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Make It Yours Contest – Time to Vote – Readers Entries

Vote for your favorite bags in the Make It Yours sewing contest. Or be inspired to sew your own - the pattern is free.

Do you remember the Make It Yours Clutch Bag pattern released back in April.  So far, this pattern has been downloaded over 2000 times!  Wow.  Ladies have been busily sewing away, adding in their own creativity and imagination to turn this basic pattern into something really special. Enjoy these awesome bags, vote on your favorites, enter the voting contest to win prizes for you too, and then get inspired and go and sew one for yourself! The Blogger category can be found here, but without further delay, let’s look at the second category. Category 2 – Readers Readers Prizes Membership of the Pattern of the Month Club for 2014.  Get 15 free sewing patterns. Value $35. $50 voucher to redeem for purse supplies of your choice from Purse Supplies R Us  (USA Mailing addresses only) $35 voucher to redeem for purse … Continue reading

Make It Yours Contest – Time to Vote – Blogger Entries

Vote for your favorite bags in the Make It Yours sewing contest. Or be inspired to sew your own - the pattern is free.

The entries are all in and wow, there is some serious sewing talent out there.  Such a huge variety of bags all made from the same basic pattern.  The imagination and creativity amazes me.  A huge thank you to everyone who has entered and shared their wonderful sewing creations. Now it’s time for the voting!  Which bags do you love the best?  There are 2 categories – bloggers and readers, with prizes for each.  There’s even prizes for you, just for voting even if you didn’t get round to sewing the bag. Without further delay, let’s look at the first category. Category 1 – Bloggers These bloggers all shared their sewing creations on their own sites, so do pop over and visit and check out the full details of their amazing projects. Bloggers Prizes 3 months side bar advertising on … Continue reading

Nautical Mug Rug – am I in fashion?

Bring summer to your table all year round with this fun nautical mug rug template and instructions.

I heard that everything nautical was in fashion this year.  Nautical has always been one of my favorite styles in art, decor and sometimes clothes too.  If that makes me fashionable, it will be the first time in about 25 years!  They say everything comes around again if you wait long enough. I searched my stash for some red, white and blue.  I wish I’d had a better red than this one with spots on, and perhaps a brighter yellow, but I’m pretty happy with how this came out. Want to make one yourself, or one similar? Great!  Instructions and the template to download are below.  Is this your first time with applique ?  You’ll probably love the Fun with Fusible Applique class where you can learn more about all the materials and techniques you’ll need. Sew a Nautical Mug … Continue reading

Fathers Day sewing ideas – sewing for men

Sewing ideas for men and gifts for Fathers Day to sew.. I can see my Dad liking some of these.

Father’s Day is approaching, both for the US and the UK.  Dads in particular and men in general, are all difficult to buy for.  They don’t seem to just have things because they like them, like women do.  Men-things have to have a purpose, be useful, or be techie. Men too are less likely to enjoy homemade or handmade perhaps.  What do you think? But all is not lost.  There are still some projects you can sew that Dad or the man in your life will appreciate. There are some projects which are unisex, tech-bags and the like, that can be sewn unaltered just using a more ‘manly’ fabric.  Or how about sewing a Fathers Day tie? In the tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters, how about a home made tie Dad has to wear all day? I’ve scoured the internet … Continue reading

Win on Wednesday – win the Reversible Apron.

Reversible apron pattern. Sew looking forward to making this apron!

Win on Wednesday is always popular, except this time I’m changing it to Saturday.  Why?  Well, did you know that if you run a Facebook Page, like the So Sew Easy Page, Facebook will only show your posts to around 1% of the people who liked the page and asked to see your posts? If the post is popular and gets lots of comments, likes and shares, then Facebook might show it to a few more, maybe up to 3% will see it.  But to get my posts in front of more of the people who liked the page, I have to PAY Facebook, and it’s not cheap. So when I post a Win on Wednesday, not everyone gets to hear about it until the contest is already over.  So this time, I’ve decided to set it on Saturday so … Continue reading

Design your own Handbag – class review pt 3

Review of the Craftsy class Design your own Handbag. Plus 50% off the class through So Sew Easy.

I’m presently taking the Design your own Handbag class from Craftsy following my sad and tragic experiences with sewing the World’s Ugliest Bag.   This is the final post in the series.  If you are interested, you can also read Part 1 of my review, and Part 2. You can also get this class at 50% off . Class review – part 3    Lesson 7 – Handles and Straps One sure way to tell your handmade bag apart from something bought is the handle.  This lesson covers not only different types of handles and how to make them, but some really good tips on how to get a very nice finish on the handle and on the tabs used to attach them.  The lesson covers: making basic straps fabric covered cord handles (I’ll definitely be having a go at making these!) … Continue reading

Toddler Dry Erase Coloring Placemat

Make a wipe clean dry erase coloring placemat for toddlers using Iron on Vinyl.

  I’m so excited because a friend of mine is having a baby!  That might not usually be such an event, but here in the Cayman Islands, we all have to have a work permit to be able to live here, and children usually aren’t allowed on your visa except under certain limited circumstances.  Everyone is single or childless couples so babies are uncommon.  My friend/ ex-work colleague/ yoga instructor already has a little boy and now another little one is on the way.  It gives me the perfect reason to start thinking about sewing for the little ones and the challenges that might bring by working in miniature. For now, while the bun is still in the oven, I thought I’d start putting together a few ideas so I’ve just opened a new Pinterest Board – Sewing for Babies. … Continue reading

How to use the overcasting stitches

How, where and when to use an overcasting stitch for a neat seam finish. Perfect for sewing knit fabrics too.

We’ve been looking at seams and seam finishes in order to get a good looking result on our seams both inside and out.  Today, one of my favorites – the overcasting stitch. Where to use Overcasting stitches The overcasting stitch is one of the most versatile on your machine.  My machine has 3 options, stitches 6, 7 and 8, for thin to medium weight fabrics, heavy fabrics and stretch fabrics.  That pretty much has everything covered. The overcasting stitch can be used to finish the edge of your fabric rather like the zig-zag stitch we looked at before, but often gives a much neater finish.  My machine came with an overcasting foot as standard and if you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one.  You’ll find that you will use it a lot. The overcasting foot has an edge … Continue reading

The Sew Simple Leggings pattern

Sew Simple Leggings pattern. Designed using measurements from real women.

A new pattern is released into the shop today, part of the Sew What You Wear range.  I’ll bet you lounge around in leggings and the like much more than you wear a silk blouse or a posh dress. If you’ve been following So Sew Easy for a while, you may remember that some time ago I featured a tutorial, measuring video and spread sheet for drafting your own custom fit leggings pattern.  That is still available for you to use for free.  But if you don’t fancy drafting your own pattern, I’ve now made this multi-sized pattern available for download. What’s special about it? If you ever get fed up with the sizing on commercial sewing patterns or on the ready to wear clothes available to you, you might already be aware that the measurements used often don’t seem … Continue reading

How to sew a lettuce edge hem

Get a pretty hemline with this quick method to sew a lettuce edge hem

Do you own anything with a lettuce edge hem?  Typically seen on little girls clothes, but often in women’s clothing too, on the hemline of casuals and maxi dresses. This curly-wurly hemline looks pretty and is practical too, adding no bulk to the hemline and no fabric is turned up so if you are short on length, this is a good way to finish without making your project shorter. How to sew a lettuce edge hem Some knit fabrics stretch just in one direction, others stretch in both directions.  To sew the lettuce edge hem you’ll need to sew with the stretch.  This is because the fabric needs to stretch as you sew and then relax back again to create the wavy finish. You’ll probably also notice that thinner knit fabrics have a tendency to curl on the edges.  In … Continue reading

Quick and easy gathering with Dental Floss!

At last! A quick and easy way to gather long pieces of fabric with out breaking the gathering threads, ever. The secret is in the dental floss!

I nearly went crazy today.  I’m working on a new pattern and it requires gathering a longer fabric into the shorter piece of fabric.  Lots of it, lots of times in very long lengths.  The end result is going to be very pretty I know, but I wasn’t sure I would get there. No matter how careful I was, how slowly I did it, I kept on breaking my gathering threads.  Over and over again.  And I’d have to unpick and start again.  And again.  My fabric was starting to fray and really suffer and I was getting no where.  That’s when I threw it all the floor in disgust and took a break for coffee and a Creme Egg.  I like to brush after eating sugary snacks, and when I opened the bathroom cabinet to get my toothbrush I … Continue reading