The Best Free Messenger Bag Patterns

Just the best free messenger bag patterns, for kids and grown ups. Good to see some for men too.

Messenger bags are everywhere these days.  Grown ups, kids, men, and even dolls have a messenger bag.  Large or small, inconspicuous or bright, plain and simple or full of pockets, catches and accessories – the messenger bag allows you to carry exactly what you need everywhere.

For the office, school, work, as a lunch bag, on your bike – this really is a versatile style of bag and I've put together a round up of some of the best, easiest, most thorough, biggest, smallest and nicest all round messenger bags for you to sew.  And of course they are all free patterns for you to sew.

There are so many great inspiring ideas here, you could even mix and match your favorite features and make up a totally unique messenger bag all of your very own with just the pockets, straps, closures, zippers and features that YOU need.


The Best Free Messenger Bag Patterns


Paid pattern options

Looking for more ideas?

Try the Cross Body Bag pattern, one of my own designs.

Just what I've been looking for. A cross-body bag sewing pattern with lots of pockets inside and out and lots of options.


For more bag patterns, check out the So Sew Easy list of BAG PATTERNS and tutorials HERE.

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11 Responses to The Best Free Messenger Bag Patterns

  1. Lauren says:

    Love this list. Just wanted to warn that the link to the Cold
    hands Warm hearts bag is no longer accurate and links to some pretty risqué stuff

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Lauren, thanks so much for letting me know. I have removed the link to that project. Kind regards, Mayra

  2. Elaine Annunzaito says:

    I really like your site. I downloaded the doc t PDF to try to download the messenger bag and it asked me to convert a file. How do I get the pattern to a file if I can’t download it? what a I doing wrong?

    • Hi Elaine. If you have downloaded a PDF file for a sewing pattern, then you already have what you need and there is no need to convert any files. Just open the PDF with Adobe Reader. Your computer usually already has this installed so double clicking would open the file, but if not for some reason, you can get it from

  3. Ruby says:

    Hi Deby, thanks for the free patterns as well as the paid ones. I have a passion for sewing, just not enough hours in a day!

  4. Hey Debi,

    I recently made the messenger bag shared by Amber of Crazy Little Projects for my oldest granddaughter, and it was so easy to do. I will be making a second one today or tomorrow for my second granddaughter.

    Thanks for doing this round up of patterns. You show a lot of them I didn’t see when I was searching for a pattern for the messenger bag I just made.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Debbie A….(0;

    • I like to have a really good look around for the roundups, use search terms that might not spring immediately to mind and then weed it out until I feature those with the best tutorials, the most features or just a good overall range or types. I agree about Amber’s bag, she always does great tutorials and I love her choice of fabrics and photography. Thanks for commenting Debbie.

  5. metopogijo says:

    I’m new to this site and of course was excited to see the words “free patterns”. However, the one I particularly like – the midtown messenger bag- shows a price of $12.95. How does this constitute free? I await your response.

    • The top section are all the best free messenger bag patterns I could find – 30 of them as described. Then in the bottom section, I showcase some paid patterns as another option for those who want to invest in a pattern. Some people just prefer the quality and attention to detail that come from investing in a paid pattern. It says this quite clearly “Paid pattern options” and lists a few patterns that are for sale on other sites if that is what you choose to do. I don’t think there is anything misleading there. Sorry you found this to be so upsetting that the only bag you liked, was a paid for one.

  6. Thanks for this resource! I have so many sewing projects that I’d like to do for myself, just not enough time, but I’d love to make one of these sometime!

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