New $100 Giveaway from Ellie and Mac

We’re delighted to announce a new $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway sponsored by Ellie and Mac, an online store specializing in PDF sewing patterns and embroidery designs mainly for children’s clothes. Ellie and Mac has a huge selection and the winner can spend the $100 any way they like for any item in the Ellie and Mac web store. Over the years, we’ve written a lot about sewing, selling and how to make a living from your sewing passion.  I think Lindsey’s story about how and why she created Ellie and Mac is pretty inspiring.  Here’s how she describes it in brief: My passion for creating PDF patterns and embroidery designs is so that others are able to create stunning things for their children or to help them create a successful business that allows them to live the life they dream of … Continue reading

Subscribers to Our Sewing Videos on YouTube Reach 60K!

sewing videos on Youtube

We were particularly excited this week to learn that our YouTube Channel reached the milestone of 60,000 subscribers for our sewing videos on Youtube!  Thanks for all our readers, viewers and subscribers. We look forward to continuing to develop the channel with more sewing and sewing related content for our subscribers.  We’d love for your to join us so please feel free to subscribe. A couple of quick stats on our YouTube channel: 120 Sewing Videos on Youtube Almost 4.5 million views since we launched! More than 1 million minutes of video delivered just over the last 28 days. Average view duration is around 5 minutes which is extremely high for YouTube. Here are just a few of our most popular sewing videos on YouTube:

Bag Handles from Twisted Fabric – New Full Video Tutorial

bag handles from twisted fabric

Hi Everyone, just letting you know that we’ve posted the full video tutorial for how to Make Bag Handles from Twisted Fabric Scraps on our Youtube channel.   You can make the handles long or short depending on the style and functionality you want.  It’s totally up to you and explained fully in the video. You can also follow along and read specific instruction on our website by clicking here:  Making Bag Handles from Twisted Fabric Scraps. These handles not only work great with the popular Anti Pickpocket Bag which is featured in the video, but will compliment almost any sort of bag. Please check out the video and let me know what you think.  As always, any thumbs up on the video would be much appreciated!  Your words of support always keep us going.

Anti pickpocket bag: FREE pattern, tutorial, and video sew-along

anti pickpocket bag

This is my take on an anti pickpocket bag made of fabric with twisted handles.  I’m calling it Helsinki and here’s the backstory to this design: As many of our regular readers know, I was recently away on vacation with my family.  During the break, we managed to visit the Bernina factory in Switzerland, call in on what I’ll argue is the finest fabric shop in the world in Italy, and as a final stop, we went in search of the famous design house, Marimekko, in Finland –all of which I’ll be writing about in the near future. In any case, while we were in Finland, in supposedly one of the safest cities in the world, my teenage daughter was pick pocketed and lost her very, very expensive iPhone.  Needless-to-say, her father was none too happy about this.  The small handbag … Continue reading

Making Bag Handles From Twisted Fabric Scraps

making bag handles

Making bag handles and using fabric scraps from your stash is the aim of this tutorial.  To set the scene, it is 3 am and as usual I am working late or is it early? –I really don’t know anymore.  I realize that I do not have enough fabric for the bag I am making.  I could sew a few scraps together, but that would make it look “patch-worked.”  And I do not have the interfacing to stabilize it anyway.  I could use a thick chain, but unfortunately I don’t have one of those either.  Can’t use leather or canvas because yes, you guessed it, I don’t have that either. So I get the idea from the fabric covered beaded necklace that is hanging from the mannequin and the left over cord from the fringed bath mat.  These were both … Continue reading

Sewing Panties: Interesting new class on Craftsy

new craftsy class

We’ve done a number of very popular articles, posts, patterns and tutorials over the years about sewing panties and women’s underwear.  We’ll put a full list below.  These articles were highly Liked, shared and downloaded, so we know the topic is pretty popular with our readers.  For those who are interested in the topic, I wanted to bring your attention to a new class on Craftsy called Sewing Panties: Construction & Fit. This class covers the whole process of sewing panties from taking proper measurements to making the pattern and leads you through the whole sewing process.  In all, there is about 2 hours of high-quality video. Here’s a list of the lessons: Measuring for Panties Making the Pattern Constructing the Panties Completing the Panties Changing the Style Lines Adding Designer Details Beverly Johnson, aka the “Fairy Bra-Mother”, who teaches the … Continue reading

Sewing Classes: A Cool Business Idea

sewing classes

In the last couple of years, sewing is getting new and enthusiastic interest from kids and teens, so much so that starting a sewing classes business is becoming a cool idea!  We’ve written a lot before sewing for profit, sewing and selling and how to transform your sewing passion into something profitable.  Here’s what I think is another great sewing business idea. There is no doubt that the growing interest in sewing amongst young people is enhanced by the popularity of the long running Project Runway TV show, a popular reality TV show  where new and promising designers compete by designing and creating their own clothes. There is also a growing trend in turning old clothing into teen accessories like tote bags and the like. Plus if you’ve been browsing the internet lately, you will likely notice that there’s a subculture online … Continue reading

Sewing Vintage Clothing Has Never Been This Easy

sewing vintage clothing

Haven’t you fantasized about being a 1930’s woman wearing that elegant dress that your favorite Hollywood actress wore during her time?  Perhaps you’re looking forward to sewing your own dropped-waist dress, just like the ones which were in style during the early ‘1920s.  If so, let’s take a quick look at the possibility of sewing vintage clothing during the time of Information Technology. (See our recent article The Wandering Waistline Explained for more the dropped-waist and other vintage styles.) Patterns for Sewing Vintage Clothing are Readily Available on the Internet: When we say vintage clothing, we refer to garments that were in style between 20 and 100 years ago that are representative of their era. They are either used, manufactured, handmade or new, which means it comes from dead stock. It’s important to take note that the meaning of vintage is fluid … Continue reading

Salina: The Easy Romper I wished I had packed

easy romper

I named this easy romper Salina. In Spanish, the name means “salt pan”.  You’ll understand why in a minute and if you ever seen a salt pan, like the ones out in the desert in the western US.  Many years ago, I visited Etosha National Park in Namibia famous for its wide open views the salt pans and amazing wild animals. I vividly remember seeing the long, thin silhouettes of elegant giraffes.  They seemed like mirages, like they were almost not even there.  The lines and the shapes made them look narrower than they were.  The design of this easy romper does the same thing and makes me look narrower than I really am, and I like the optical illusion.  Believe me, at “5 feet nothing” I take all the help I can get. I wished I brought this romper with me while … Continue reading

Tracing the pillow through history

Pillow History

Remember the last time you slept without your pillow?  I know someone who simply will not travel –no matter when, no matter where– without his own pillow, (my hubby)..  The “thing weighs a ton” and enjoys a ritual:  1. spread the “thing” flat in the suitcase taking half of the available space.  2. When reaching the new location take out of the suitcase, punch it back in shape and display on the right side of the bed.  I simply can not imagine him sleeping without his favorite pillow for, as most of you women know, the man becomes the pain in the neck he’s got.  If  you’re like him you may even think about skipping sleep if you don’t have your favorite pillow.  Yes, a life without pillows is a hard life indeed and pillows covered in dainty pillowcases sure make life a … Continue reading

Getting To Know Your Own Sewing Personality

sewing personality

Sewing is considered both a skill and an art and just like the other artists, we all have our own distinct style or sewing personality, if you will.  You see, it’s just like in the art world where Pablo Picasso is different from Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo is certainly worlds apart from Vincent Van Gogh! A survey done by Dr Stian Reimers determined that it is our personalities that largely determine our preferences in art, whether we are art lovers or practitioners. The same survey shows that extroverts tend to prefer art that doesn’t endeavour to paint reality while introverts appreciate realism more. And together with experience and emotional quotient, personality drives you to prefer impressionism, abstract art, pop art, surrealism, realism or cubism and the like. So do you happen to know your own sewing personality? The Different Types of Sewing … Continue reading