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Fussy Cuts for the Look You Want

fussy cuts

What are “fussy cuts” anyway? Hi Everyone, first of all, for those of you not familiar with the term “fussy cut” I thought it would be helpful to define it.   A fussy cut is a term used in sewing and often in quilting, where a piece of fabric is cut in a way to place a specific design or area of print on a specific location or feature of the end product, rather than simply cutting the fabric in random pieces with no regard to the design. When I was showing my daughter some fabric recently that I was planning on making a wristlet from, she mentioned that one of my options had a design that was too big and would be best used for something large, like a tote bag. For the most part, she was right. However, if … Continue reading

Why is there a vertical and horizontal thread holder?

Find out why there are both upright and horizontal options for using thread on your machine and why that is important. Why did I not know this?

You know sometimes how you just assume that everyone knows the same things that you know.  Just small little snippets of information picked up from random sources over time and just filed away? Often these can be bizarre facts about cats, random dates in history, or the funny middle names of celebrities – anything.  Then it comes up in conversation and it turns out that in fact, not everyone knows this – and you feel like a rock star! Not saying I’m a sewing rock-star in any way, but as a newbie sewer somewhere along the line I’d learned a little-known fact about thread and why there are often two spool holders on your machine – one that lies horizontally and one that sits vertically. photo credit: via photopin (license)   These are made to accommodate the two different types of … Continue reading

Peek-a-boo: a free easy t-shirt pattern

peek-a-boo t-shirt

“A t-shirt that doesn’t look like you are wearing a t-shirt”– I thought this was a strange request until I saw 3 more women asking for the same thing. One of these women send me a very long and emotional email about she struggled with her weight since she was a young girl, how she never have felt comfortable in her cloths, and how she hid for so many years under sweat pants and extra large hoodies.  Sarah, that is her name, wrote how she has a dog now and she is walking regularly, but that sometimes she lacks the courage to step outside because she doesn’t want to go back to the sweat pants and ugly t-shirts and that it is getting too hot for hoodies.  She said she needed a top to feel good in, but at the same time comfortable … Continue reading

At The Button of Things

choosing the right button

Often times, buttons are the last things sewers think about when they stitch garments. Choosing the right buttons, however, may have a big effect on how your finished garment turns out. This article will try to get to the bottom of choosing buttons for your sewing project –so let’s start by making a list of the different factors that have to be taken into account when choosing a button for a garment, and this includes function, type of garment, fabric and style. What’s the function of the button? Generally, buttons are chosen for their function such as a fastening mechanism, but they can also be used for aesthetic reasons, or more commonly, for both.  As fasteners, buttons keep shirt sleeve, dress, collar, pocket, coat and the like closed. They may also be used to attach a piece of fabric or … Continue reading

Worth Checking Out: Craftsy Class bundles discounted starting at 50% off


Just a quick note to tell everyone about this sale. We know you all are probably bombarded by advertising these days, but we thought it might be worth highlighting this particular sale at Craftsy.  So many of our readers use and seem to get a lot of value out of Craftsy.  Because their normal prices can sometime seem expensive, it is great to find sales like this when you can get a sizeable discount on the classes you may be planning to buy anyway. As a case in point, there’s a collection on sale called “Patternmaking Basics” which as seven full classes and retails for $489.93.  You can get this now for only $244.90.  I say “only” knowing that’s a large amount of money for most all of us, but if you were planning to do this kind of complete course … Continue reading

The Simplest Way to Line a Bag of Any Kind

How to line any purse, bag or tote

Making a simple tote bag is probably one of the best introductory sewing projects, but where do you go after that? How do you advance your sewing skills but still make a project that won’t overwhelm, or be too complicated? Well, I think that adding a lining to your bag is a fantastic way to learn a skill that can be applied to so many different sewing projects. The amazing, simple, way of lining a tote that I’m about to show you can be applied to the simplest, and the most complicated purses and bags. This tutorial assumes you have already pieced together your tote interior, exterior and handles. Haven’t done that yet? Read this tutorial on how to construct the basic pieces for your bag! *Note, if you’d like to apply pockets to the interior or exterior of your bag, … Continue reading

The Crafty Crayon Roll Up

Crafty Crayon Roll

I just meet the nicest people online! One being Susan who is an expert quilter and quilting instructor and produces the most amazing quilts she has shared with me, including exquisite hand applique quilts. She doesn’t have a website or anywhere I can share on her behalf, but I know we share an enthusiasm for introducing people to sewing. She’s been helping some friends get into sewing just recently and a couple of them asked her to write them some instructions on how to make one of those crayon roll ups for kids.  So she made one, took some photos and some notes and sent it on to them. Then she kindly thought of the So Sew Easy community and sent the instructions on over here too in case you’d like to use them. A Quick and Crafty Crayon Roll is … Continue reading

Warm days and cool nights, a flared t-shirt for many seasons.

Flared t-shirt

Spring is the time to dress comfortably and in layers.  A flared t-shirt is the one of those pieces of clothing we can just throw on with a pair of jeans, leggings, capri pants or if the top is long enough, it can also be a short mod-style dress.  Perfect for a quick run to the supermarket or picking up the kids!  This is an incredibly easy pattern and I have added two sleeves lengths to give you some flexibility.  If you want to, you can even eliminate the sleeves entirely and it becomes yet another top. I am using a fabric from my stash, because I am determined to reduce the amount of fabric in my sewing room.  I realize it is spring after all and that you would want to see some flowers.  I am not a flowery … Continue reading

March Mug Rug of the Month – Springtime Friends

march mug rug

Mug rugs remain so popular! For the past couple years they are by far my biggest pattern sellers. This is probably for many reasons. They are super easy to make, they can be made using your favorite techniques (hand or machine), they make great gifts, and they can be decorative as well as functional. Most of all, they are so much fun! I hope you will follow us along here on our Mug Rug of the Month Tutorial. Springtime friends are what’s happening here for March. Lets get started! What you will need for one mug rug: Small scraps of fabric for appliqués 1/8 yard of light weight paper backed fusible webbing 6 1/2 x 10 inch piece of fabric for background 6 1/2 x 10 inch piece of fusible fleece 7 1/2 x 11 inch piece of fabric for … Continue reading

20+ Free Floor Pillow Patterns

floor pillow patterns

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says again, sharing a round-up of one of my very favorite things to sew. Floor pillows are easy to make but make a big impact – the down side is once you sew one, all your friends will be begging you to make them one too! We pull them out for reading books, watching movies, and sometimes I even use them when I’m working on hand sewing projects or embroidery. There are all types of tutorials in the round-up, from simple to complex and quilted, with a few fun animal shapes snuck in. If you’re a fan of quilting or animal, you will want to see the patchwork hexie turtle floor pillow I made for my son too! Floor pillow are a great way to showcase a large scale print, use up scraps, or personalize with … Continue reading