30+ FREE Wine Bag Sewing Patterns & Tutorials

Wine Bag Sewing Patterns

Having a wine bag is always more classy

Ever gone to a dinner where you brought wine and had to hand over a brown paper bag like it was some bottle of swill from a high school party?

Wine Bag Sewing Patterns

Well, a wine bag sewing pattern might just be your answer.

A wine bag is a much more classy way to bring your gift to a party or event. It will show your taste and can be a wonderful gift to leave behind with your host.

They are super simple to make and are good first projects for sewing beginners.

If you add some padding or insulation as is suggested in some of these free patterns, a wine bag can go a long way toward protecting your bottle as well as keeping it at the perfect temperature.

Wine Bag Sewing Patterns

There are even double wine bags if you're planning a particularly big night.

Not into wine? Try these water bottle holder sewing patterns instead.

Please let me know what you think!

Wine Bag Sewing Patterns Roundup

Here's a huge list of wine bag sewing patterns that I hope will make your seasonal party season more enjoyable.

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