Carry-All Bag Pattern With Pockets Galore!

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Need a new bag?  Silly question – of course, we all need more bags and this one is practical and versatile.  You're probably already familiar with this bag design as it featured in the recent post ‘How a Sewing Pattern is Born‘.  A lot of work and testing went into this pattern and I think you'll love all the versions made by the pattern testing group.

Not too big, not too small – just right!  This Carry-All Bag might be just right to carry everything you need to the gym, as a carry-on bag for traveling or even for an overnight stay.  There are lots of pockets both inside and out so you can quickly and easily keep everything organised and to hand without having to rummage about.

A wide zipper top makes loading and unloading the bag a breeze and zipper pockets inside and out also keep things secure.  All pockets are optional and can be placed either inside, outside or both.

The Carry All Bag pattern.


  • Finished bag measures approx 12 inches tall, by 17 inches wide and about 6 inches deep
  • Lots of pocket options
  • Opens wide with the long top zipper
  • Full length outside pocket, two outside end pockets, one outside zipper pocket
  • Full length inside pocket, inside zipper pocket
  • Optional rectangle rings for the handles or make them in one piece
  • Optional faux piping on the pocket edges
  • Instructions for an optional firm base
  • Full photo PDF instructions – 27 pages
  • 6 part step by step video tutorial
  • Choice of patterns, full pattern pieces or abbreviated with shaped pieces only and dimensions for the rest

Full 6-Part Video Tutorial

Here's Part 1 of the full, 6-part video tutorial that comes with this pattern.  Links are in the pattern but you can also link to the following lesson from the description in the video.  Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Click Notifications while you're there!

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The Carry All bag pattern

The Testing Team Feedback

Ratings on this pattern – Intermediate, not for the beginner.  If you've not sewn a bag before, this probably shouldn't be used for your first time.  Nothing is unusual or difficult, but it's quite a long process and some of the layers can be quite thick.

Feedback on the pattern – in common with a lot of bag designs, some of the pieces for this pattern are rectangles.  A full pattern is included in the download, but some of the pattern testers felt confident in drawing the dimensions directly onto the fabric itself, so at their request, an abbreviated pattern is also included.  This abbreviated version includes pattern pieces for the shaped elements and a list of dimensions to use for the rectangular pieces, saving you printer ink and paper.

How to stabilize the bag – each tester tried different methods with interfacing and stabilizers depending on what was available to them.  You might find is useful to see what their feedback was on each method.

The Carry All Bag pattern.Emma – I love this bag and will be using it for my holiday.  I only printed the instructions in B/W and struggled to follow them. Watching the YouTube tutorials helped me much more, and breaking it down was great – as I watched each one and then completed the stages before watching the next one.  Helpful hint – I notched the centre top edges of the zip side pieces and the sides of the bag when joining to help line everything up.  Interfacing – I used fusible fleece for the outer, and heavy iron-on interfacing for the lining and straps and external pockets.

The Carry All BagLouise – I would like the end pockets taller, it would be better even if they came higher than the side pockets.  For the purse itself, I used fusible fleece, For the pockets and lining, I used fusible non-woven interfacing (Pellon), For the purse bottom I used plastic needlepoint canvas.

The Carry All Bag pattern.Francine – I thought it looked like the perfect choice. I want to make a weekend luggage set. This is now my first piece.  I would have been lost if you didn't have the awesome videos with it.  I just used the iron-on fleece as my stabiliser. I wish I would have used something stiffer.

The Carry All Bag pattern.Stephanie – I really love the size and ease of changing the looks of it.  I probably would have been better off with the video, but the directions were a little unclear in the zipper top attachment  (now revised).  I used featherweight, fusible interfacing. It was exactly what I needed. Not too thick (for sewing through so many layers) and the bag stands up on its own.

The Carry All Bag pattern.Linda – I was really pleased when I first saw the pattern. It looked like a nice size bag perfect for overnight, week-end getaway or a day at the spa! I can also see myself using it to go to work during the winter as we have a lot to carry around like shoes, lunch, make-up pouch, wallet, warm clothes. I like all the pocket options we have as well.  Because of the choice of fabric I made I did not use interfacing on the outside pieces. I used a kascha lining in between the outside and inside layers to give it somebody. On the inside, I used soft interfacing from Pellon SF101. I really like this interfacing, it fuses very nicely and would recommend it for the inside of the bag.

The Carry All Bag pattern.Sarah – I was excited to get started and immediately printed the pattern, assembled it and picked out what fabrics I was going to use for it.  I used Pellon interfacing and fabric stabilizer. I like it and it is a great choice for bags/purses. Flexible but stable.

The Carry All Bag pattern.Judy @ (Stoney Lonesome Sew Works) – Really liked the bag design from the get-go.  I have to confess that I haven't really read the directions as I watched the videos instead which were very clear and easy to follow.   For interfacing, I used three different types to experiment: Soft and Stable, yes I would use it again and yes definitely recommend for this bag. Fusible fleece might use it again, probably would just use one layer of soft and stable for the entire bag instead of interfacing on both main pieces and lining pieces. Less cutting and firm enough with just soft and stable. Can beef it up with a garment type midweight fusible if need be. Stiff heavy fusible craft-type interfacing. No, I would not use it again on this bag. Created a big pain in the keester for me. 

The Carry All Bag pattern.Jemma – I thought it was an amazingly stylish bag with LOTS of pieces!! It required me to be very organised which is not my normal style. I really liked the dome shape and the choice of so many pockets and different ways of styling it with contrasts, linings, and handles. There wasn't anything I didn't like – I love sewing bags!  I only had medium weight and lightweight fusible interfacing. It was not ideal – the bag does not hold its shape well on its own with what I used, but I have no other choices and it is still a fine-looking bag.

The Carry All Bag pattern.Irene @ Serger Pepper – I like this kind of bag, roomy and full of pockets.  Really impressed! I love details and all of this bag is cute but really practical! I think that with this project, written instructions aren't enough on their own, but the videos are awesome. To complete this bag following the right steps, a beginner needs to have a pc and a good connection or will end up with a hiccupping Deby loading forever, as I did…. I used non-woven stiff interfacing: too much bulk in seams and a cardboard sensation (it sounds like it's made of cardboad… don't like this!), plus: on lining it has created weaves (not nicely stuck everywhere…) I'm sure with fusible fleece would be much better but I can't find any that don't cost me an arm and a leg… 


The Carry All Bag pattern.Diya @ the Hobby Harbor – I loved the way your bag looks and stands. The contrast straps and the faux piping effect for the pockets are my favorite.  Instructions are simply marvelous. Love it !! Thanks a ton, Deby for the amazing videos.  I think the end pockets look good taller. I made them a little deeper.  No clue what type of interfacing it is. I only get pre-cut outer facing fusible in stores. No fusible fleece was available. So only interfacing. The bag slouches inwards near the zipper at the top. But that is ok with me. The bottom I shall add a sturdy base. If it stands it is enough for me.

The Carry All Bag pattern.

Mariana at Maryall Made – I didn't use any kind of interfacing: my outer fabric is medium-weight upholstery cotton. I used a polyester fabric I bought in a remnants shop, (not sure of the content, but probably used for outerwear) as an interlining. It provides a bit of structure, but probably not enough. Next time, I'd use more stiff interfacing, but excluding the seam allowance, so I wouldn't have problems sewing it.  It can get pretty thick at the bottom corners of the bag.

Where to Get Your Carry All Bag Pattern

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Download the Carry-All Bag Pattern

As usual, to make downloading easy and reliable, the pattern is hosted in my design account with Payhip. If you don’t already have an account, you will need to sign up to download, but don’t worry, it’s quick and easy.

Download this pattern and instructions from my design account at Payhip...

If you have trouble downloading this pattern, please take a look at this post – How to download, open and print PDF sewing patterns.

How to download and print PDF sewing patterns

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Annette Secoy
Annette Secoy

Thank you for offering this pattern! My daughter saw it as I was going through my email. ‘Mom, I don’t have a bag like that. It’s big enough to hold a lot more stuff.’ She’s 6. How could I resist! And I’m making one for my 11 yo daughter as well! Lol I’ll be making two small ‘slit tabs’ on the 3 pocket side to turn the bag into a backpack style when not used by the regular handles. The girls loved that they choose their own fabrics out of my stash. Can’t wait to show them off!

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Annette Secoy

Looking forward to your bags? have an Instagram account?

Annette Secoy
Annette Secoy
Reply to  Mayra Cecilia

I do not lol I could email the pics or post them on my Facebook page…