Giveaway Winner Announced PLUS Special Discount Code

Giveaway winner

Once again, we are thrilled to announce the giveaway winner of the $100 shopping voucher from! You may recall our post entitled Yes! You CAN make professional looking custom sewing labels!, where we introduced the idea of enhancing your professional profile with custom sewing labels. That post was followed by an intro to our fantastic new sponsor, with their generous $100 giveaway! And the giveaway winner is.. Congratulations to Miry S from Vallejo, CA, USA!  Miry will receive an email with the prize from the sponsor and we wish her all the best with her future creative endeavors. provides gorgeous custom clothing labels for everyone from school-sewing-moms to bespoke professional fashion designers. But that’s not the end of it, we’re also delighted to announce that decided that everyone should be a winner this month. They’ve generously provided a coupon code, … Continue reading

Tips for Choosing Fabric for Children’s Clothes

fabric for childrens clothes

All parents would agree that it’s a herculean task to maintain children’s clothes. All the chocolates and cookies that they snack on inevitably leave their mark on that pretty dress or handsome pair of pants, not to mention puddles of mud and dirt cakes. Moreover, the sensitive skin of the tiny tots may be affected by certain fabrics and textures. That’s why I’ve come up with a few simple tips to apply when selecting fabric for children’s clothes. Type of fabric: As a general rule, it’s a good idea to avoid synthetic fabric for children’s clothes because of it’s high level of chemical content, which could cause allergic reactions on their delicate skin. Try to use all natural fabric like cotton, wool and silk at all costs. For toddlers, organically grown natural fabric would be the best bet. We did a … Continue reading

The Ultimate Summertime Sewing Roundup

Summertime Sewing

Summer’s coming and the days are growing longer, you know what that means…more time for more summertime sewing projects –time for some bright new numbers or maybe time for some old numbers to take on a bright new life… Either way, time to get busy! Summertime Sewing Our focus was on getting clever, getting creative and getting back to basics with some comfy summer staples, as well as a surprise or two thrown in for the little ones. There’s everything from basics to hacks and outfits for tiny tots… even a couple of fun summer teepees for the kids to have a blast in. We love summertime and we know that the last thing you want to do is find yourself unprepared, searching the stores and coming home with second best. So we’ve put together The Ultimate Summertime Sewing Roundup, with projects … Continue reading

Small Fringed Bag Tutorial

Small Fringed Bag

Small bags are really “in” at the moment and a small fringed bag like this one is particularly fun and easy to make. A small fringed bag for me represents freedom from the overwhelming amount of things I end up carrying around inside my normal bag.  I was in a restaurant recently and my bag fell off the chair and you can imagine all the things that spilled out onto the floor.  How embarrassing!  With a bag of this size, I will only be taking the essentials –which is fine for a night out or lunch with the girls. A small bag like this is really a key part of anyone’s wardrobe.  This pattern will give you the choice of making a clutch or to hang it over your shoulder so you have some flexibility. This is a self-lined small bag which means we’re using the same … Continue reading

Big Summer Sale! 50% off all Craftsy Classes – ends June 13

craftsy summer sale

Hi All,  well, it’s that time of year again –time for the BIG Craftsy Summer Sale.  For four days only, you can get any and all classes for 50% off, and that means sunny, inspired afternoons doing exactly what you love.   ALL of their classes are included so whether it’s sewing, quilting, gardening, cooking, art, photography, knitting or more, there is sure to be a class on a subject you would be interested in learning more about. I’m actually about to embark on a major project to really upgrade the way we take and show photos on the site so I bought a couple of photography classes.  The course I bought Fundamentals of Photography is usually quite expensive –$234.99 but I saved a whopping $165 and got it for only $69.00 during this sale.  I had been wanting to get this … Continue reading

The Amazing Denim Fabric Story – Through the Years

denim fabric

If I am allowed to look inside your wardrobe, I am almost sure that you have some garments made from denim fabric neatly folded inside. And if you had the chance to read our previous article about sewing denim, you should know that the word is actually derived from the French phrase “serge de Nimes”, which literally means serge fabric made in Nimes, France –where it was originally produced. Versatile and sturdy, denim fabric is a cotton twill textile characterized by a weft passing under two or more warp fibers, producing a diagonal ribbing on the reverse side of the fabric. Woven by using different colors for the warp and weft threads, denim fabric is characterized by having different colors on its surfaces. The best example for this is the indigo denim where the warp thread is dyed blue and the … Continue reading

Vogue Sewing – Book review

vogue sewing

Vogue Sewing- Revised & Updated Edition 2006 When I was in high school, I remember learning about “the canon“.  No, not those things that go bang and kill people, (that would be a “cannon”) but rather the list of historical and important books in the English language that has pretty much defined Western Civilization.  The list contained great and ancient works like Beowulf as well as more relatively modern tomes like “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and “The Catcher in the Rye”. The list was originally mostly dominated by male authors, but in recent years, more female authors have been included with works like “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen and “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf .  Like me, I’m sure many of you read these back in high school too, but I’m not really sure if they still teach … Continue reading

Mens Pajama Shorts with Pockets – Father’s Day idea

Mens Pajama Shorts

For most men I know, nothing beats a sunny warm morning, a cup of coffee, and some good reading material by the porch, balcony or in the back yard –but hanging out there cool enough without scaring the neighbors sometimes can be a little challenging.  I’ve got two men living in my house and because it’s quite warm here, they always seem to be walking around the house in their underwear and as you can imagine, that causes problems from time to time. I wanted to give the guys an alternative, but it’s hard to find store bought mens pajama shorts that are both comfortable and stylish enough, so I decided to come with my own design that would be both.  Here are some mens pajama shorts that no one will know are pajamas and are good enough to go to the supermarket and grab … Continue reading

June Mug Rug of the Month – Seahorse Under the Sea

June seahorse mug rug

Summer is finally here and when you live along the shores of Lake Michigan, you are so happy to see it finally show up!  One of the things that have started a major creative flow of energy for me is the seahorse.  They are just so different and interesting, and so cute too.  Did you know that the males are the ones that give birth? Well, there you have it! True fact.  I’ve been waiting for this time of year so I could get my creative little hands on a seahorse! Mug rugs remain so popular! For the past couple years, they are by far my biggest pattern sellers. This is probably for many reasons. They are super easy to make, they can be made using your favorite techniques (hand or machine), they make great gifts, and they can be … Continue reading

Riding on the Cosplay Sewing Phenomenon

cosplay sewing

So what is Cosplay anyway? If the word “cosplay” sounds foreign to you, there’s nothing to worry about because this is a style of dressing that is quite unusual indeed! Cosplay is short for “Costume” and “Play” and it is the art of dressing up by imitating a character from a cartoon, comic strip, anime, manga, video game, pop culture, historical figures or other forms of visual media.  First gaining popularity in Japan, cosplay now has a number of avid followers especially in the US, Canada, Australia and many parts of Asia. Lauren Elisabeth / Cosplay sewing opportunity Although most cosplayers sew their own outfits, there are some of them who buy their costumes from online stores so cosplay sewing might be a unique business idea that will let you express your creativity and at the same time make it possible for … Continue reading