50+ FREE Kimono Sewing Patterns: Fun & Easy Projects

kimono sewing patterns

Kimonos are fantastic to both sew and wear

The kimono is originally from Japan. The word for this traditional garment literally means (ki: wear + mono: object = “worn object“, or “object that is worn”). It is usually some sort of a full-length robe.

Today, kimonos are worn all around the world and many designers have used this traditional concept as the base of comfortable and practical new designs.

Kimonos a usually pretty simple to sew so if you're a beginner sewist they make great first garment projects. You'll find some fun and easy designs below.

I really hope you enjoy this collection of free kimono sewing patterns as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

kimono sewing patterns

Here's one of our own kimono creations you might want to have a look at. There a fun intro story to this free kimono top sewing pattern that you may want to check out!

While you might not be able to wear this yourself. Here's another kimono-inspired onesie for your or a friend's baby.

Kimono Sewing Patterns Roundup

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13 Responses to 50+ FREE Kimono Sewing Patterns: Fun & Easy Projects

  1. Ben says:

    These look great but they look more like cardigans then kimonos. Which was disappointing when I was looking for kimono patterns.

  2. Mrs. Cross says:

    These look so comfortable.

  3. Karen Harrison says:

    I cant see how to download the patterns? Am I missing something?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      HI Karen, Click on the pictures it will take you the different sites, let me know if you find a link that is no longer available.

  4. Swann Tang says:

    Its wonderful to make my own kimono

  5. Valencroix says:

    Many thanks

  6. Patty Pritchett says:

    I wish I could find a plus size Kimono that truly wraps over the body front fully to use as a robe. I am pear shaped, so need one where the lower portion of the garment is gathered below either the bust or waist so when I sit, the overlap on lower front does not gap open. I will probably have to design my own pattern. I am 2x in the bust, but tend to wear a 5x in pajama pants, though I am really between a 3x and 4x in waist and hips. I’m partially disabled and in constant pain so comfort is paramount.

    • Joan Detherow says:

      Get the 5x pattern and add elastic or gathering to the top of the sleeves so it will fit your shoulders.

      • pattyprit says:

        I appreciate the help, but I’ve gone that route on tees after losing 75 lbs. It’s not very flattering and gets too bulky in the top. I’m going to make a Kimono using a pattern for my bust measurement, cut it off at the waist and add gathered fabric from the waist down, with plenty of overlap when belted. Have to tackle the mending pile first!

  7. Sultana Munni says:

    I like this project

  8. Aslam Palani says:

    great and easy

  9. Patti Teeters says:

    Love the kimonos. Thanks.

  10. Ginette Desjardins says:

    I love those pattern

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