Polyester Vs. Nylon – What’s The Difference In Fashion?

Fashion and textiles have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. The evolution of fashion trends has significantly depended on the innovation of textile technology. This article will focus on two synthetic fibers, polyester and nylon, which have been instrumental in shaping the modern fashion industry. We will delve into their history, highlight … Continue reading

Estimating Extra Fabric For Pattern Matching

So you’ve got the perfect pattern and you’ve seen the perfect fabric.  Except the envelope says that you need 3.5 yards to make this dress.  THEN its says ‘extra will be needed for pattern matching’.  Your fabric has a print you’ll want to match.  So exactly how much extra fabric … Continue reading

How To Draft Your Own Facings: Customize Your Clothing

This shows you how to create your own one or two piece facings. How to make a sleeved dress sleeveless or how to make a facing intead of a lining.

Have you ever wanted to change up a favorite pattern? How about making a dress or top without the usual sleeves, or maybe skipping the collar this time?  Maybe you have a dress pattern that has a full lining and you just want to replace it with a one-piece facing … Continue reading