Quick and Simple Spring / Easter Baby Bibs

Next in the seasonal baby bib series, I created some quick Easter and Spring designs.

As I mentioned in the Valentine's post, if you don’t have a baby to sew for, these silhouettes can be used for a multitude of other projects! They would be cute on a t-shirt too!

To make your own Spring or Easter baby bib, you will need:

  • The Pattern (link below)
  • a couple of large scraps of fabric
  • a couple of small scraps of fabric (for the appliques)
  • matching thread
  • freezer paper (optional – If you have never used freezer paper before, check out my freezer paper tips!)
  • Heat N Bond Lite
  • scissors
  • sewing machine


How to sew a Spring / Easter baby bib

[Note: for more photos of each of the steps, check out the Christmas bib tutorial too!]

  1. Cut two of the baby bib (mirrored). Note: seam allowance is not included in the pattern. Cut around the pattern, including your desired seam allowance. I used about 1/4 inch.
  2. Choose your applique and your desired fabric You will choose either the bunny or the flower. Cut directly on the line. Do not include a seam allowance, as the design will be appliqued on. Trace the design to your Heat N Bond (or freezer paper) and apply to the reverse of the fabric.  Cut out around the pattern you drew.
  3. Remove paper backing from the Heat N Bond and iron it to the front of the bib, using the included instructions.  If using freezer paper, remove the paper and either apply a fabric adhesive or not, you decide.
  4. Applique the silhouette (I hand-sewed a blanket stitch around the edges of mine but you can also use your machine for this step.)Easter Spring Baby Bib - flower applique Easter Spring Baby Bib - bunny applique
  5. With right sides together, sew around the edges of the bib, leaving a small gap on one side to turn. Easter Spring Baby Bib - inside out
  6. Clip the fabric along the curves (Be careful not to clip through the seam.)
  7. Turn rightside and press. Easter Spring Baby Bib - bunny right side
  8. Topstitch all the way around the bib, making sure to complete the seam where you turned the bib.
  9. Install the snap (I used snaps for my bibs because I had them on hand but you could also sew velcro onto the bib to use as a closure instead.)

Easter Spring Baby Bib - bunny Easter Spring Baby Bib - flower

Like I mentioned above, the silhouettes can be used for a variety of projects. I would love to see what you make from them. Come by and share your projects on the Felt With Love Designs Facebook page or tag me on Instagram (@feltwithlovedesigns)!

Easter Spring Baby Bib - finished

For more fun, kid-friendly projects, head over to Felt With Love Designs. I recently designed a fun seal softie that would make an awesome baby toy and an adorable girly robot softie!

If you are interested in more baby-related projects, I frequently pin fun (mostly free) patterns and projects to my sewing for baby Pinterest board. You also might like the round-up of free diaper bag patterns!

So adorable!  Pattern and tutorial for these Spring or Easter Baby Bibs.

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Thanks for sharing this tutorial, it will be a great gift to make for a new mom!