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Learn to Sew a Circus Quiet Book (Part 2)

Page 2 in the Circus quiet book series. The high wire! I'm loving this series.

It’s Alicia here again, from Felt With Love Designs. A few months ago, I began the “Learn to Sew a Quiet Book” series with “What is a quiet book?” and continued last month with the first page in the series. Today, I have a full tutorial and free pattern for the second page! If you are interested in more options, check out the quiet book archive on Felt with Love Designs. Supplies you’ll need for your Circus Quiet Book page 2: The Pattern Craft Felt (full 9×12 sheet for the background and scraps of green, grey, yellow, red, and brown) Thread to match Scissors Freezer paper (optional – see my tutorial on using freezer paper to precisely cut your pattern) To sew the second page: Cut all of the pieces from felt. Sew an approximately three inch tall strip of brown along the bottom of the full sheet of felt (I used … Continue reading

Thinking of getting a dress form?

Video review of the PGM Pro 601 ladies dress form

  Have you seen my Penelope?  She’s my PGM dress form and is instrumental in my pattern designs and in my clothes fitting these days.  I’ve lost a few pounds this year (YAY) so she needs some of her custom padding adjusting slightly for my new shape, but she remains my constant sewing companion. If you were thinking of getting one, I just heard some news from PGM and I wanted to let you know that PGM dress forms are increasing their prices from 24th April – by a massive amount on most of the dress forms – some of them up to 48% more in price. So if you were thinking of getting one this year (hopefully from So Sew Easy) get your order in quickly before those prices go right up.  And I mean UP! Here are all of my dress … Continue reading

Pretty gifts to sew for Mother’s Day

Some really nice ideas for gifts to sew for Mother's Day. My mom would love any number of these.

Are you a Mom?  What do you want for Mother’s Day?  Is something made just for you especially dear to your heart?  I love to get gifts that have been made just for me – shows so much extra thought and care.  With Mother’s day coming up, I wanted to know what you all thought would make nice gifts and the Facebook sewing chat group came up with all sorts of great ideas. Whether in the garden, in the kitchen, hitting the shops or the sewing room, Moms are busy people so there are plenty of things to sew to make those jobs more colorful and fun. With a bit of work and a lot of love you can soon create something for Mom that will have her smiling all day long. Or maybe just give her the gift of … Continue reading

New Fabric Swatch Kits you’ll love

3 fabric swatch kits you can get to help you pick the right fabrics online. can't beat having samples of all these fabrics on hand.

  Great news – the answers to all of your fabric questions are here.  I’ve got TWO new fabric swatch kits for you, and the original is back in stock after repeated sell outs.  If you buy fabric online, or aren’t sure which fabrics to use for which types of projects, you are going to LOVE these kits.  (And you can get them for free too – find out how!) Do you remember the knit fabric swatch kit?  I had been getting a lot of questions from readers about the different types of knit fabrics.  Many of us are finding it hard to find nice apparel fabrics locally to us. Many fabric shops have been closing down, and you may find your local store now is more of a quilting store – so to get the best choice in apparel … Continue reading

Cross Body Bag pattern – POTM

Just what I've been looking for. A cross-body bag sewing pattern with lots of pockets inside and out and lots of options.

Carry everything you need and stay hands free with this handy Cross Body Bag pattern.  Go fancy with smart hardware and adjustable strap, or keep it simple without these optional extras. With both open and zipper pockets front and back, inside and outside, you can keep everything organised and in its place.  Roomy enough to carry a tablet but smart enough to use as a purse. As usual the step by step video will show you how to get a great finish in easy steps, and all the options you can consider along the way.  The video here just gives you an over-view of the bag.  If you go for the pattern, there is a full 30 minute step by step video to show you how to sew it and which discusses the options you can pick. Finished size, approx. … Continue reading

How to make a rag quilt

I always wondered how to make a rag quilt, and this is a great tutorial. Has a video and a photo step by step. Snuggly-wuggly goodness :-)

I’m sure you’ve seen these before.  I’ve been drooling over all the lovely soft and snuggly rag quilts I see on my Pinterest feed and have been longing to find out how to make one.  So I gave it a try, took some photos and a video along the way to share the process with you, in case you’d like to give it a go too. Materials to make a rag quilt Flannel fabric in prints, solids or both Matching or contrasting thread Ideally but optional – ragging shears Ideally but optional – rotary cutter and long ruler Ideally but optional – walking foot Time and patience How much flannel you need will obviously depend on how big you want your quilt to be and how many layers you want to add.  My finished quilt is 9 squares by 13, … Continue reading

Class review – Custom bedding; Decorative shams and bolsters

Review of the Custom Bedding class where you can learn to sew different sorts of high quality pillows. Plus a special price for you from the instructor.

[There's a special price on this class for you - check out the bottom of this article] OK, so I don’t have much of a home here and only complete the simplest of home decor sewing so far.  When you only rent a room in a shared house and are strictly not allowed to change anything, there is only so much you can do !  But we can all dream and have plans and one day hubby and I hope to design our own home – hopefully here in Cayman if they let us stay.  Time will tell on that one. But I’m really interested in learning new sewing techniques, especially for really special-looking pillows and cushions so when I learned from Jann that she had been asked to create a class for Craftsy, I was so excited for her … Continue reading

Sew a cover for the Brother 1034d serger

Pattern and instructions on how to sew your own serger cover for the popular Brother 1034d serger

I know several of you treated yourselves to the Brother 1034D serger (alternative UK link) at Christmas when it was on special on Amazon.  Me too!  (Remember the embarrassing video of me taking it out of the box and not knowing what anything was?) It comes with a plastic cover, but let’s face it, it can be described as ‘flimsy’ at best. Here in Cayman I live right on the sea and the air is always humid and salty.  Anything and everything in the house rusts and disintegrates in no time, and my serger is no exception.  It’s already going rusty, and I think my sewing machine is in bad shape too.  I’m not sure a cover will help, because the air all around it is what’s causing the rust, but I have to try to protect it better if I … Continue reading

Take a Free Online Sewing or Quilting class from Craftsy TODAY!

Links to all the free sewing and quilting classes on Craftsy and a summary of each, all in one place.

So Sew Easy has grown a lot this year.  It seems sewing is getting more popular, lots of people got new machines for Christmas and took up sewing and all of my beginner articles have been hot, hot, hot!  So for those of you looking to learn to sew, improve your skills and learn some new ones, I thought I’d give you some tips on how I started out in sewing and the best way to get quickly up to speed with your new hobby. You may have read a lot of mentions on this site, in my patterns, and on Facebook etc about Craftsy.  OK, I admit it, I’m a total Craftsy addict.  Maybe their biggest fan?  The 108 sewing classes and  103 quilting classes at Craftsy, quickly turned me from a complete sewing beginner to where I am … Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Gifts to sew

More than 25 ideas for gifts to sew for Teacher Appreciation Day. From quick and simple to most impressive that need a bit more work.

  Around this time last year, a reader, (whose name I have forgotten, sorry) wrote and asked if I had any ideas for Teacher Apreciation Gifts.  It was only then that I really becamse aware of the custom in the USA for a Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.  It’s not something formal that we have in the UK or here in Cayman. I felt bad I wasn’t able to help out with anything then, but put a note in my diary for this year.  I admit, I’m not totally sure what teachers would want to receive, but in all of my searching on the subject, it seems that handmade goods are specially valued – as they should be! So here are a few ideas I’ve put together for some things you could sew as ideal Teacher Appreciation Gifts   Teacher Appreciation Gifts … Continue reading

Comfortable road trip car pillow

Oh yes, this simple idea is what I need for those long car trips. The kids could sleep so much better wiht one of these seatbelt pillows.

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says, and I have a really easy DIY seatbelt pillow tutorial that’s perfect for car road trips. It’s made from fleece, which is perfect to personalize for kids and completely machine washable – you can use up the small scraps from this project and make a fun car activity for kids too! The little pocket can hold a phone or an ipod, so it doesn’t get stuck in the seat cushion. As always, please use your own discretion in terms of safety – I’ve seen these used with car seats and boosters but be sure to check your manual to make sure you don’t void any warranties! Supplies (2) 4.5″ Velcro strips 1/4 yard of 57″ wide fleece (perfect for raiding the remnant bin!) Poly-fill or other stuffing Coordinating thread, machine, scissors, hand sewing needle Cut … Continue reading

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