50+ Free Laundry Bag Sewing Patterns

laundry bag sewing patternsHave you ever needed a good laundry bag in a hurry?

One of my teenagers was headed off on a school trip this week.  While we were packing her things, we discovered that she had no place to put her dirty laundry.  She needed a laundry bag, of course, and we didn't have one.

Without the benefit of a good laundry bag, clean clothes mix with dirty clothes, things get lost, and all sorts of other problems arise.  It's chaos when she returns as well and we end up washing everything anyway which is quite a waste of both time and resources.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a good laundry bag sewing pattern to hand and didn't really have time to make a new one.

It sounds like a simple project, and indeed, like a pillowcase pattern, a laundry bag sewing pattern can make a wonderful first project for a beginner.  But I still didn't have time to make a pattern from scratch so I did a search are the web to try to find the best free laundry bag sewing patterns that I could find.

As always, I'd like to share the best ones I could find, so here's my list.  Please enjoy!

Why don't you try one of our FREE patterns?

Here's a Mesh Lingerie Bag pattern that would make a perfect first sewing project. 
Sew a mesh lingerie bag for travelling, storage or laundry

Check It Out

Laundry Bag Sewing Patterns Roundup

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Millie Schwendeman
Millie Schwendeman

Made one for my family’s RV and had the same fabric as the picture!Just love it,and it doesn’t take up very much storage!Very useful, I think every camper or RV needs at least one!

Nance in Reno
Nance in Reno

I was asked to make 20 laundry bags for a homeless shelter. Yikes, the cost of fabric alone would be about $100 if I got it on a 50% off sale! I went to the Salvation Army and found pillowcases for 50 cents snd the sewing was already 90% done! I sewed two buttonholes towards the bottom half of the cuff, one near the seam and the other one about 20 inches away from the 1st one. Cut open the buttonholes, flip the cuff down half way. Sew the cuff down, topstitch the new edge. Sew a 6″ light webbing or heavy grosgrain ribbon on the top center of the cuff, thread two drawstrings and voila! Plus many of the pillowcases have such nice contrasting cuffs.


I have made The Boxy Bag before but would like to do it again with this lovely fabric but this time I would make the bag 5 times the size so that it becomes a travel holdall kind of thing. Fabulous!