Cross Body Bag pattern – POTM

cross body bag pattern

Carry everything you need and stay hands free with this handy Cross Body Bag pattern.  Go fancy with smart hardware and adjustable strap, or keep it simple without these optional extras.

With both open and zipper pockets front and back, inside and outside, you can keep everything organised and in its place.  Roomy enough to carry a tablet but smart enough to use as a purse.

cross body bag pattern

As usual the step by step video will show you how to get a great finish in easy steps, and all the options you can consider along the way.  The video here just gives you an over-view of the bag.  If you go for the pattern, there is a full 30 minute step by step video to show you how to sew it and which discusses the options you can pick.

Finished size, approx. 10 inches wide, by 11.5 inches tall, by 2 inches deep, plus strap.

cross body bag pattern

Pattern rating = Intermediate

Let's take a look at what you can make from the Cross Body Bag Pattern

Here's a quick over view of the bag, the features, the pockets, the straps, closures and options so you can see if this pattern is for you.  There is a separate video for the step by step tutorial and the link for this is in the sewing pattern download.

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Materials needed for the Cross Body Bag pattern

  • Fabric – quilting weight or home décor fabrics
  • Interfacing and stabilisers of your choice, one stiffer weight such as Décor Bond plus a fusible fleece
  • Pocket zipper – 8 inch or longer, one for inside and one for outside
  • Matching thread
  • Options – Magnetic snap, tuck lock, twist lock, Velcro, button or other closure
  • Optional – 1.25 inch adjustable strap hardware (2 x D-rings, 2 x swivel clips and 1 x slider) or 2 x 1.25 inch rectangle rings and slider
  • Zipper foot
  • The pattern – download from Craftsy

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Get the Cross Body Bag pattern

You can download the pattern from my design account on Craftsy.  Add it to your cart and check out.  The pattern will be saved in your Pattern Library safely until you are ready to sew, then you can download and print it at any time.

Buy a hardware Kit

You can buy a complete hardware kit with all of the pieces you need for this bag from this International Etsy Seller – HERE.

Hardware kit blog size

Just what I've been looking for. A cross-body bag sewing pattern with lots of pockets inside and out and lots of options.

The pattern tester versions

Emma –  I used a pre-quilted double sided fabric for mine.  Gave a lovely finished bag that I love, but using such a thick fabric did make it a bit more tricky to sew.  I love the design and the size and the fact it has lots of pockets.

Emma b

Judy at Stoney Sews – Ease of construction make this a good go to bag. Really love the simple design features that could be easily enhanced. The bag could be made “manly” with some faux or real leather and would make a super Father's Day gift. Also, we hike a lot and could see this made up in heavy cordura for a nice satchel to take for a day hike.


DianeI liked the design of the bag and thought it would make a great gift (I have a lot of purses already). When I finished it, I loved it so much, I am not giving it to anyone! Will make this again and again.


Jane – I loved the bright, cheery fabric that was used in the pattern instructions. It was a very inviting pattern.  I loved the fact that this pattern has so many design options. It can be made in so many different ways. If a person has completed at least one bag pattern, they can absolutely handle this pattern. Because of all the design options, it's almost a bag making class in one pattern!


Linda – Great bag! Great size, big enough for everything but not too big so everything gets loss in it. I love all the options for the strap. If somebody doesn't have the necessary hardware, there is other options. And all the pockets available, you can easily keep everything organized. The pockets turn out even better with all those pockets behind the zipper pockets! Great to go to a markets, on a trip or shopping. Also so many options for making it with one, 2 or 3 fabrics you can easily custom make it to your own taste.   

Great bag pattern. This pattern has so many possibilities that you could make it again and again and never have the same results. I love the size of it and all the great pockets. Thanks Deby for all your hard work in coming up with this great pattern.


Jemma – I thought it was a great pattern. Not difficult to do but enough intricacy to keep people interested. I love this bag!!!


Theresa at the DIY Page – Exactly what I need in a bag. Big enough to hold my kindle or tablet, lots of pockets. I'm thinking of making my next one as a convertible backpack/cross body bag. The video really demystified the process for me. I'm very happy with my first ever foray into bag making.


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Get the Cross Body Bag pattern

You can download the pattern from my design account on Craftsy.  Add it to your cart and check out.  The pattern will be saved in your Pattern Library safely until you are ready to sew, then you can download and print it at any time.

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cross body bag pattern

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64 Responses to Cross Body Bag pattern – POTM

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  2. Amy says:

    I made this bag this last week and finished it tonight and it looks great. I made mine from leftover scraps of batik fabrics, got one colour for most of the outer shell and the lining is made up of 3 other colours but mostly blues with a bit of pink, the only new bits being the iridescent hardware which goes with the outer fabric brilliantly and the zips. Between the pattern itself and the video had no trouble with it so a huge thanks for creating it.

  3. Kathleen Shaw says:

    Hello! I was wondering if there is full video tutorial for this bag? I watched the 4 minute video and I purchased the pattern, but I would really like to watch a step by step. I am an intermediate sewer (at best!) and I could really benefit from watching the construction all the way thru before I try it for myself. Thanks!

  4. Rona Hay says:

    Hi Debby and or Mayra . I purchased this cross body bag pattern from Craftsy. Since they closed or changed their business model, I am no longer able to download my already purchased patterns. Am I able to download it from SSE site without having to pay twice for the same article ? Many thanks

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Rona, all I can do at the moment is to give you a refund please send me an email with the one you paid with your PayPal account and I will find your receipt and refund you. Sad to see this happened to you but we have lost control of our account because of this Craftsy to Bluprint transition.

    • Lee says:

      Hi Rona. I am able to access all my purchased and downloaded patterns from crafts but it’s bow through blue print

  5. lilymayloo says:

    I just love this pattern, I have made 4 in the past two weeks and it is a lovely sew and soooooo sew easy. I used Emmaline bag hardware. Thanks for a wonderful pattern. Wish I could post my bag pics to show you

  6. Anna says:


    I was so surprised while watching the video to hear a voice I recognized. Oh how I have missed watching you on YouTube. This pattern for the cross body bag is excellent. It was easy to sew after watching the video. Thank you so much to have taken the time to make the video. I will be making a lot more in all different colors.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Sadly Deby is no longer at SSE (SINCE 2015), so I hope you still can enjoy the site. Kind regards,

  7. Jan Wall says:

    Love this pattern and so far have made 4 bags using it. A happy customer would like one made from Harris Tweed. Can you advise if you think that would be possible. Thanks

  8. Marlene Carlson says:

    TRied numerous times to download and just got a blank screen. Give up.

  9. Barbara says:

    Hi! I love this bag but somehow when I click on get the pattern, it goes to the blueprint page and goes blank! Now what??? How do I get this?

  10. Gina says:

    I already had the pattern in my pattern library on Craftsy, but I can’t find a link to the video. Can you help me find the video please? It would be so helpful to me as I’m not very experienced with sewing. Thanks so much for the pattern! It looks like a wonderful bag to make, and I’m sure I will love it!

  11. Jan Wall says:

    Just about to start my second bag using this pattern. Super impressed with the clear easy to follow instructions and really pleased with my first bag.

  12. Patricia Kittle says:

    I am currently working on bag number four from this pattern. It goes together easily and is just the right size. Thank you for a great design.

  13. Tammy Joyce says:

    I bought this pattern off of Craftsy way back and it seems I remember the video but never had the chance to make the bag. Where can I find the video now to review it. Thanks

  14. Juju says:

    Love this pattern, great job. Just purchased it, it’s a pity that there’s no metric measurements. Hope I can work it out.

    • Kim Okerstrom says:

      It’s easy to convert. Your sewing tape measure has metric on one side and inch on the other. Just find the cm number and look at the compatable inch on the other side. Works for me all the time. Enjoy and good luck.

  15. Darlene says:

    Hi,have a question about the link to video. I bought the pattern a while back,when I click on the video link I get a security warning. So I’m wondering if there is an issue with how the link is written. This is what’s written on the pattern G9B5IM

  16. Cheryl says:

    Great easy to follow video and pattern. Made a solid strap (differently) instead.

  17. Rede Batcheller says:

    Hello! Back again. Is there ANY alternative to purchasing this from you other than using PayPal? Send you a check? Send you a money order? Anything? I/we will NOT use PayPal as we seem to be on some scam hit list that is using PayPal to make our online life less than — pleasant. Please?

  18. Rede Batcheller says:

    Someone there is reading my mind! I’ve had a favorite ‘purse’ for years that I bought several of and have worn out, one after another. I’ve tried with no success to draft a replacement from the original. This cross-body of yours is probably as close as I’m ever going to get! You had no way of knowing, but you just earned several gazillion karma points from my account! this is one pattern I will ante up for, even though I ‘could’ do it myself!

  19. Sandra Duhandzija says:

    I made this bag to bring with me on my recent trip to Singapore. I liked the pattern because it was the ideal size and weight for traveling. Some nifty ways to create different types of pockets. The pockets helped with storage of keys and passport. It even allowed me to carry two water bottles. Really simple, but effective pattern. Loved the handle. I’ve used a few of your patterns now and find them great to complete.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Lovely bag Sandra, how did you like Singapore?

      • Mayra, I had a great time in Singapore. I was impressed with your public transport system, safety, cleanliness, food (so cheap and of good quality), and fabric OMG you are spoiled for choice. We had a good time at so many of the sites Sentosa, Singapore Zoo, Raffles for a Singapore Gin Sling.

        • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

          HI Sandra, indeed Singapore is a top country, safe clean and friendly people. I do enjoy living here and I am always grateful for the privilege of living here.

  20. Cherie says:

    Love this pattern! It goes together so sew easy! I’ve already made 3 with more in my future!

  21. Rosa Perez says:

    Hello I have the pattern for your cross body bag however I can’t seem to find the step by step tutorial. I am a visual learner and it’s so much easier for me to follow along. How can I access the tutorial? Thank you!

  22. Christina says:

    Hi! Is there a video on how to make the bag?

  23. Dianna says:

    Just finished this bag and loaded it up so I’m ready for work in the morning! Even though I’m a fairly experienced bag maker, I found the tutorial extremely helpful in that it reinforced for me that I was doing each step correctly. I used rectangle rings, a slider, and the strap tabs, and I found it worked better for me to baste the tabs on the outer bag before inserting it in the lining. I loved the way you did the placement of the female half of the magnetic snap, and I’ll probably do that from now on. Thank you for a great pattern and an exceptional tutorial!

  24. Joan says:

    I’m so bummed I missed this free a couple of days ago. I glanced at my email and didn’t realize it was only one day. Looks like a great pattern. I might try and put a zipper in the top though. I am always laying my purse down and the contents would just fall out. Very pretty and a good size. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Jill Polly says:

    I just finished my first bag. It was so much fun to make! I wanted a smaller bag, so I reduced the pattern to 75%. I used heavier home dec fabrics and a cotton duck for the lining.
    For the strap, I used a length of golden chain from the hardware store ( the kind that is used for hanging lamps), attached it to the d-rings with swivel clasps. Sooo cute!! Great pattern and the idea of slicing apart the cutting list to label each cut piece is genius – made the process do much easier!! Thank you for the great pattern!!!! Wish I could attach a pic for you.

  26. Shirley Hammock says:

    What a wonderful pattern. Would be wonderful also to have a full blown kit minus the fabric (everything else needed with options to choose from, closures, etc….im asking for the world, lol) that would ease the stress of having to gather the elements and would ensure the novice got the right stuff (like me). But again, what a wonderful pattern.

  27. Hiromi Askin says:

    I just purchased this pattern at crafty and try to watch video again and again. But it doesn’t work . Is there any way to watch the video?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Hiromi, sorry you’re having issues. I just checked the Youtube link printed on Page 3 of the pattern and it is working fine. It works best if you click on the link from the PDF rather than trying to re-type it. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you and I can email the link to you directly.

    • Debra Ruger says:

      I’m also trying to watch th video again, not woking?

  28. Cynthia Phillips says:

    I love this pattern. I have some fabric that would, for appearances sake, be bettere without the flap. I’d like to us a zipper across the top instead. Would you suggest a recessed zipper or sis there another way to add a zipper closure?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      In that case a recessed zipper, but since you are the one changing the pattern I would really love to hear what you have done to transformed it your taste.. Cheers!

  29. Ninne says:

    Do you sell bags in this pictures ?
    Love ninne

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Ninne, we sell the pattern for the bag on the page but we don’t sell the finished product. If you sew, give it a try!

  30. Jo says:

    Thanks Mayra. It worked fine this morning. I don’t know why it was uncooperative last night.

  31. Jo says:

    Hi. When I clicked the link to purchase the cross-body bag it took me to Craftsy but then the purchase button didn’t work there.

    I’m looking forward to getting this pattern. I’ve been thinking about it for a while so was really excited to see it as the POTM. ☺

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Jo, I just checked the links on our site and on Craftsy. They seemed to work for me. You have to log in to Craftsy to purchase. Can you give it another try and let me know how you go?

  32. Sharon Munsey says:

    When I click the link to download this POTM cross body bag the price craftsy is trying to charge me s £4.88 which isnt the equivalent of $3.50/3.95 as advertised. How can I purchase at this lower price please?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Sharon, you’re absolutely correct. I guess the Craftsy system didn’t save the price change I made just before the email went out. It has been changed now, for sure, but I think it may take a few minutes for the Craftsey system to update. Please don’t pay the higher price. The sale price should be showing soon. Please try back in an hour if that’s OK.

      • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

        Hi Sharon, I can see the correct price is now live so feel free to try your purchase again.

  33. Rhondda Hay says:

    I have made this bag and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I get many compliments and requests for me to make them one, but I have to say “no” you can buy the pattern from SSE. I plan on making at least 2 more in the near future as it is so very versatile with all the pockets, zippers and pouches. Thank you so very much for taking what must have been a very considerable time to make the video. You have a very easy-to-listen-to teaching manner and that makes the construction process such a pleasure, removing the need to interpret written instructions. I am looking forward to your next bag pattern and accompanying video.

  34. Dave says:

    Thanks for this pattern, good instructions &video, makes a good looking bag, I made mine with waxed canvas for outer and cotton duck for the liner,
    Thanks, Dave

  35. Laura says:

    Hi Deby, What studs (not exactly sure what they are called) did you use on the tabs on your green bag? Love the bag and tutorial. Thanks!

    • Hi Laura, these are some screw in bag feet I had – I think they look really cool as studs. But I only had a couple left over to play with. You don’t find the nice screw in ones very often, that look as nice on the reverse.

  36. Lorraine says:

    WOW. Just purchased the pattern and watched the video. I can’t wait to make it. I am going to make some additions to make this a convertible backpack. This is the perfect pattern for it, something I have been looking for the past year. Thank you so much!

    • Sounds like a great lan. If you added some d-rings tothe bottom corners and made two adjustable straps you could certainly use it like a backpack. I hope you’ll share a photo when you are done Lorraine.

  37. Emmy says:

    Thanks, Deby! Looking forward to making this bag for my trip away in September.
    Really appreciate your hard work in making this tutorial and your easy manner makes this class well worth it.

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