Craftsy Sewing with Knits review, DISCOUNT and GIVEAWAY

Today a very special offer for So Sew Easy readers as part of my Craftsy Sewing with Knits review and wrap up.

Before we get to the good stuff, I'd love to talk you through why I decided to take the course and what I made.  This is the cowl neck dress that started it all and nearly had me throwing my sewing machine out of the window.  I don't like to look up close at this dress – the stitching is bad, very bad.  And the hem, well it kept getting shorter and shorter as the machine ate the fabric over and over and I had to cut more and more off. In the end, I gave up and left the hemline unfinished!  I decided I needed help with knit fabrics…

Cowl neck dress - free pattern

So I signed up for the Craftsy Sewing with Knits course.  And I've been absolutely delighted with it. The course is taught by Meg from Sew Liberated.  Meg certainly knows her stuff, has a beautiful site and has even had a couple of books published!  And she is such a charming teacher – I love the way she is just a little nervous about being on camera and her smile is captivating.

Craftsy Sewing with Knits review

The class is split over 9 lessons with a bonus 10th lesson about how to dye fabric.  The first 3 lessons give you so much information about the types and characteristics of knit fabrics, and all of the recommended supplies, equipment and materials for making your knit projects successful.  I learned SO much just from these lessons alone.

But then we get onto the fun stuff and start to sew.  Our first project uses fleece, so that we can get used to a non-woven fabric without anything too tricky to start with.  So even though I live in the Caribbean and almost never need a fleece, I made the Fleece hoodie.


Craftsy Sewing with Knits review - the Fleece Hoodie


And I LOVED it.  Although the fabric wouldn't have been my first choice if we had a better sewing shop here, this hoodie came out with me nearly every weekend since.  It's a great warm cover up for on the boat after diving and I love that I can snuggle up and pull up the hood to keep out the wind when I am wet.  This one is a winner!  And despite being pulled on and off for ages now, not a single stitch has come away – great teaching Meg.

Once we have mastered the basics including what stitches to use, how to stabilize shoulders and seams, then on to the first of the t-shirt patterns.  The first one is a Scoop Neck t-shirt and I really gave myself a challenge with this project using a very slinky and slippery knit fabric remnant for my first attempt.

Craftsy Sewing with Knits review - the Scoop Neck t-shirt

I learned how to add an easy neck binding that lays nice and flat, and how to use a double needle and tape to seam along the bottom flawlessly (no more leaving it unfinished).  All of the patterns come free with the course, and you can make this with the short sleeves or 3/4 length or full length sleeves too.  Later in the course, Meg also tells us how to make a sleeveless tank from the same pattern.

Once I knew the pattern was a good fit and I knew what I was doing, it was very quick to run up a couple More perfect fit t-shirts.  These have become my wardrobe basics and I've got a range of them now in solids and stripes.  It's so nice to have a tried and trusted pattern which I can turn to when I want a new t-shirt that I know is going to fit me.

So Sew Easy - I sewed my own t-shirts  So Sew Easy - I sewed my own t-shirts

From there we do the slightly more complicated V-neck t-shirt.  Meg shows us how to use binding on the arms and hemline too, which gives a very nice finish and the wide band is comfortable and take the t-shirt up a notch.  We learn how to apply a binding to a V-neckline and although this is a little bit more fiddly, with Meg's instruction mine came out right first time.

Craftsy Sewing with Knits review - the V-neck t-shirt.

In this t-shirt I've added the sleeve binding, and I'm also starting to feel very confident with knit fabrics and I added some embellishment of my own.  This pattern is very adaptable, and you can add the long sleeves if you like.  The v-neck looks great in a stripe fabric.  Or how about a ruffle neckline or down the front – once you have the basic pattern the possibilities to customise are endless.

By now I'm starting to wish I had some nice fabrics to make these projects with.  But I know I'm still ‘in training' and my next trip to the USA will involve bringing back an extra case for all those lovely fabrics I'm going to buy!

Craftsy Sewing with Knits review - make a simple knit skirt.In our next lesson we come to another very adaptable pattern.  Meg shows us how to make an easy knit skirt with a turn over waistband, and I use this idea to quickly run up a skirt of my own from another remnant, without even using the pattern – my Easy knit skirt.  You can use the pattern and the techniques you learn to make a short skirt for exercise or running, a knee length skirt for the office, or even a flowing floor length maxi skirt.  Again, another wardrobe builder pattern.

And next up – another free pattern that you can make your own with so many options.

The Shorts / capri trousers / yoga pants pattern is a winner – especially when I combined it with the bubblegum pink stretch velour!  I made the shorts due to the continuing hot weather, and left out the pockets, but you could make some great lounging trousers or PJs with this pattern too, as well as yoga pants or comfy capri length pants. If you had a nice black or shimmery slinky knit, this pattern would also make some great glamorous evening pants.

Sewing with Knits - bubblegum pink stretch velour yoga shorts from So Sew Easy.


By now our class is nearly over  🙁  There is one last project and we take all of the techniques were have learned over the course to make a Wrap front dress or tunic.  Meg and most of the class participants make a surplice dress with a crossover front and it looks so comfy and flattering – but I always like to change things up a little and this pattern is no exception.  Like all of the free patterns in the class – it's just so easily adaptable.  So here is my cross-over tunic.

Craftsy Sewing with Knits - the final class project. A cross-over dress/tunic from So Sew Easy.

So to round up my review – 5 Stars for sure.  And don't just take my word for it – look at all the wonderful projects made by the other class members on the Class Projects Page.

So now the moment you've all been waiting for (I bet you scrolled through all the stuff above without looking!) – the very special offers from Craftsy.


Exclusive discount

Thank you so much to Craftsy for offering So Sew Easy readers an exclusive discount on the Sewing with Knits class.  Click the button below to go to our own special page with 25% off the cost of the class!  Yippee – thank you so much Craftsy team.

25% off Sewing with Knits

Good news for So Sew Easy readers - in return for this class review, Payhip have offered you all an exclusive discount off the Sewing with Knits course - get 25% off using this direct link.

Disclosure – I bought the course myself and am not being compensated in any way from Craftsy for this course review. I really love the Craftsy classes and negotiated this special rate and giveaway for your benefit.  I am an affiliate so will receive a commission if you buy this course using my special discount link.



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Sian Griffin
Sian Griffin

Hi DebyHi Deby,
I would love to make your Wear Everywhere dress .
I can access your tutorial but am unable to locate the link to the pattern.
Would it be possible to send me the link?
Many thanks

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Sian Griffin

Hello Sian, Deby is no longer with , it is s free pattern all you need to do is click on the download button. You need adobe reader in order to print the pattern.

Reply to  Mayra Cecilia



Love your stuff. i am very new to sewing and have just printed the wrap dress pattern call me stupid but i cannot work out how to put the pattern pieces in the right order…….help i really love this dress

Robin Martin
Robin Martin

Awwww, Deby! No worries, mate! Your site is tops, and it will sell itself. Don’t you worry. You will be ok. Don’t go back to the “old familiar”. You just keep doing what you are doing, and you will be fine, mate. You have what it takes. 🙂


Thanks! More cotton knits on the way to my house so I can try, try again. You definitely have one of the most useful, helpful sewing blogs around today.


I took this class at your suggestion – I’m halfway through. I made the fleece and my family laughs at me for the way it poufs out at the sides. I think it’s ok. Then I tried the shorts. Made the medium and they were too small. Measured the large waist band and it seemed too small, so I made the shorts again in X large (using the same fleece material because I overbought so much based on what she recommended to buy) and they were huge. I want to go back and make the t shirts but I concerned about the sizing. I made the fleece in a medium and if fits but I probably could make the large. Just got frustrated after my shorts were a disaster. Yours look great. Sizing is a huge problem for me. The sewing is fine, but the things I make never fit. Very frustrating.


I’m thinking of taking this class. Can you tell me what sizes the included patterns are? Post baby things don’t fit like they used to. 🙂 And I don’t want to sign up if the patterns are going to be too small. Thanks so much!


Thank you Deby! That’s very helpful and will fit just fine.

Merry Mary
Merry Mary

Just read this post after clicking through a link you gave me in the comments section for your fabulous wrap dress. O.M.Gosh. I not only can’t believe you did those shirts on a regular sewing machine, I am FLOORED that they look so professionally made! (Wait, that wasn’t a judgment of your sewing skills! I just never thought I could make knits look as good as the ones I pay through the nose to get through J.Jill!) Am off to buy this course. 😀

Heather Feather
Heather Feather

I love sewing with knits! Awesome discount and giveaway!

Emily T

Wow your knits turned out great! I’m definitely scared of them, but you made it look easy. Did you use a serger?

Chelle Chapman
Chelle Chapman

Hello Deby, I have stalked your blog for quite some time now & feel the need to tell you, “you have the BEST figure”!!! My figure used to look JUST like yours before suffering from a fall down some stairs a few years ago. I ran about 5 miles every day & worked out 3 x’s a week. I just couldn’t let another day of stalking, learning on/from your blog w/o saying how GREAT you look!!! Also, I have looked at this course for a while & NOW am convinced I NEED to get it!!! Thank you for such an awesome review, Craftsy must be over the moon about you! Have a FABULOUS day!

Sally from Sally's Angelworks
Sally from Sally's Angelworks

Great review!!! I have been eyeing this class for sure. Gorgeous pieces you’ve made!!!

Remona Gopaul

Great projects. I have had the hardest time sewing with knits but you make it look so easy.


looks like a great class… I’m very tempted…thanks for sharing.


Now this looks like fun! I haven’t taken a sewing with knits class since the early 70’s (I know, I’m older than dirt….lol) and had a sewing machine that had one foot and only did a straight stitch. I just might consider taking this course. Your pieces all look so cute!


All your sewing projects turned out so nicely! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

Allison @ The Golden Sycamore

So impressive! Oh, how I wish I could sew! 😉


Deby you did a great job. You really paid attention in class – everything looks A+!


Thanks for sharing I think I may just take up that class all your projects look fab!