The Boxy Bag is being taught in school!

Some examples of 'pattern hacks' made to the So Sew Easy Boxy Bag. How would you personalise yours?

Following on from the Scissors Pouch sewing pattern that Marina at Frocks and Frolics designed, I just wanted to tell you a bit about how the Boxy Bag is now being used as a learn-to-sew pattern in her sewing classes in the UK.

I was so delighted when Marina asked if she could use my pattern in her sewing classes and I've been really interested to follow as her students have used the pattern, made changes and improvements and personalised it in so many different ways.

The glorious red ‘heart' bag above on the right for example, has had the top section increased in height and has extra wide straps.  The cute VW bag has applique on the bottom section and lined wide straps.

Some examples of 'pattern hacks' made to the So Sew Easy Boxy Bag. How would you personalise yours?

In this example, the student used a single strap and placed it end to end instead of from the sides.  What do you prefer?  She also made the matching scissors and sewing case from the pattern that Marina designed to accompany the bag sewing lesson.  Did you see the free pattern and tutorial for the scissors case – mine came out so cute and I use it every day!

Scissors pouch pattern. Ideal to hold your sewing supplies.

Marina has also produced several videos covering the options for the bag, how she used the pattern to change the sizing, and even shows a full tutorial video on how to sew the boxy bag from start to finish along with all of her own suggestions and sewing tips.  She really is a great teacher.

Read more about the various bags her students have made and see the great videos Marina has produced at Frocks and Frolics Boxy Bag page.

And watch the tutorial video:

Subscribe to the YouTube channel:


If you would like to buy the Boxy Bag pattern, it's available for download, along with the full instructions at Craftsy – just click the picture below.

The Boxy Bag. Great for a lunch box, cosmetics or toiletries bag, mini holdall for the beach, traveling and more. Soft and padded but sturdy. From So Sew Easy.

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Hi, I can’t find this on Craftsy, do you have a link?

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Amber

We are no longer on Craftsy.

Debra De Shazor
Debra De Shazor

Thank you!

Linda Cubbage
Linda Cubbage

they are great. I am going to start making bags to give to foster children. I guess they need not to be too big. I would like to make something for a toothbrush and toothpaste to go with a washcloth and soap. maybe some baby shampoo maybe add a doll or stuffed animal or even a small guilt just to go over their little shoulders. a coloring book and sm box crayons, This would be to give the children when they go into foster care can you think how terrible it would be to have to ask strangers for these things because all of your things are gone and when you go to another home all they give you is a trashbag.this would be theirs to take along wherever they go. what I need is a simple pattern and suggestions. Thanks so very much and pray my project can help even if it is just a couple.


Very clever Deby…haven’t visited for a while and now there’s so so much to catch up on….if only there was time to do all these clever sewing ideas. I’ll just have to read and imagine them…..wish they’d been round when I was younger and needed more 🙂
One truly doesn’t need glossy magazines anymore…everything is at our fingertips on the net. Keep up your fantastic work Deby…you are truly a talented lady in many ways.
Greetings from Alexa in Australia

Gentle Joy
Gentle Joy

Nice bag – thank you for sharing it. Gentle Joy


Now that is a bag that I could truly fit things in! And so darn cute, every one of them! Going to my sewing room…now.


Love the bag! Thanks for the tutorial and for sharing this with us at Sewlicious Home Decor. Pinned!


REALLY cute! Visiting from Annemarie’s blog! Sheila


Love this project. I may try it with my 9 year old. She loves to sew. Really cute.

patti pultorak

Cute pattern and a great project for sewing students!