Penguin Pot Holder

Penguin Potholder

While it might seem like an obvious comparison, as I was designing this little guy, I realized potholders are much like puppets. I feel rather silly having never thought of that before now.

To make your own penguin pot holder, you will need:

  • The Pattern – download from Payhip HERE
  • 1/4 yard of cotton batting
  • 1/4 yard of black cotton fabric
  • 1/4 yard of white cotton fabric
  • felt (white, black, yellow, and red)
  • matching thread

How to sew a Penguin Pot Holder


Penguin Potholder pre iron

  1. Cut two of the main body pieces from the black fabric, two from the white fabric, and four from the batting. (I did NOT include a seam allowance in the pattern. You will need to include a seam allowance when cutting out the body piece)
  2. Cut the white belly patch from the white fabric (do not include a seam allowance)
  3. Cut the facial features from felt
  4. Pin two layers of batting to the wrong side of each of the black body pieces
  5. Stitch the white belly patch to the black front body piece (I used the appliqué stitch on my machine)
    Penguin Potholder patch applique
  6. Using black thread, stitch small semi-circles to the top of the felt beak Penguin Potholder beak
  7. Stitch the facial features (inner eyes, outer eyes, beak, and bow tie) to the body piece Penguin Potholder felt features
  8. Match up each black piece with a white body piece, right sides facing, and sew a straight line across the bottom Penguin Potholder bottom line
  9. Unfold each set and lie flat on top of one another with the right sides facing, matching the black pieces with each other and the white pieces with each other. Penguin Potholder stitch around
  10. Pin and the sew all the way around, leaving a gap at the top of the white pieces (far left in the above photo)
  11. Clip along the curves, especially in the head (to give the penguin's head a more circular shape)
  12. Turn the entire thing right side Penguin Potholder flipped
  13. Using a ladder stitch, close the gap in the white fabric
  14. Stuff the white fabric inside the pocket formed by the body of the penguin Penguin Potholder inside
  15. Align and press the bottom seam

Penguin Potholder front Penguin Potholder back

The penguin can easily be changed from a boy to a girl by cutting the bow tie from pink instead of red and moving it to the head, instead of the neck.

I'm pretty sure my first penguin has been confiscated by my daughter to join her collection of puppets (you can find many of the puppets we made for her here) but I plan to make a few more of these for Christmas gifts.

Hope you enjoy the penguin potholder as much as we have!

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This is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing. The only thing I might suggest is to use a layer of insulating batting along with the cotton batting to protect skin and furniture from heat. You did the hard work, I am just offering a little idea. Again, thank you for this lovely pattern.


Looks like the black body pieces should be larger than the white inner body pieces to be able to fit inside. How much difference? Suggested seam allowances? Should the batting then be cut the same size as the white inside body pieces? This would be useful information in the instructions.

Reply to  iowastitcher

I have the same question: the black body pieces looks like it’s larger than the white inner body pieces… How much difference? (did the white get cut – minus the seam allowance?) Should the batting then be cut the same size as the white inside body pieces?


I just finished making one of these this evening (Christmas Eve) – it is adorable!! Instead of using felt for the facial features, I used cotton and then satin-stitched them in place. My only problem was that the body pieces are not symmetrical; be sure to cut one piece with the pattern face up and the other piece with it face down – that way they’ll match when placed right sides together. I am very happy with the way it turned out! It’s a gift for my daughter-in-law, who loves penguins. I’m sure she’s going to love it – thanks so much!

Reply to  RDCA

Just found this potholder. I have a friend who is Penguin crazy and this will be perfect. I am looking for Penguin fabric and Elephant fabric to make a table runner with chalkboard. Have you seen any of these two in your travels? I need some help. I will make the Penguin pot holder for sure for her. Thanks for the cute pot holder. Carol D.

Deby at So Sew Easy
Active Member
Reply to  Carol

I love this store for the widest range of cottons and novelty fabrics. It has a good search feature too. Here are some PENGUIN FABRICS for you to look at, and ELEPHANT FABRICS too. I’m sure you’ll find something just perfect for you here.


Thanks for the store. I have ordered the Penguin fabric and will make the penguin pot holder (above). The Elephant fabric is on backorder so I will order when I see it again. I ordered the Elephant applique to make a square pot holder and applique the elephant. Hope it makes each sister happy.