Take a Free Online Sewing or Quilting class from Craftsy TODAY!

Links to all the free sewing and quilting classes on Craftsy and a summary of each, all in one place.So Sew Easy has grown a lot this year.  It seems sewing is getting more popular, lots of people got new machines for Christmas and took up sewing and all of my beginner articles have been hot, hot, hot!  So for those of you looking to learn to sew, improve your skills and learn some new ones, I thought I'd give you some tips on how I started out in sewing and the best way to get quickly up to speed with your new hobby.

You may have read a lot of mentions on this site, in my patterns, and on Facebook etc about Craftsy.  OK, I admit it, I'm a total Craftsy addict.  Maybe their biggest fan?  The 108 sewing classes and  103 quilting classes at Craftsy, quickly turned me from a complete sewing beginner to where I am today.  But what exactly is Craftsy and what do they do there?


Basically Craftsy is an online teaching platform – they offer classes that you take online by way of video.  So if you don't have a friend who sews, don't have a sewing group close by, or access to any other sewing advice, Craftsy can quickly take you from beginner to intermediate level skills and beyond.  There are classes for sewers and quilters of all levels, starting out with the very basics right up to advanced techniques such as couture draping and sewing.  The best part – it's really high quality and very interactive.  The instructor will answer your questions and help you along with your progress.

Maybe you've been thinking you'd love to take a sewing class, but they're expensive and you don't have the budget right now after just investing in a new machine, sewing supplies and fabric.  Great news!  There are 16 FREE CLASSES that you can take – no charge at all.  And each and every one of them is awesome.


Why take a Free Craftsy Class?

  • Why not?  You've got nothing to loose and everything to gain
  • It's free
  • It's yours forever to watch as many times as you like
  • You can take your own notes during the video and make your own bookmarks
  • You can learn new skills and ways of doing things
  • Real industry professional teachers
  • See and share projects with the other students
  • Post questions
  • Classes on sewing and quilting
  • Classes on lots of other subjects too if you want to try something new
  • Gives you a good taster of what the Craftsy class platform is like
  • Primes you to take further classes in future if your budget allows

Here are all the FREE Sewing and Quilting Classes you can sign up for TODAY!

Click the picture to go and read more about the class.  If you've never signed up for a Craftsy class before, don't be shy.  They are great and all these really are free.  Enjoy! Links to other subjects at the bottom too.

Want to know all the current classes that are ON SALEthis link will take you to all the discounted classes.

payment (15) Easy-to-follow instructions for a drawstring bag and a soft-sided bucket bag that's perfect for holding toys or craft projects. You'll learn clever tips for making drawstrings, adding exterior pockets, and reinforcing your bag. If you want to make a personalized gift, share a project with youngsters or just whip up an easy, fun bag for yourself, you'll love this class.
payment Learn quilt-making basics in this free class, presented by Olfa. From tools and fabric to quilting and binding, find out how to create four easy quilts!
This class is amazing – learn everything you need to make your first quilt. Read my review of this class HERE.
payment (14) Learn new quilting techniques, make new friends and create a sampler quilt! Laura Nownes demonstrates 10 fabulous blocks and numerous techniques in this FREE class.
payment (12) Join quilting legend Jinny Beyer to sew an exquisite, Craftsy-exclusive quilt – free!  Not for the beginner I think but wow, what an awesome class and quilt.  Fabulous free class.
payment (11) Inserting zippers can be intimidating. Learn tips and tricks from Sunni Standing and Bernina to keep zippers from driving you zany. Covers a regular zipper, invisible zipper and even the lapped zipper – take it NOW!
payment (10) Essential sewing class. Get the most out of your machine with this FREE mini-class! Learn quick tips to make your sewing, piecing, quilting and embroidery faster and more fun.
payment (9) Make the back of your quilt as pretty and interesting as the front with easy ideas from this free mini-class by renowned quilter Elizabeth Hartman.
payment (8) In Craftsy's first-ever Block of the Month, Amy Gibson brings you 10 specific quilting techniques – appliqué, string quilting, paper piecing and more.  The original and best BOM class – ideal for beginner quilter.
payment (7) Conquer color theory in this FREE mini class sponsored by Michael Miller Fabrics. Choose and combine colors with confidence for harmonious blocks and eye-candy quilts.  Great for learning about putting fabrics together, even if you don't quilt – read my review HERE.
payment (6) Experience the graphic aesthetic of modern quilting in this series of talks from QuiltCon 2013, the inaugural event presented by the Modern Quilt Guild.
payment (5) Don't get flustered when facing the feet that come with your sewing machine. Steffani Lincecum explains what they are and how they work in this free mini-class.  An essential for adding new sewing skills.
payment (4) Interested in learning more about longarm quilting before you take a full class? Love your longarm! Get into a quilting groove as you enhance your longarm skills. Plus, learn longarm techniques for binding, appliqué and so much more.
payment (3) View a beloved, historic art form through a modern lens. Quilter and photographer Caro Sheridan turns eye-popping digital photos into conceptual works of pieced-together art.
payment (1) Explore the ins and outs of machine embroidery as you create chic matched linens—FREE! Easily embroidering pillowcases, kitchen towels and even high-pile bath towels!
payment (13) All the basic skills you need to start out in bag-making including the perfect zipper pouch. Take this free mini-class and learn how to make two cute bags with Kristin Link of Sew,Mama,Sew!  
payment (2) Don't let broken needles or skipped stitches ruin your sewing! Learn how to fix common sewing machine problems in this free Craftsy class presented by Baby Lock. Everyone who uses a sewing machine can get some benefit from all the tips in this class.

Find ALL the FREE Sewing and quilting classes on THIS PAGE.

Interested in learning new skills?  There are free classes in other subjects too.  Check these out:

How to become a better sewer - take more in-depth classes with these new Class Collections. Learn more AND Save more at the same time! Sewing, quilting, cooking and moreAnd lastly, check out the Class Collections.  A bundle of classes on a theme or subject which are bundled together at a special price.

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Links to all the free sewing and quilting classes on Craftsy and a summary of each, all in one place.


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Donna Gamble
Donna Gamble

Ha ha! I belong to CA (Craftsy Anonymous) too. It is early in the morning here in Sydney, Australia and we are just starting to feel the cool autumn air. I am sitting in bed at the moment, feeling nice and cosy, looking at my latest course -Sewing on the Bias. It is fabulous. I have recently come back to sewing now that I have retired and I can’t believe how much I am learning from these classes. Every single class has something different to offer. I was a bit curious about bias patterns as you can find some nice designs in shops but there’s hardly any patterns out there. Well, Sandra Bettzina shows how to modify any pattern.

I think the first course I took was the free 2012 block of the month. It was such great fun because you had to wait for the beginning of each month for the next block. I could barely contain myself while I waited for the next month


Craftsy must love you! Would you believe I am enrolled in all but 3 of those free classes and have only watched one?!! Why oh why can’t I make time?! Plus all the many classes I’ve bought and never watched. I’m hopeless!!


Well, I think I just might be their biggest fan! LOL!! I have so many of their classes – just bought some more during this last flash sale. Now if only I were an expert in everything I have available to learn in classes, I would be quite the seamstress.


You are so right! I have learned so much from Craftsy, and I don’t have to pay so much money and drive quite a distance to take classes anymore. And with Craftsy, you can watch them over and over, AND the teacher will answer your questions. I get a big education just reading the answers to people’s questions. The blog is great too – sign up for the emails. The prices are very reasonable for what you get, and there are often sales on the class prices, so they are affordable for everyone. I could not love this company or business model more. It has been a fun adventure for me.
PS Love your blog, your generous excellent sharing of information, and your personality that shines through! You are a very valuable addition to the online sewing community too!!! Thank you

Nikki Reynolds
Nikki Reynolds

Great ad for Craftsy, and I’m here to say you are right about their services — wonderful classes whether you are a beginner or a long time sewist. There is always some new technique or helpful trick to learn, or to branch out into areas not yet tried. I focus on sewing, quilting and crochet, but I’ve tried their cooking and gardening courses as well. Try a couple of free classes, and join one of the blogs. You’ll get plenty of special offers for classes at marked down prices. I’ve never been disappointed.

On the other hand, you are wrong about being their biggest fan. That title belongs to me. Or maybe to a hunderd other people like us, I don’t know.