50+ FREE Kimono Sewing Patterns: Fun & Easy Projects

kimono sewing patterns

Kimonos are fantastic to both sew and wear

The kimono is originally from Japan. The word for this traditional garment literally means (ki: wear + mono: object = “worn object“, or “object that is worn”). It is usually some sort of a full-length robe.

Today, kimonos are worn all around the world and many designers have used this traditional concept as the base of comfortable and practical new designs.

Kimonos a usually pretty simple to sew so if you're a beginner sewist they make great first garment projects. You'll find some fun and easy designs below.

I really hope you enjoy this collection of free kimono sewing patterns as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

kimono sewing patterns

Here's one of our own kimono creations you might want to have a look at. There a fun intro story to this free kimono top sewing pattern that you may want to check out!

While you might not be able to wear this yourself. Here's another kimono-inspired onesie for your or a friend's baby.

Kimono Sewing Patterns Roundup

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  1. Valencroix says:

    Many thanks

  2. Patty Pritchett says:

    I wish I could find a plus size Kimono that truly wraps over the body front fully to use as a robe. I am pear shaped, so need one where the lower portion of the garment is gathered below either the bust or waist so when I sit, the overlap on lower front does not gap open. I will probably have to design my own pattern. I am 2x in the bust, but tend to wear a 5x in pajama pants, though I am really between a 3x and 4x in waist and hips. I’m partially disabled and in constant pain so comfort is paramount.

  3. Sultana Munni says:

    I like this project

  4. Aslam Palani says:

    great and easy

  5. Patti Teeters says:

    Love the kimonos. Thanks.

  6. Ginette Desjardins says:

    I love those pattern

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