What Is Boucle Fabric – A Full Fabric Guide

Derived from the French word “boucler” which means “to curl”, bouclé fabric has a unique, curvy, and looped appearance that gives it its distinctive name. The term ‘bouclé’ actually refers more to the yarn with which the fabric is made, rather than the fabric itself. Bouclé yarn is made from … Continue reading

Must Have Features For Your First Serger

Must have features for your first serger - and those you can do without. Great tips if you are thinking of getting one.

Hi there! I’m Irene and I usually blog at Serger Pepper; today I’m here sharing with you all I know about one of my favorite topics: sergers! Yes, I’ll do my best to help you choose your first serger (or overlocker, depending on where you come from)… aren’t you excited? I … Continue reading

Comparing Weaves: Crochet vs. Knit In Sewing And Fashion

Crochet and knit – two simple words that can ignite a passionate debate among home sewists and fashion designers alike. These two distinct textile techniques have their unique attributes, each lending its own charm and functionality to garments and home accessories. Yet, their differences are so profound that it’s virtually … Continue reading

How To Get Cheap Or Free Fabrics – Easy Useful Tips

Who doesn’t love saving some money right? With how things are going nowadays with global regression and everything, everyone (at least everyone that I know) is trying to cut cost wherever and whenever they can. That being said, many are compromising the hobbies they love because they are concerned about … Continue reading

What Is Crepe Fabric – The Good, Bad, And Best Uses

The name “crepe” might not immediately ring bells, but you’ve undoubtedly encountered this fabric in a myriad of forms, be it in your wardrobe or elsewhere. Known for its distinctive crinkled texture and elegant drape, crepe is truly a fabric that adds a dimension of sophistication and grace to any … Continue reading