Gardening Tool Belt Pattern: A Perfect Father’s Day Project

gardening tool beltThis gardening tool belt is my project for Father's Day and my gift to all the handy mamas who read this blog.

I am well aware that I don't really share many projects for men on this site, so this is my attempt to balance things out a little.  Having said that, in my house I think this tool belt may not make it to anyone else's waist but my own.  One reason is because of the color combination.  If I had olive green/black canvas or nylon, things would be different, but I don't have these colors on hand right now.

The gardening tool belt has a main pouch and one additional pocket.  You can easily add another pocket if you choose.  I think this decision you will have to make according to the number of tools you have.

gardening tool belt

There is space for 8 tools including the extra pocket.  There is an extra layer that I decided to add for flat seed packs and a phone.  I like to listen to music or a book on Audible to help pass the time in the garden.

The main pouch is 12″ in width and 9″ in length.

gardening tool belt

The small pouch is 9″ long and 5″ wide.

gardening tool belt

The belt I'm showing is extendible and not included in this tutorial since it would make it way too long, so I've made a separate tutorial on how to make this sort of belt from nylon webbing.  Also, I'll be using this belt in a few more projects in the future so it will have its own post since I'll be referring back to it often.  The webbing belt tutorial is linked below.

Webbing Belt Tutorial – A Fast And Easy Gift For A Loved One

In any case, the pouches for this gardening tool belt project can be used on any belt and just slipped on and off when it's time to garden.

gardening tool belt


  • 1 yard fabric 54″ wide (see recommendations below)
  • 2 1/2 yards of 2″ bias tape (make your own) or 1″ store-bought bias tape
  • 1 yard of elastic 1/2″ to 1″
  • Thread to match


Experience Level:  Intermediate

If you do not understand the tutorial do not try until I realise a video tutorial. If you manage to make it please post on Instagram so I can see what you have made.  My Instagram is 

Knowledge of how to make and apply bias tape is a must.  Please review this free tutorial if you have any doubts.

Making continuous bias binding tape

Seam allowance is included and it is 1/2″.

Fabric Recommendation from

The Fabric I Used Making This Gardening Tool Belt

I used the IKEA fabric below:

For the backing, I used an upholstery fabric with a fleece backing.  In retrospect, I wish the weave was more tightly woven to give these gardening tool belt a more sturdy look.

How To Download Your PDF Pattern

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Thanks so much in advance for helping us out.  You can use any credit card and you don't need a PayPal account, although you can use one if you have one.

Pattern Download

Download HERE

Pattern Layout

gardening tool belt

How To Sew Your Gardening Tool Belt

This gardening tool belt is going to be sewn the same as the running belt I shared with you a while back.  We need to start with the layer underneath.

The fourth layer which I added after I had digitized the pattern is not included in the PDF.  However, you can retrace it using the Baselayer but only 3 5/8″ inches in height. Of course, this layer is optional but I thought it would be nice to keep my phone on the front and have space for the seed packs I am planning to sow.

My base layer is an upholstery fabric with a black backing.  I think black canvas would be better but I do not have any at the moment.

Step One

Apply bias tape to the top of the second, third, and to the optional fourth layer if you are adding it.

Sew the bias tape at 1/2″ on the right side of the fabric in all the layers mentioned above.  Then turn and sew very close to the edge of the tape or use the stitch in the ditch technique.

gardening tool belt

Step Two

Place the second layer and sew the three stitching lines in the middle.

gardening tool beltgardening tool belt

Step Three

Place the Third layer.  This layer has a type of boxed pleat pocket design to accommodate thicker tools such as a small shovel.

The easiest way to make pleats is to fold the fabric while you have it pinned to the pattern and apply the hot iron over it.

I am marking the pleats first by ironing but I will add the bias tape before I sew the pocket down.

gardening tool belt

Place the third layer on top.

gardening tool belt

Sew in between the pleats to separate the layer thus making three pockets.

gardening tool belt

Step Four

Add the optional layer, the fourth layer as I mentioned before will be made by tracing the base layer but making it only 3 5/8″ in height.

Apply the bias tape to the top just as you did on the previous layers.

gardening tool beltgardening tool belt

Add the strip of the elastic one inch from the third layer top edge.  This will help keep the tools from falling out, as I found in my first try

gardening tool belt

Stay stitch around at 1/4″ starting from the second layer and ending on the other side of the second layer.  This is to prevent the layers from moving when we apply the bias tape.

gardening tool belt

Step Five

Apply bias tape.  We need to start at the top.  Sew at 1/2″,  turn the tape and sew on the edge or on the ditch, either way, is fine.

gardening tool belt

Fold the end of the tape and apply it to the right side of the gardening tool belt.

gardening tool belt

Sew around carefully, a trick I like to use is to pin or use art clips to align the tape edge to the fabric edge so when I sew around the curves the tape does not stretch too much.

Sew on the right side using, as before, a stitch close to the edge of the tape or by the on the ditch technique.

gardening tool belt

Turn the top to the back and tack the bag using your sewing machine in three places:  on the left and right and in the middle.  Make these tacks on the second layer making sure you are catching the folded top at the back.  This is what make the pouch hang from your belt.

gardening tool belt

Left side

gardening tool belt

Right Side

gardening tool belt


Step Five

Making the additional pocket starts the same way, applying bias tape to the pocket.

gardening tool belt

Place the base layer print side up on the table.

gardening tool beltLay the pocket on top of the base layer.  This time I will show you a trick on how to fold this type of pocket very fast.

Align the left edge of the pocket and pin.

gardening tool belt

Align the left side of the pocket with the left edge of the base layer and pin.

gardening tool belt

Make the fold to the sides

gardening tool belt

Add the back layer.

Stay stitch, apply the bias tape at the top.

gardening Tool belt

Add bias tape around the pouch.

Turn the bias tape and stitching down.

gardening tool belt

Turn the top part of the pouch pocket 3 1/2″ and tack just like you did before.

All that is left now is to make the belt, check back on Tuesday when I will be sharing a short tutorial on that.

I am seriously thinking of keeping this gardening tool belt of myself, so what about father's day then?

We are currently trapped in the southern hemisphere where it is winter.  The first thing that comes to my mind would be a cozy pair of sweatpants, a bomber jacket, or some cargo shorts. I think I am going to need your help on this one.  What project for men would you like to see next time?

Need another gardening companion?  Try this lovely bag. And Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!

The Gardening Tool Bag – Great Project For Father's Day

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Hi, I’ve bought the pattern, but can’t find your instructions, especially the video. Please tell me where to find it?


Is the video available yet. I too I’m very confused by the instructions on what layers get sown to what


Have you done the video tutorial yet? I’ve had a look on your You Tube channel and can’t find it. Thanks.

Tracy Fitzgerald
Tracy Fitzgerald

HI, I have downloaded the pattern through the link to payhp , however only the pattern pieces come in the download but no instructions. Do we have to continually view this page to see the instructions? I would rather have something i can print out and have next to my machine, Thanks, Tracy


[…] Father’s Day is this weekend and if you’re still looking for a gift to make, you’ll definitely want to check out this fun gardening tool belt. […]


First, I do like the style of the gardening tool belt and will make one for a friend. Second, I am however confused on the stitching between the pleats. What is it being stitched to–if it’s the second layer will it not interfere with the pockets already formed? Just a little bit more clarify please.Finally, I think I understand how the “pocket for the web belt is formed but I’m not sure. Maybe a picture??

Mary Reigel
Mary Reigel

Hi, you mentioned that we should “check back on Tuesday” for how to attach the belt.Is that tutorial out yet? Thank you in advance for your help!

So Sew Easy
Active Member
Reply to  Mary Reigel

Hi Mary, it will be out shortly. Please check back in two hours.


Thank you for the inspiration and pattern however I cannot see how it would attach to a belt . I have read the instructions several times but cannot see what to do. I am also confused by having 2 pieces to cut for the base layer but again do not understand what to do with the 2nd one. Also there is no mention of the elastic required until it appears in the pattern instructions, which it just a surprise!

Tracey Shipman
Tracey Shipman
Reply to  Lindsay

I understand everything but why we need to have 2 base layers. I’m not sure if the video was made, still looking. Thanks in advance for directions.