The Boxy Bag Pattern: A Fun & Functional Project

Boxy Bag PatternYou know that I love to design sewing patterns, and I usually then upload them to Craftsy so you can all download the pattern for free to use along with the instructions that I post on the site here. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make that happen.

My latest pattern, the Wrap Dress, was nearly a full weeks work.  From the design stages, through pattern grading, drawing the pattern and scanning it, adjusting the pattern, making up 2 or 3 tests and then a final dress, taking step by step photos along the way, getting my husband to take photos of the finished dress and writing the instructions and the post, then uploading and publicising the pattern. Pretty much a solid 6 days work.

My husband questioned why I did all this for free. Where else would I work for free for 6 days, spend out money on my materials, to then give away what I had made? He's right of course, but I do it because I love it, and I love to get all the comments and thanks from you all.

However, the outrageous cost of living isn't getting any easier here and if I could make a little extra from some pattern sales, that would be very welcome.  So while I will still work on free patterns and tutorials for you, I am also working on a range of patterns for sale.  It will take me a while to build up what you might call ‘a range of patterns' because of the days of work it takes to get to the final product -but today I am releasing my first one.


The Boxy Bag Pattern. Great for a lunch box, cosmetics or toiletries bag, mini holdall for the beach, traveling and more. Soft and padded but sturdy. From So Sew Easy.

This great little bag is perfect for:

  • Taking your lunch to work
  • Taking a few things to the beach, a book, sun cream, phone etc
  • A cosmetics bag
  • A travel bag – padded to keep things safe while traveling
  • A toiletries bag for the bathroom or a weekend away
  • A camera bag or for carrying your Kindle etc
  • A lunch bag for the kids to take to school
  • A mini cooler bag – line it with an insulated lining
  • A hobby bag – carry your paints, knitting, crafting tools with you
  • and lots more uses

The Boxy Bag Pattern. Great for a lunch box, cosmetics or toiletries bag, mini holdall for the beach, traveling and more. Soft and padded but sturdy. From So Sew Easy.

The approximate finished measurements are:

  • Length -7.5 inches
  • Width – 4.5 inches
  • Height – 5 inches

boxy bag pattern

4.7 out of 5-Star Rating on Craftsy

This bag has been reviewed numerous times on Craftsy and currently has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.  There are many, many examples of projects made by other readers so you can see how your project will likely turn out.

boxy bag pattern

And watch the tutorial video:

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Get the Boxy Bag Pattern

You can buy the pattern from my account on Craftsy.  It then is kept safely in your pattern library until you are ready to sew, then you can download and print it at any time.

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Get the Boxy Bag Pattern on Craftsy

Buy the Boxy Bag PDF sewing pattern with full step by step photo instructions.

 So, what's next?

It pretty much makes sense to me that the patterns that will sell the best are the ones that are most in demand, and at the right price.  Therefore, I'm really interested to know from you:

  • what sort of patterns would you buy?
  • what sort of patterns would you ideally like to see?
  • should all patterns be the same price, and what price range?
  • must a ‘for sale' pattern be digitally drawn or is hand drawn acceptable like my current range of free patterns?
  • any other comments and suggestions?

Do leave me a comment below.  I'm interested to know what you think and your input will help me develop my pattern range and my business.

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69 Responses to The Boxy Bag Pattern: A Fun & Functional Project

  1. Suzanne Goldtrap says: you have instructions for a larger boxy bag? Thank you

  2. Sue says:

    Fabulous! I’m very pleased with the finished product. It took half a day but I’ll be much quicker next time.
    I used one fabric but reversed it for the bottom and handles.

  3. Jane says:

    Love it!

  4. jacqui says:

    Hi, just tried to print this lovely pattern….the last four pages with the actual pattern to cut out do not display or print out correctly……..they are cut off on each page, even if I do “fit to page”. And I tried on multiple printers. Can you take a look? Thanks!! Partial screenshot below….

  5. Susan says:

    I am a fairly newbie to sewing and quilting after not having done it for many, many years. I have found that hand drawn patterns often aren’t accurate, but then again, I have had that experience with digitally drawn. A lot depends on how carefully a pattern is drawn via whatever method. If the instructions are well written and don’t leave out any information because the author forgets or thinks it is intuitive so it doesn’t matter really bugs me–especially if I pay for the pattern.

  6. Lezlie says:

    The email offer for FREE bag pattern did not deliver to my inbox until AFTER the offer expired last night. Has anyone else had a problem with tardy emails ? Thank you. I’ve been receiving weekly newsletters,etc for almost 2 yrs now.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Lezlie, all email go at 8 am NY time. The offers normally expire after 24 hours. Next Times, perhaps? Kind Regads,

  7. Dominique Schraft says:

    I am answering to your questions at the end of this post: I love most of your patterns. What I really would like to see are bag patterns for the advanced sewer, that are really stylish. Not made out of leather, but from fabric. And that are possible to be sewn with a normal household sewing machine. I do have a huge stash of leftover fabrics. And I do not like to sew the same pattern over and over again – even if the bags look different with different fabrics! I am pretty sure I will sew the boxy bag more than once.
    I do not mind hand drawn pattern that are free, but for a perfect pattern with good instructions I am willing to pay a fair price. I know how much work is in it!

  8. Margaret A Crowder says:

    Thank you so much for the boxy bag pattern. Just in time for back to school. Very nice pattern and video!

  9. Margaret A Crowder says:

    Thank you so much for the gift of the Boxy Bag pattern! Just in time for back-to-school, too.

  10. Pam says:

    I’m I. Western Australia,I have only just got the email .im trying to down load free pattern for the boxy bag but am unable to . It says it’s sold out . Not sure what I’m doing wrong ,I’m thinking maybe it not available as I’m too late ? But I only just got the email being Monday .regards Pam

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