many do, and blamed the young girl, then kicked her out.  That's how Auleris ended up at our gate.  My mom took her in and for the rest of that school year, she stayed with us.  The following year I literally gained a sister.

Auleris had very few clothes, not wanting to carry so much from her far away home.  Since we had school uniforms it wasn't such a big deal.  But, one day she asked me if I could show her how to sew so perhaps she could make clothes for herself. This summer blouse was the first thing we did together.  Her only request was that it needed to cover the arms, yet be flowy and cool under the sun.

Aurelis ended up earning a scholarship to university and made it all the way to a master's degree at the University of Barcelona.  Soon after she took her vows and went to live in Calcutta, India under Mother Teresa's guidance, rescuing girls from prostitution, teaching them reading and writing, and sewing.  To my surprise, she told me she found another friend of mine at the nunnery — but of her, I will tell you another day.

The Summer Blouse Called Auleris

This blouse has balloon shaped sleeves,

Bias tape around the neck allowing you to leave the neckline open or closed with a bow.

A boxy shape for comfort.  I recommend using natural fiber fabrics such as silk, cotton batiste, lawn, linen, or rayon.


  • Two yards of 54″ of natural fiber fabric.  See my recommendations below.
  • One pack of (3.5 yards) of 1.5″ ready-made bias tape or make our own
  • Thread to match


Fabric Recommendations From

Experience Level:  Intermediate Beginner

You need to have an understanding of grain line, cutting layout, straight stitch, bias tape application, and sewing a dart.  Please read the top five mistakes to avoid article before you start this project.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Fabric

How To Download Your PDF Pattern

We're going to continue to use the new PayHip Webstore to distribute our patterns. As most readers know, Craftsy (Bluprint now) is changing a lot and they have stopped designers like us from publishing new patterns on their site, so we've had to move to another service.

Our patterns are still free, but now you now have the option of making a small contribution if you like our work! We'd really appreciate it and it will help is keep going with new and fun designs like this. Even a dollar or two really goes a long way.  Maybe you don't know it takes an average of 26 hours of work to make a post and that does not include a video.

Thanks so much in advance for helping us out.  You can use any credit card and you don't need a PayPal account, although you can use one if you have one.

Pattern Download

Pattern Download

How To Print And Assemble Your Summer Blouse Pattern

Please use Adobe Reader which is a free program.  This is all you need.  Print the pattern in Landscape mode and do not Scale.

Pattern Layout

summer blouse pattern

Finished Measurements

This pattern has no seam allowance or hem please add your own.    Please allow 4 to 6 Inches at the bust for ease.   Take the given measurements below and subtract your bust measurement to find your size.

Size Bust Hips Length
S 41″ 43″ 21″
M 43″ 45″ 21 1/4″
L 44 1/2″ 46 1/2″ 21 1/2″
XL 46″ 48″ 21 3/4″
2XL 47 1/2″ 49 1/2″ 22″

How To Sew Your Summer Blouse

We will start by sewing the bust dart then the chest opening.

I will be showing you the easiest way, but if you are an intermediate seamstress you can easily make a facing instead.  Advanced intermediates could even attach a placket and bottoms or a lovely lace zipper instead.

Sew The Dart

This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have never done it please read this tutorial that goes on detail on how to sew a dart to perfection.

How to Sew Darts – How to Sew A Skirt Series

Sew The Bias Tape At The Chest

Follow this tutorial on how to apply bias tape on a V-neck, except that the pattern does not include the v-neck.  You will have to decide how open it will be at the chest.  All I can tell you is that the more chest area you have the bigger yours should be.  Draw a very long and narrow V on the neckline for the result on the main picture.

Cut in the middle, then place the bias tape at the edge.  From here follow the tutorial exactly as it is written.summer blouse patternsummer blouse patternsummer blouse pattern

Sew The Shoulder Seams

Simply sew the shoulder seams.

summer blouse pattern

Attach The Sleeve And Sew The Sides

The sleeve has two notches.  One in the middle of the sleeve and one on the side.  The one on the side indicates that that is the front of the sleeve, the one in the middle you need to match with the shoulder seam.summer blouse pattern

Sew the sleeves and serge, then sew from the wrist to the hem in one go.

Apply Elastic To The Sleeves

This is not the first time I have shown how to do this sleeve.  I have used it in the secretary blouse, and the office hours blouse.  You can refer to those projects too for additional guidance.

Make a band with your elastic and thread it to the sleeve.

summer blouse pattern

Thread the sleeve through the elastic.

summer blouse pattern

Place the sleeve through the arm of the sewing machine.

summer blouse pattern

Place the elastic close to the edge and for the edge over the elastic no more than 1/2″  and sew.  You will need to pull the elastic as you sew.  This is very easy and very fast.

summer blouse pattern

Hem The Blouse

I am simply running the hem on the serger then turning 3/8″ (1cm)

summer blouse pattern

That's All

I hear from Auleris from time to time.  The last time I saw her I finally asked: what does your name mean?.  She answered saying “It comes from Euler, which means the most beautiful equation”.  She is a very inspiring woman, still beautiful to this day both inside and out while remaining one of the most humble.  She remains a nun helping young girls and is still a good friend.

I hope you liked this summer blouse pattern that's named after her. We'll be making a few adaptations to it in the future with it so you can try different variations.

Need another easy to make summer blouse pattern?  See the popular Linen V-Top Pattern linked below.

Linen V-Top Pattern – Spend Late Summer With Style

Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!

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55 Responses to Summer Blouse Pattern – Simple Elegance At Your Finger Tips

  1. Molly says:

    I love this pattern and I would like to see it, but I was wondering if you could make this pattern in smaller sizes, I am in middle school and I am a particularly small middle school so I was wondering if you could make is in a much smaller size, perhaps 2xs if that is too much work that is ok but I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Shari says:

    Finally was able to acquire some bias tape, but now I need help. Haven’t done a lot so not sure how to do it. I am having trouble following the tutorial that you provided a link for. It doesn’t show how to make ties or how to go around corners. And for me, it’s hard to see. Is there a video tutorial for this particular type of neckline that I could follow? I do better with video. Thanks for all you do and for providing so much free content!

  3. Shari says:

    Am I reading the directions correctly? Does it say you need 1.5″ bias tape? Because I can’t find any that size. That seems kind of really wide.

  4. Karen Boyd says:

    Myra, beautiful pattern –haute couture! Do have a source for reasonable priced fine cotton lace? I would probably make it out of lawn for a little more opacity, but I want to make this for me and for my daughter with a few alterations. LOL People often ask me for recipes for things I have made them. I always use a recipe and I always change it and I can’t always explain exactly what I did. It’s the same with patterns I always have one and use it, except I always make a change or five. They story of your friend is lovely thanks for sharing that as well.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Karen, completely understand, The important thing is that you have fun. I buy the lace through a store in Singapore, I do buy the whole role, 20 to 33 meters per roll. I know they get it through Alibaba. I have not tried although sometimes they have it goes fast though. I used to have a friend that had an online shop selling Buttons and Laces in NYC not sure if she is still in business I hope so, she carried a good stock. I will find out and let you know.

  5. Sandy Byrd says:

    Wear would the sleeve length fall? Wrist or 3/4?

  6. Barbara says:

    Where did you get the lovely patterned fabric? I absolutely love it!

  7. Rebecka Lindberg says:

    Hi! Lovely blouse!! I printed this pattern in landscape mode, no scaling and A4, and the different sides of the pages have wildly different margins, so the pattern lines don’t add up if I line up the frames of the pages. And are there no longer any circles to match up? And are you sure your patterns support A4? This is the second time this has happened when I’ve tried printing an So Sew Easy pattern, but I’ve never had the problem with other patterns, so there’s nothing wrong with my printer.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      It supports A4 but you have to trim the paper on the narrow side, there will be a small margin if your printer does not support it. Very common on cheaper printers such as mine. I have an Epson L395. I should write a post on how to put the patterns together when there is a square. The square should measure 1 square inch. There are lines between the squares the distance between these fine lines is also 1″. Hope that makes sense if not tell me and I will make a post to explain with pictures. KInd Regards, Mayra P.S. Thanks for your feedback.

  8. Karen says:

    In case I can’t find a 54″ fabric, do you have yardage requirement for 44″ wide for a medium? Thanks!

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Karen, I am writing a post about how to calculate the amount of fabric you need, this calculation is very important to understand and learn it will save you money and it will save me time. Stay tuned please.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the heart warming story ❤️. I will try the blouse, it’s beautiful!!

  10. Tropical Threads says:

    I had a friend in a similar situation, and my mum offered to take her in. She never did move in due to not wanting to leave her little brother behind, and she couldn’t take him with her.

    But to this day, the love my mum showed to my friend and the faith in her that she didn’t deserve to be treated like that, still burns strong in my friend. So we’re Almost Foster Sisters! Or soul sisters 🙂

    I’m gonna buy you a coffee! Because of your story 🙂

    Also I always get and often use your free patterns. I might never use this one, because long sleeves, tropics, meh too hot. But then again it would probably look really nice with the sleeves still ballooned but short. Hmmmm….

  11. Charlotte says:

    I LOVE the appearance of this summer blouse. Sadly, I can’t seem to get the pattern download to work. I had no problem downloading the wallet. I’ll try again tomorrow. Can’t wait to try my hand at making this!

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Maybe you have some kind of blocker, do try tomorrow perhaps it will be better. Kind Regards,

  12. Liane Fleury says:

    That’s a beautiful blouse. Thank you.

  13. kathyandtony92 says:

    Thank you very much for the pattern and the story of Auleris. I will cherish both.

  14. Tanya says:

    I bought a blouse like this at a clearance sale a few years ago. I love the style but the store doesn’t carry sell it anymore. I’m really looking forward to making my own using your awesome pattern.

  15. Joyce B says:

    I’ve downloaded many of your patterns, but sadly only sewn a few😩, only because of all my existing projects (I’m trying to control how many are unfinished, but not doing well!). I love how you are so generous with your creations, but I’ve enjoyed your stories (Especially this one) just as much as your designs! I’m glad I’m able to at least contribute a little for your unselfish sharing!! God bless you!

  16. Chris says:

    Loved the story! What a great memory. And this blouse is gorgeous! I don’t understand the measurements part. You say to subtract your bust measurement to find your size…also, what is the ease allowed for hips? I am 44-38-47. I was thinking make the largest size with an FBA?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Chris, thank your comment, the blouse is a tad too narrow as it is but don’t worry I am writing on how to adjust this pattern to make it bigger. The ease of at least 4″ is important.

      • Dr. O says:

        I don’t understand what, “Please allow 4 to 6 Inches at the bust for ease. Take the given measurements below and subtract your bust measurement to find your size” means either. For example, if I have 43″ bust (at fullest part), and 41″ underbust, what size should I use?

        • Mayra Cecilia says:

          Large could work if you like the blouse a bit closer to your bust, XL if you are looking for a comfortable blouse that will give you room to move. It depends if your shoulders are small or wide. fabric is fluid as in rayon use XL.

  17. Viki says:

    Thanks for the pattern.. I’m just wondering how I could size it up to a 4x or so (53″ bust) I so wish patterns were made for everyone or easier to figure that out myself. This pattern is just what I like & I’d love to make my own blouse. Nice story too, BTW. Thanks!

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      You are welcome Viki, I am writing a post on how to fit the pattern to make it bigger, it will come out soon, but yes a full bust adjustment will work very well that is why I added a dart at the bust.

  18. Whollyfool says:

    What a wonderful story about Auleris. I love that she is named after an equation!

    Very glad to hear her story had a happy ending.

  19. Edith says:

    Lovely, and feminine!

  20. Marvelle Buechel says:

    I love this blouse, thank you. I purchased several cups os Ko_Fi for you and your pals. I seem to have my own Ko-Fi page now! I am stalled downloading the wallet pattern. I saw a message directing someone to the big green arrow in them middle of a page. When I went to the page, no arrow but there was a rectangular box. Clicked it, no luck. Can you help me?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      HI Marvelle, I sent an email with the link, did you get it? Do let me know if you are still having trouble, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

  21. judle says:

    Where do I find the video for this blouse, please? I have downloaded the pattern.

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Judle, I haven’t had a chance to do a video yet for this one. I hope to get one done so please stay tuned.

  22. Carole Shaw says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely Aurelis pattern.
    I bought you a coffee, well, not only your beautiful story of your lovely friend Aurelis, but how your family took her in,and you taught her to sew, it really touched my heart……it is also the work you put in, to make your patterns and videos…I do like your designs, very much. ..
    I am only just getting back into sewing after a very long hiatus. We are just going into Winter here in Australia, but no harm in planning ahead for our Summer, way off in December!

    Happy Mothers day!
    kind regards – Carole xx

  23. Jennifer says:

    Hiya Mayra, I just wanted to say I loved loved your story about Auleris. I myself have some excellent nuns who are best friends. I grew up in India as a catholic and studied in schools and colleges run by nuns. Everytime I go back to India for a visit I try and visit a few of them. They’ve impacted my life greatly. I’m just so amazed that your family took her in just like that. You never hear of such thing nowadays. People tend to be suspicious. Thank you for your story. It proves there is goodness in the world.
    Sorry nothing to do with your pattern. I’ve never had luck with blouses. Never got them right.

  24. Kathy says:

    Like the blouse, great for covering the arms, loose enough to cover bulges, and can make it long enough to cover stomach! But the best part is the story of Auleris, such a beautiful friendship.

  25. Luisa says:

    Oh, my goodness!
    Have downloaded the summer blouse pattern and am in the processof listening/viewing the how to video.
    It says I have to go to Facebook. I don’t DO Facebppk. I don’t trust the site and don’t want my information on it anywhere.(period)
    If I have to go there (as I understand it so far) in order to print patterns, then I will Unsubscribe from So Sew Easy and please do not send me any more patterns, as silly me I subscribed to your Sunday patterns before I knew all this. Perhaps later in the video you will tell me if this is printable on an 8.5×11 paper. I have a mind to stop here in the video and wait for your reply.


    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Luisa, where are you seen this? I never said you need to go to Facebook. We have a chat group this is true but you don’t have to go there to get the pattern. The instructions are on the site as always free.

      • Patricia Marter says:

        Maura, thank you so much for such a beautiful adaptable pattern. This is my first download since everything changed. I LOVE the Summer Blouse pattern. It seems to be just the pattern I was looking for, simple as I want, yet elegant as I want to make it.
        I, too, have a Dear Friend that I have known since we were 2 years old. This year we celebrate 69 Wonderful years of closeness. We have seen each other through many, many crises and fantastic times. God grant us many more to enjoy each other!!!
        HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU and all the sewing sisters out there.
        Continue with the wonderful work that you are doing.
        Looking forward to your next pattern.
        Thank you again for your time and work. Sincerely, Patti, a sewing sister.

    • labkath says:

      I’ve never gone to facebook for your amazing patterns, so this individual seems a bit confused. Thanks for all you do! It’s a LOT of work to put content out there and there are so many people who think they should receive things for free and with no effort.

  26. Curvy Girls are Chic says:

    Hello your fabric recommendations aren’t showing up.. I would love to know about the fabric you used in this photo…

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi, Curvy Girls are chic, they appear under fabric recommendations from as four pictures. I used cotton batiste and sewed lace vertically and pin tucks. A lot of work but well worth the effort.

      • Nancy Stockman says:

        Mayra, did you do those details before cutting out the pattern pieces? I LOVE the look and want to replicate it

      • Curvy Girls are Chic says:

        Right but the four photos are not appearing nor the links to them.. I see them in other posts but not this one..

      • Curvy Girls are Chic says:

        Oh ok I don’t know if I want to do that volume of work LOL but I do want a blouse like this.. thanks for letting me know its super cute!

        • Mayra Cecilia says:

          LOL! yes it was a lot of work, but I was making another post so it is one shot two birds kind of thing. Love your site it is chic indeed!

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