Sewing for Your Dog: It’s a Dog’s Life Roundup

Sewing for your Dog

It's a Dog's Life

Who loves you unconditionally? Who stares at you with those big brown eyes, hanging on your every word? Who eats whatever you make for them (well, most of the time)? Who is always the happiest to see you and is always game for a cuddle?  You’ve got it…we love our pooches!

Every day they bring so much laughter and joy into our lives.  Indeed, for so many of us, they are our babies, our children, our be-all and end-all! And there’s nothing quite as delightful as seeing them decked out in new gear…sometimes it takes a little getting used to but soon they’re rocking it like Bow Wow.

Sew Many Dogs..

Did you know that there are 78-80 million family dogs in the US alone?  Around 40% of all households in the US have a family dog.  The percentages are about the same in the Canada and Australia and only slightly less in the UK (25%).

So we thought it about time for a serious Sewing for Your Dog: Dog’s Life Roundup, to get you channeling some of those (slightly misdirected) motherly instincts in a constructive manner! Sewing for your dog and reaping the rewards!

Whether you’re the proud mom of a pint sized Chihuahua (small enough to don an upcycled sock-frock or go for a tote-ride to the mall) or a more imposing woofster (in need of a custom collarette or a decent pair of leg-warmers), I’m sure you’ll find a project that’s the right fit.

Time to give back to the ones who love us the most, our precious pooches!

sewing for your dog

Let’s keep little bodies warm and woofing, ready to face the packs at the park in the best of doggy style! We’ve put together an array of easy dog sewing tutorials, dog clothes patterns and doggy up-cycles to keep you busy over a weekend or just for a couple of hours. A little bit of labour for a lot of love and laughs!

Sewing for Your Dog

You can also check out our mug rug or 21 sewing projects for pets posts for even more ideas on things to sew for your pets. Those of you who prefer your feline friends, don't worry…we've also got plenty cat sewing projects to keep you busy!

This one goes out to all the dogs out there, we love you too! Happy sewing, dog moms!

sewing for your dog

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8 Responses to Sewing for Your Dog: It’s a Dog’s Life Roundup

  1. robin says:

    I have to put clothes on my dachshund because he has a skin condition and it’s made worse by his licking and rolling around in the yard. There need to be more patterns just for dachshunds and other big chested and longer dogs – Bassset hounds, pugs and the like. Regular dog patterns don’t fit these dogs because of the different body shape

  2. Anke Barr says:

    Please don’t dress up your dog, his coat is a wonderful instrument, in fact the more you ‘pamper’ him, the worse his coat will be…… Please let you dog be a dog…..

  3. Gayle says:

    Needs some ideas for my airedale…..

  4. Judi Gilbert says:

    Cute. But I need patterns for a larger dog. I have an American Pit Bull Terrier and she has a very deep chest like a greyhound. She’s 60 lbs. Any suggestions?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Wow! Big dog. Those are lovely dogs though. We’ll have a look around and add it to the roundup if we find something. Kind regards and happy sewing!

  5. Cherilyne says:

    Great idea, fully washable and you can control the loft of the stuffing. Doesn’t work so well with large dogs unless you make a couple of these, sew them together and make a cover to pretty things up.

  6. Stormy says:

    I like to take a pillowcase and throw all of my scraps in it. When it’s full I sew up the opening and Foxy has a new dog bed.

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