Easter Chick Softie Pattern

So cute and ideal for a toddler easter egg hunt or a cute baby toy.  Quick enough to run up a whole bunch of these easy Easter chick softies.

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says again, and I'm ready to start sewing for Spring. This is a super cute, easy chick softie to sew and stuff in a kid's basket! Just want to gift a Spring surprise? It would make a fun shirt applique or bean bag toy too. If you're looking for more bird ideas, I sewed up a sweet hen & baby chicks softie toy, check it out in this post! These juggling balls would make a great Easter basket stuffer too.


  • 1/4 yard woven cotton
  • Small scraps for the tuft, eyes, nose, and wings
  • Poly-fill or other stuffing
  • Coordinating thread
  • Embroidery floss, Wonder Under, & fusible fleece (all optional)
  • Pinking shears
  • The template – download below

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Download the template for the Easter Chick Softie

You can download the pattern from Payhip and choose your price.

You can decide what to donate for this pattern, anywhere from zero upwards.  Decide what it's worth to you.

Thanks so much for your generosity. 

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.


Step 1

1. Cut out the tuft rectangle with pinking shears, cutting two slits down the top to create 3 pieces of “hair”. Place it right sides together in the center of the chick's head. Cut all other pattern pieces out and applique on to the main body – I used Wonder Under to transfer them   (if you haven't used it before, you can see a tutorial in this post) but you could also simply pin & sew by machine or hand. I also added fusible fleece to the main body pieces because the fabric was very thin, but that is also optional.

step 2

2. Place the other main body piece right sides together with the appliqued front and pin or clip all the way around, keeping the tuft centered. Leave a 2″ gap somewhere, making sure to sew and backstitch at beginning and end to keep it secure. Sew with 1/4″ seam allowance and a short stitch length.

step 3

3. Clip notches out of the seam allowance all the way around, being careful not to clip through the stitching.

step 4

4. Turn the chick right side out through the gap you left, press any wrinkles out. Stuff firmly with Poly-fill and use a ladder stitch to close.

So cute and ideal for a toddler easter egg hunt or a cute baby toy.  Quick enough to run up a whole bunch of these easy Easter chick softies.

Fluff and enjoy! You could make several and have an Easter chick hunt – much easier to find and won't break like those cheap plastic eggs.

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I'm Stephanie and I blog at Swoodsonsays.com about sewing and crafts for myself & my toddler son. I love upcycling, using up scraps,  and having the freedom to make what I can't find or afford in stores. I spend way too much time online - you can connect with me on twitter/pinterest/facebook/instagram !


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9 Responses to Easter Chick Softie Pattern

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  2. Rita says:

    thanks for the pattern. plan on using it for grandsons Easter bucket

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  4. These are soo cute! Love this for the upcoming holiday! Thanks for pinning on the P3 Party Board I will be featuring you Friday on the blog!

  5. Super sweet and a great alternative to chocolate eggs.

  6. Lesley Gilbert says:

    Thanks for this lovely free pattern – I hope to make some soon 🙂

  7. Shannon says:

    I made one of these tonight and it turned out so cute! This little guy will be going to a charity and I just know some child will love it. Thank you for the free pattern.

  8. Cute!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post that links to your tutorial here:

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