Sewing lesson vouchers to print

Printable sewing lesson vouchers. Give someone the gift of your time and experience. Fun idea for the holidays.There's no escaping it now, once Halloween is out of the way, the holidays are coming.  The shops are already bursting with cards, wrapping paper, gifts, excessive fatty and calorie heavy foods and kids all around the world are getting ready to burst with excitement.  Me too!

I've already got my Christmas present, but I'm not allowed to open it or use it yet.  But I'll be introducing you to my new baby in January. Here's a sneak peak –>my Christmas present.  I'm also signed up for a class so I can learn how to use it – so I should really find the time to watch that first before I open the box, try things haphazardly and mess up all the settings!

Give someone you know a sewing lesson voucher

How to get someone started in sewing - essential tools and resources.

Perhaps you are giving someone you know some sewing supplies, a fabric bundle, a sewing book, or even a sewing machine this holiday season.  I know from the huge surge in visitors to the Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners page and the Sewing Tutorials page in January, that lots of people get sewing supplies for Christmas and take up sewing for the first time in January.

To go along with these sewing supplies, why not gift them a sewing lesson – a personal sewing lesson with you!  This is a great way to promise your time to someone to help them learn to sew, or help them with a particular skill or technique.

Or if your budget for the holidays is tight this year, then give these sewing lessons as a cost-free gift.  Pop the vouchers inside a gift card, Christmas or birthday card and promise the gift of your time for a sewing lesson this year.

Printable sewing lesson vouchers. Give someone the gift of your time and experience. Fun idea for the holidays.You can download and print these Sewing Lesson Vouchers and cut them into individual vouchers, or give the sheet, or make the vouchers into a little voucher booklet.



Enjoy a little Christmas music without all the commercialism with the Holidays are Coming.  Because – the holidays are coming!

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Pam @Threading My Way

The vouchers are a great idea, Deby. You are SO going to love your new serger. It’ll be a long wait for you, but well worth it. Enjoy!!!

Becky M
Becky M

You will love having a serger. Don’t be scared. Maybe you’ll have a chance to watch some basic serger classes before you open it. Nancy Zieman has a few shows from basics to more advanced at I love her shows. Of course Craftsy has courses also. Once you learn the basics, don’t be afraid to experiment. You’re going to have so much fun!


[…] Sewing lesson vouchers to print, by So Sew Easy […]


Here is the best link I have found for Brother specific serger tutorials. It is the first of seven, and the instructor gives the suggested tension settings for different applications. The first lesson feels a bit like a commercial, but it gets better. I learned more from this series than I did from the Craftsy beginner serger class, but that class was definitely helpful as well. Here is the link: . You will really enjoy playing with your new toy!


I think you will love your new “baby”. I have the same machine. Luckily there are some great videos and instructions for this machine available online. I used to dread threading the lower looper until I saw this tutorial I looks like you have to open the little lever and insert the thread. If you do, your thread will break everytime. Just lay the thread behind the lever or latch and slide it back in place. Happy sewing!

Karen J
Karen J

How are you possibly going to stand it to not open that box and use that beautiful machine now? It is the same one I have and if mine broke today, I would go out and buy another one right away. I absolutely love it.