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My favorite fabric marking tools – Frixion pens

Change your (sewing) life with the Frixion pen for marking on fabric. Marks well and then disappears with heat.

There are few tools in the sewing room that could be called life-changing, but Hallelujah for the Frixion Pen!  OK so maybe that’s a little over the top but I love these pens so much I just can’t stop talking about them.  Whenever I recommend a fabric marker for one of my projects, I’ll always link out the these sweeties. Alternative Fabric Markers What do you use to mark fabric?  There are a number of different ways, some more modern (and some more effective) than others: Tailors chalk?  In a variety of colors, doesn’t make a very sharp line, can be a bugger to then try to remove it without washing.  Drop it in the floor and it can break.  Tends to drag the fabric as you mark I find.  But its been used for years in all the best … Continue reading

Cutest Free Baby Shoe Patterns

Cutest Free Baby Shoes Patterns. These can be addictive to sew!

Can you think of anything cuter than baby shoes? Those tiny – often not functional – pieces of fabric would almost make me consider a baby #4… Almost that is, so for now I’ll dive into these ten too cute free baby shoe patterns just for baby gifts. They hardly take any fabric, just some puzzling with tiny pattern pieces, so it’s a great scrapbuster. Last year, I made the booties by This Heart Of Mine, perfect to keep little feet warm for fall and winter because – as promised in the tutorial – they actually stay on the little feet due to the elastic in the back. However, though these patterns and tutorials are mostly for babies, I think even my boy would love those Dragon Slippers from Made By Rae. The tutorial explains how to draft a pattern by … Continue reading

National Sewing Month – celebrate with a great giveaway!

Huge sewing giveaway for National Sewing Month over on So Sew Easy. Win a sewing machine, iron, fabric, books, thread, patterns, OTT lite, and lots more. Closes 30 Sept.

  Yay for National Sewing Month and YAY again for all the AWESOME companies who have been kind enough to donate prizes for this fabulous NSM giveaway!  Starting today and running until the end of the month, I have a fabulous selection of prizes to giveaway to celebrate, and to say a big thank you to everyone who has been following So Sew Easy this year.  I’m so very excited to be able to share this with you, thanks totally to all of the companies who have donated prizes.  Please give them your thanks and support too. I truly couldn’t do all this without you and your support, so fingers crossed that you’ll be a lucky winner.  There are two giveaways, and you can enter one or the other, but not both.  The first one is for those with a USA mailing … Continue reading

Sewing pattern copyright law – myths debunked

Do you know the law about the copyright on sewing patterns and the things you make from those patterns. Don't believe everything you read! Here are the facts.

There were a couple of articles in July that had a lot of interest, both about sewing to sell.  How to price your work and A round up of Projects that are good to sell. Good to see so many people were interested in this subject, but at the same time I got such a lot of emails telling me that it was illegal to sell things you had made from either someone else’s sewing pattern, or from licenced fabric.  Or that you had to buy a licence from the pattern designer if you wanted to sell an item made from their pattern, known as a cottage licence.  Or that if you want to make more than one item (such as 3 matching bridesmaid dresses) that you have to buy a new pattern for each person!  Sadly it only proves that … Continue reading

The Envelope Clutch Bag – free bag pattern

At last a bag pattern and tutorial for how to sew a bag that looks like you bought it. And its a free pattern too.

As much as I love fabric bags, sometimes I need something that looks, well, more plain I suppose you could say. Most of my bags are made from quilting cottons and as much as I love the designs of them all, sometimes I need a bag that can go with anything. So I set about using some new materials and playing around with a few designs to see what I could come up with The Envelope Clutch Bag is the result. It’s made from vinyl with a cotton lining, and don’t worry if you’ve heard horror stories about sewing with vinyl, it’s really not that bad.  I’ll give you a few tips to help out.  Or you can make this bag in a regular quilting cotton, or something like a micro-suede would be very cool too. Features of the Envelope … Continue reading

Oliver gets a quilt of his very own

Cat and quilts. Three-legged cat gets a quilt of his own. So sweet!

Working on quilts has proven to be difficult. The slightest rustle of fabric and Oliver is all over it, whether its at the sewing machine, being layered out on the table, laid out for photographs, or freshly out of the wash. He has truly found his happy place. Except not too happy for me when I’m trying to get things done. Here he is caught red-handed time and time again!  Only on quilts though, he never shows any interest in any of the my other sewing projects.  Skirts, dresses and bags are entirely safe. There seemed to be only one solution – make Oliver a quilt of his own, so when I’m sewing I can lay that out and keep him off my work.  Of course it makes him very happy too, so he should have a quilt of his very … Continue reading

Results of the Conference Tote Sew-Along

See all the wonderful and inspiring examples of the Conference Tote bag as sewn by the So Sew Easy readers in the recent sew-along. You can still join!

  Oh wow, talk about excitement.  Every day for 10 days, we sewed-along with the Conference Tote Bag sew-along and I just had the best time!  OK, I admit, there were a lot more people who signed up than I expected and all of the chat and emails from more than 1100 people kept me very busy all day and I had no time to sew for 2 weeks, but wow, the end results are just phenomenal and I want to share some of them with you. The sew-along officially started on 9th August and lasted for 10 days, but the sign up is still open and there are still people sewing the bag now.  It could be they signed up at the start and were waiting for materials, signed up a bit later or took a while to get started, … Continue reading

How to install a magnetic snap

Just getting started in bag making? This is the right way to install a magnetic snap, and keep it from showing wear marks on your fabric.

Hi, Vicky here – Do you love bags as much as I? I am passionate about bags. I just love how any fabric can be transformed into something new and practical. One of the simplest closures is the magnetic snap – I love them as they secure your bag but are quick to open.  Ideal if you are making a bag for anyone with manual dexterity issues. How to install a magnetic snap To insert your magnetic snapper you will need: Magnetic snap Fusible fleece scrap Fusible interfacing Seam ripper Fabric pen or similar (I use a pencil) The magnetic snap comes in two parts, the male (on the left of the photo) and the female side (on the right hand side). Due to wear and tear around the magnetic snap its a good idea to reinforce the fabric with an extra piece of fusible … Continue reading

Tips for Sewing with Vinyl

Easy tips for sewing with vinyl and how to get great results with this tricky material for excellent bag-making

  It’s been on my mind for a while now because my local fabric store has a selection of vinyl, ideally for the local boating industry, but there’s no reason I couldn’t use it to make some awesome bags.  I’d heard that vinyl was difficult to sew with so I’ve been putting it off until I could assemble the right supplies. Now there is a project on the work-table that I think you’ll love and the pattern for the bag you see above is coming soon.  Before you jump right in, here are a few tips and tricks to make sewing with vinyl and faux leathers nice and simple. Recommended supplies for working with vinyl Non-stick Teflon foot or roller foot Leather needle Wonder Clips Tips for sewing with vinyl Needles - Firstly, vinyl is thicker than cotton so we need to be mindful … Continue reading

The Pockets A-Plenty Purse – POTM

I love this flat bottom bag pattern. Takes a bit more time to sew, but totally worth the extra effort for such a great bag.

I’ve got a very special pattern for you this month.  It’s another bag, but this one is just a little bit different, with some new techniques for you to try out and a different look to most that have come before. You’ll need accurate cutting and sewing skills for this one and there is a little hand-sewing involved.  It’s worth the extra effort though to make such a pretty end result, and a bag that can be used in lots of different ways. This pouch wristlet is a must have.  It is perfect for everything you need to carry around. It’s fully lined and roomy enough for your long wallet, your smartphone etc.  The strap is optional, and this bag also makes a great cosmetics bag, because it stands up nicely by itself and has a flat base. Features of … Continue reading

Getting started in paper piecing quilts

Getting started in paper piecing. A look at beginner level to expert level paper piecing, links to free patterns.

Well, not actually a how to, just sharing how I started out with a little paper piecing.  I’ve mentioned a lady called Lucy several times now who lives in the US and comes to Cayman to scuba dive with my hubby. She’s helped me out with her long arm quilter, and while she was here last time, I insisted she give me an introductory lesson in paper piecing. Lucy makes the most amazing quilts and sometimes shares them in our sewing chat group.  Here is one of her recent ones. Blown away!  She tells me that it’s ‘easy’.  You just follow the pattern, sew along the lines on the paper and it all comes out perfectly.  Well Lucy wasn’t that familiar with my slapdash way of sewing so when I insisted she showed me how this is done, she didn’t … Continue reading