Pretty gifts to sew for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day gift ideas to sew.  My mom would love any number of these ideas.  The photo pillow is a great idea.

Are you a Mom?  What do you want for Mother's Day?  Is something made just for you especially dear to your heart?  I love to get gifts that have been made just for me – shows so much extra thought and care.  With Mother's day coming up, I wanted to know what you all thought would make nice gifts and the Facebook sewing chat group came up with all sorts of great ideas.

Whether in the garden, in the kitchen, hitting the shops or the sewing room, Moms are busy people so there are plenty of things to sew to make those jobs more colorful and fun. With a bit of work and a lot of love you can soon create something for Mom that will have her smiling all day long.

Or maybe just give her the gift of your time, and spend the day shopping for fabrics and sewing together.  Could there be a better way to spend the day !

Gifts to sew for Mother's Day



Check out these ideas I found last year for even more Mother's Day sewing inspiration.

Gifts to sew for Mothers Day

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