Class review – Custom bedding; Decorative shams and bolsters


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OK, so I don't have much of a home here and only complete the simplest of home decor sewing so far.  When you only rent a room in a shared house and are strictly not allowed to change anything, there is only so much you can do !  But we can all dream and have plans and one day hubby and I hope to design our own home – hopefully here in Cayman if they let us stay.  Time will tell on that one.

But I'm really interested in learning new sewing techniques, especially for really special-looking pillows and cushions so when I learned from Jann that she had been asked to create a class for Craftsy, I was so excited for her and wanted to take a look.  Jann and I have been sewing blog buddies for a long time and she writes and shares over at Newton Custom Interiors.  She has her own business creating custom home decor items, so when it comes to sewing for the home – she REALLY knows her stuff.


Class Review

CustomBedding, Decorative Shams and Bolsters

Ok, so I admit, I took a lot of this stuff for granted.  How hard can it be to sew a pillow cover right.  Er, well, I admit, I was very very wrong!  I've been doing it all wrong, and probably you have too.


This class is GENIUS! Tucked away in this class as SO MANY little tips and tricks that will make your home sewing quicker, easier and better all round.  I don't want to give away all of Jann's tips, but I especially loved the adjustment she made to shape which created a proper squared looking pillow rather than the sort of dog-ears pointy shape I usually get with standing out corners and then a dip in the middle.


And if you ever wondered how to work out how much fabric you needed for a project when it has a pattern repeat that you need to feature – again Jann will teach you how so you'll never end up with too little or too much fabric again.

The class covers 3 projects:

The Flanged Pillow, The Knife Pleat EuroSham and the Bolster Pillow.

Our first is the Knife Pleat Ruffle, and isn't it funny how it's easy when you are shown how to do it.  It looks so smart and expensive. This pillow has a hand-sewn closure.


Then we move onto the Flanged Pillow.  Jann shows us a great cording or piping technique, including how to create an invisible join in the piping.  I'll certainly be using this in future.  I was always uncertain about how to exactly join the strips to get the right length, but Jann has done this so may times before and worked out all the kinks so I know mine will be spot on in future.

So not only do we learn about beautiful cording techniques, but also how to create this glamorous flanged pillow.  And we learn now to avoid ‘floppy flanges' too.  We learn how to add a zipper to the back of the cover to make it easy to add and remove the pillow form.  And how to create the perfect mitered corners on the flange.
You'll end up with a very nicely made (very expensive looking) pillow from this lesson, and pick up lots of tips and tricks along the way.


Our last class project is the bolster.  I always wondered how these were made.  Jann shows us how to make the simple pillow form for it, then how to add a zipper to a tube (genius) and again add the lovely cording to the edges before gathering up the ends, adding fabric covered buttons and creating the most beautiful bolster pillow – again in any size to suit your project.


There are comprehensive class materials and instructions on cutting to create the pillows in the ideal size for you.

Student reviews and projects

I'm not alone in enjoying this class – here are the other reviews so far.  And a couple of inspiring student projects for you.



Special Discount for So Sew Easy Readers

You know I like to get good prices for you where I can, so I'm delighted that Jann has offered a special discount on her class, just for you. She's good like that  🙂

Jann's special offer for you on her class


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Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

Deby, thank you again for the lovely review of my class! I appreciate it more than you can know.


Okay, you convinced me. I think it was that monogram on the bolster that pushed me over the edge (I know that’s not included, but I could do that!)


Thanks for your review – I just bought the class due to your recommendation and am looking forward to watching the class and making some lovely pillows.