Halloween Costumes for Adults: 15 FREE Sewing Patterns

Halloween Costumes for AdultsSo the kids have costumes to wear.  What about you?

Pretty much as soon as we published our recent roundup of Halloween Costumes for Kids, the adults started to write in and ask what ideas we had for them.  Many grownups have Halloween work functions to attend or just want to dress up for the occasion perhaps to put a scare into the neighbors kids like I do..  So we decided to have a quick look around and see if we could find some good ideas and here are our picks for Halloween costumes for adults.

In this roundup, you'll find some really fun ideas like a Mermaid, Bat Wings, Mr. Potato Head or even a Jedi.  I'm confident you'll find something you like!

halloween costumes for adults

How about a party dress as an alternative?

While not strictly a costume, a party dress may be a good option if you're not keen on dressing up as a ghoul or something like that.  Here's a fun idea you might try if you have a Halloween event to attend.

See This Project

And don't forget your hat.

In case you missed it, we recently published a tutorial for a Halloween Witch Hat Pattern.  For the brave amongst you and if you really want to stand out, it would go pretty well with the party dress

Witch Hat Pattern

See This Project

Halloween Costumes for Adults: 15 FREE and Fun Sewing Patterns

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In case you missed them, here are 40+ ideas for the kids


halloween costumes for kids

See This Roundup

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Olivia Morrissette
Olivia Morrissette

Thank you, Mayra! I’ve been planning to make a costume for my dog, but never even thought about making costumes for my husband and me. This is a terrific head start. Thanks so much for going to all the trouble!