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Make a mesh lingerie bag

Sew a mesh lingerie bag for travelling, storage or laundry

I’m always keen to try new things so when I saw this ‘fabric’ I just had to give it a try.  Fabric that is far more air and holes than it is fabric.  I thought this was going to be a nightmare to sew, but I was wrong.  It’s easy! Where to buy mesh It’s not something you’ll find everywhere and might not be in your local fabric store.  You can find mesh fabric online at JoAnn, Fabric.com and Online Fabric Store. How to sew a mesh lingerie bag The size of your bag will be determined by the size of your zip, because the zip will go the full width of the bag.  My zip was 14 inches so I cut my mesh 15 inches wide and 22 inches long.  I’ll trim it later Cut a piece of mesh … Continue reading

Pleated Cosmetics Bag Pattern with Spoonflower fabric

Ingenious idea to make and line 3 cosmetics bags all from the same 1 yard of fabric. Can buy this on Spoonflower.

Today, a free pattern with a difference – there’s no pattern!  Well, and it’s not actually free.  Other than that – it’s a free pattern!  What on earth am I talking about?  Well, I’m not making any sense because I’m just over-the-top-super-excited.  You see, I made my own fabric and the fabric includes the pattern. Here it is. Ta dah! Looks a bit odd, right? My husband saw it and said, “Well, it looks a bit patchy!” Have you ever tried to design your own fabric?  It’s hard!  Very hard.  I’m still learning about fabric color theory in the Free Class on color theory for sewing and quilting.  I’m certainly no graphic designer, so I started out with some easier patterns in spots and stripes.  I learned how to make repeating patterns in Photoshop and used a pre-designed color palette … Continue reading

Reading glasses case using a Flex Frame

How to sew an easy glasses case using one of those flex frames that you pinch to open.

This week, something bad happened to my sunglasses.  Oops.  They were floating around in my bag while it was briefly raining and next time I took them out, the lense was broken.  That’s the second pair this month I’ve broken.  And don’t talk to me about reading glasses – even worse. I keep my best reading and sewing spectacles at home but my arms are no longer long enough to be able to read menus when I’m out and about, so I carry some small readers with me where ever I go, and they are always getting bumped about in my bag.  But I don’t want one of those big and bulky hard cases in my purse, so I decided to make myself some small padded glasses bags and these Flex Frames looked a really interesting option. Materials needed: Flex … Continue reading

Sew the perfect slip pocket for your bag

Sew the perfect slip pocket into your purse or bag pattern

I’m taking the Design Your Own Handbag Class on Craftsy at the moment and am picking up lots of tips about how to sew bags as well as how to design them.  One easy way to adapt any bag pattern is to add your own pockets to the design, and the slip pocket is the easiest way to add some extra storage and organisation space inside your bag. What is a slip pocket? A slip pocket is a basic open pocket, usually on the inside of a bag, where you can simply ‘slip’ something in easily.  It has no buttons, zips or closures and is the easiest pocket to sew.  It will be sewn onto the lining piece before the bag lining is assembled.  Let’s look at how we can make one. What makes the perfect slip pocket What features … Continue reading

The Future of So Sew Easy

Readers survey

Sometimes in life, we can all be carrying along quite normally when out of the blue, comes something that makes us stop and think.  For me, it was a Win on Wednesday giveaway that I ran back in April.  In order to qualify for entry, readers have to leave a comment on the Facebook post, and rather than get a lot of random comments, it’s fun to ask a question. The question was: “Just leave a comment below and let me know what sort of tutorials and patterns you would like to see on the site in the future. I’m keen to feature the kind of projects you are interested in.” It was the range of answers to that question that really surprised me.  To quote just a few: I would like to see some sewing ideas as teacher gifts. This … Continue reading

Waterfall top – free sewing pattern

The cutest summer top! Free pattern in any size.

I’m so excited to bring you the free sewing pattern this month for the Waterfall Top.  I LOVE this top so much that I think it really shows in my face in these photos.  Wearing it just makes me smile.  I’ve got a bright pink one and one in mint and white stripes too – sometimes a plain t-shirt just doesn’t cut it! Make a statement in the Waterfall Top! Features: Looks sexy but not revealing Instructions to fit any size Optional shoulder strap to cover your bra strap or leave it off Ruching down both sides, flatters the bust while disguising the tummy Stretchy, so its comfortable Flounce down one side, can be worn either way Ideal beach cover up Make it in something sparkly for the perfect party top Full sewing instructions Video tutorial too! Skill level: Beginner. … Continue reading

How to Sew on Buttons with a Sewing Machine

I was always worried I'd break the needle or the button, but not now I've seen this. I can do it!

I’m such a lazy sewer that I feel almost embarrassed to share what I did last week.  I had to sew on a couple of buttons and rather than get out a needle and thread and hand-sew them, I actually took the time to look at my machine manual and learn how to sew them by machine instead. In the end, I’m glad I did.  They took almost no time at all, looked much neater than I could have sewn by hand, and are probably much stronger too. I can tell you this is easy, because I did this video of me sewing on the very first ever machine sewn button.  Both the first one and the second one came out perfectly!  I was so worried I was either going to break the needle or break the button, but I … Continue reading

Do you speak Italian? Wear Everywhere Dress has been translated.

Wear Everywhere, easy knit dress pattern. Free pattern.

Do you speak Italian?  If so you might be delighted to learn that the instructions for the Wear Everywhere Dress have been translated for you. Nicoletta from Dinuvole Dicuori has translated the instructions into Italian using the same format as the English instructions, so if there is something you don’t understand, now you can read it in Italian – it might help. Please drop over and visit her site.  You can download the Italian version of the instructions from her HERE.  There is a link to the download at the bottom of the page. Anyone else out there speak a foreign language and would like to create a pattern translation to share from their own site, please let me know.  It’s great when we work as a team!

Make It Yours Contest – Time to Vote – Readers Entries

Vote for your favorite bags in the Make It Yours sewing contest. Or be inspired to sew your own - the pattern is free.

Do you remember the Make It Yours Clutch Bag pattern released back in April.  So far, this pattern has been downloaded over 2000 times!  Wow.  Ladies have been busily sewing away, adding in their own creativity and imagination to turn this basic pattern into something really special. Enjoy these awesome bags, vote on your favorites, enter the voting contest to win prizes for you too, and then get inspired and go and sew one for yourself! The Blogger category can be found here, but without further delay, let’s look at the second category. Category 2 – Readers Readers Prizes Membership of the Pattern of the Month Club for 2014.  Get 15 free sewing patterns. Value $35. $50 voucher to redeem for purse supplies of your choice from Purse Supplies R Us  (USA Mailing addresses only) $35 voucher to redeem for purse … Continue reading

Make It Yours Contest – Time to Vote – Blogger Entries

Vote for your favorite bags in the Make It Yours sewing contest. Or be inspired to sew your own - the pattern is free.

The entries are all in and wow, there is some serious sewing talent out there.  Such a huge variety of bags all made from the same basic pattern.  The imagination and creativity amazes me.  A huge thank you to everyone who has entered and shared their wonderful sewing creations. Now it’s time for the voting!  Which bags do you love the best?  There are 2 categories – bloggers and readers, with prizes for each.  There’s even prizes for you, just for voting even if you didn’t get round to sewing the bag. Without further delay, let’s look at the first category. Category 1 – Bloggers These bloggers all shared their sewing creations on their own sites, so do pop over and visit and check out the full details of their amazing projects. Bloggers Prizes 3 months side bar advertising on … Continue reading

Nautical Mug Rug – am I in fashion?

Bring summer to your table all year round with this fun nautical mug rug template and instructions.

I heard that everything nautical was in fashion this year.  Nautical has always been one of my favorite styles in art, decor and sometimes clothes too.  If that makes me fashionable, it will be the first time in about 25 years!  They say everything comes around again if you wait long enough. I searched my stash for some red, white and blue.  I wish I’d had a better red than this one with spots on, and perhaps a brighter yellow, but I’m pretty happy with how this came out. Want to make one yourself, or one similar? Great!  Instructions and the template to download are below.  Is this your first time with applique ?  You’ll probably love the Fun with Fusible Applique class where you can learn more about all the materials and techniques you’ll need. Sew a Nautical Mug … Continue reading