Mens Pajama Shorts with Pockets – Father’s Day idea

Mens Pajama ShortsFor most men I know, nothing beats a sunny warm morning, a cup of coffee, and some good reading material by the porch, balcony or in the back yard –but hanging out there cool enough without scaring the neighbors sometimes can be a little challenging.  I've got two men living in my house and because it's quite warm here, they always seem to be walking around the house in their underwear and as you can imagine, that causes problems from time to time.

I wanted to give the guys an alternative, but it's hard to find store bought mens pajama shorts that are both comfortable and stylish enough, so I decided to come with my own design that would be both.  Here are some mens pajama shorts that no one will know are pajamas and are good enough to go to the supermarket and grab a gallon of milk without having people stare..

mens pajama shortsThe design is loose-fitting and super comfortable.  You should use a super soft 100% cotton which is the perfect fabric for this sort of garment.  Make sure you use natural fibers, so the shorts remain casual and comfortable for the hot weather.

I think this would make the perfect gift for Father's Day, but the free sewing pattern accommodates waist sizes from 28″ to 44″ so you have a lot of flexibility for both boys and men.

The full video tutorial to guide you through this project is available on our YouTube channel at:

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  • 1″ elastic depending on waist measurements (28″ to 42″)and 1″ more
  • 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 yards of cotton or linen.  Follow the links for some recommended fabrics.
  • thread to match your fabric
  • free pattern
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Download the Free Pattern

You can download the pattern for these Mens Pajama Shorts from our account at Craftsy.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

mens pajama shorts

Step One: Cutting the mens pajama shorts pattern

  • Front 2 pieces
  • Back 2 pieces
  • Pockets 4 pieces

Download the free pattern and print using the latest version of Adobe Reader.  Mark all the notches in the pattern, paying special attention to the notches for the placement of the pockets.

Step Two: Sewing the inner side

Place the right side or the pockets on the right side of the of the  short patterns pieces. Right sides together. To make sure you are doing it right, please follow the photo.

Stay stitch to 1/4″ from the edge.  Stop at the point indicated by the pattern.  You can notice the pocket pieces do not go all the way to the top of the pants.  This is so the waist band does not become thick in that area. It will become clearer as we sew along.

Step Three: Attaching front to back

Place front and back right sides facing each other.

Sew the inside seam at 5/8″

Before we can continue to sew the outer side of the pants, we have to go back to the pockets.

Sew all around the pocket stopping at the mark we have made previously, follow the pattern.

Clean your seam by using zigzag or using our serger.

Now we can continue putting the pants together by sewing from the top to the pocket stop at the notches.

Now sew front the bottom of the pocket to the hem.Do not sew the pocket opening..

Step Four: Sewing the crotch

Sew the crotch at 5/8″ and clean the seam allowance with your serger or zigzag.

Step Five: Tacking the pockets

Tack the bottom and top of the pockets to make them strong.  Make sure the pockets are facing to the front of the pants.  Tacking means going back and forth with your sewing machine in the same place.  This step is necessary reenforce the pockets and to make sure the pockets will face forward.  With tacking, the opening of the pockets will not break or tear with use.

Step Six: Making the waistband

Fold the waist edge 1/4″ down and iron.  I have used zigzag to make it easier for me to fold it.

Cut the elastic to the size you need, measuring  the waist of the person who is going to wear the short pajama pants, plus one inch.  Sew the elastic to 1/2″ seam allowance.

Sew the edges down as shown in the picture so the elastic remains as flat as possible.

Untitled design(147)

Put the elastic band on the shorts as shown in the picture.Untitled design(148)Fold and pin down just enough to cover the elastic plus 1/8″ for the seam.Untitled design(150) Make  sure you cover the top of the pockets.  Pin the waist in at least four places and sew at 1/8″.  Do not catch the elastic inside while sewing.  This is so that the elastic can move and provide the elasticity it is supposed to.Untitled design(153)

Start by placing your needle down at the back.  Tack a couple of times and then sew while pulling and placing the elastic as needed. Needle downUntitled design(154)  Before you know it, you have gone around the whole waist.  This is the easiest way to attach elastic to a waist.

Step Seven: Making the hem of your short pajama pants

Fold the hem 1/4″ and iron.  Just like we did on step six.

Then fold again 1″ and pin all around the hem. Untitled design(155)Sew the hem at 1/8″.Inside view.

Outside view.Untitled design(158)Iron and pack your short pajama pants in a pretty box.  This are without a doubt the easiest shorts you will make for your man.  They are perfect for a lazy Sunday or after work relaxing time, but good enough to receive your friends for a barbecue.

We are breaking new ground here at So Sew Easy with our first pattern for a men's garment.  Well, sort of the truth is that this shorts can be worn by anyone.  Please stay tuned on our YouTube channel where I will be showing you how to make this shorts plus how to shorten/lengthen or adjust them to make them larger.

Please check our Star Wars apron article as another idea for a Father's Day present. Until next time! Happy sewing!

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17 Responses to Mens Pajama Shorts with Pockets – Father’s Day idea

  1. Julie Ousley says:

    Hi, Mayra,
    I’ve been following you for some time, and downloading patterns that catch my eye. THIS pattern looks like it would be a good one for teaching sewing to my granddaughters, with simple techniques and guaranteed success (and WITH POCKETS!!!)…. have you any suggestions for sizing this down to fit slender little girls (sizes 8-10) AND for curvy women of considerably more substantial proportions (16-18W)?? Thank you.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      HI, Julie, the grading would be substantial but not impossible. I will have to make a whole new pattern because this one is quite big for a little girl. As for the shorts for a lady, have you seen the walking short series? I made a sew along with all the alterations and the pair of short have a lot of room on the hips. Still, I have not made the videos for that series, the shorts do have pockets. Do send me a reminder on the short for little girls. I have been thinking f making a course on pattern making for children clothing, but not sure on how much interest is there.

  2. Cassandra says:

    Hi! O love this design and have my mats ready but I too am having trouble putting the pieces together. It’s driving me nuts! The video does not show the pattern pieces we print out or any hint how they are suppose to be put together neither do the instruction we print out or the website. Please give me hint. Thank you

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      There is a step by step instructions with photos above, I am not sure what steps you are not finding here to be able to make the shorts. Do you mean the how to put the pattern together?

  3. JP Greeff says:

    This pattern is no longer available, please help! I WANT it!!!! Thank You!

  4. JP Greeff says:

    I can’t seem to download the pattern. Please help! I just get a blank page.

  5. Sewing spell says:

    Hi Mayra, thank you so much for the pattern and detailed tutorial. But unfortunately a newbie like me is having difficulty in putting up the pattern pieces together. Could you please add a photo or two on how to put the pattern together.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi, I think if you watch the You tube video you will be able to make the project. Let me know if after watching it you still have questions. Kind Regards, Mayra

  6. Beverley Tooth says:

    Can we have more men’s patterns please? Maybe cargo type shorts with a waistband, fly zipper and pleated pockets? Or a shirt? Love the patterns and tutorials. Thank you so much to take the time to bring these to us all for free. You are both so very kind.

  7. itsjusttoni says:

    I love this! Your video as well as your photos are so clear and easy to follow! I have never sewn anything for my hubby (poor guy) and I think this is going to be my first project for him!

  8. Abbey says:

    OMG did you guys overhear the conversation I had with my husband last week? How timely is this post! Huzzy was finally acknowledging that he had officially killed his set and was more than overdue for new ones. Definitely want to try this out.

  9. Kathleen says:

    I have a question about how you install the elastic waist. Is there a reason you are not sewing the casing first and then threading the elastic through the casing? Thank You.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for your question. You can actually do it either way. Personally, I think the method in the tutorial is a bit faster and it is the way they would do it in a factory. I also thought many of our readers may not have seen this technique before, so would be good to demonstrate it. But by all means, please use the method you feel most comfortable with. Happy sewing and regards.

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