How to make fur pompom earrings: an easy tutorial

fur pompom earringsThis is an easy tutorial and a quick project on how to make fur pompom earrings.  I love to learn while making, so I thought you might enjoy an easy way to make pompoms.  In my post last week I used four fur pompoms attached to a piece of string to lace up the fur boots.  It is the same technique I used when I made the fur scarf with pompom.

This time, however, I will show you how to make a pair of lovely earrings to stuff your stocking.  This is also a great way to use your fur scraps.  I don't know about you, but faux fur is so expensive I feel terrible throwing even a few inches away.  As it turns out, you only need a couple of one and a half inch squares of scrap to accomplish this pair of fur pompoms earrings.


fur pompoms earringsTools:

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Sharp pointy scissors or a fur blade
  • A bottle cap or a rounded object to trace the circle

How to make the fur pompoms earrings

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your chain.  If you bought the extension chains you will not need to do anything since they come with a jump ring and either a heart or a lobster claw. Mine has a small heart but if yours have a lobster claw and if you do not like it just stick it inside the fur pompoms and no one will be able to see it.

Attach the chain to the earring stud ring. Open the jump ring away from you, never left to right. fur pompoms earringsYou should end up with something like this. fur pompoms earrings

Trace a circle that is 1.5 to 2″ in diameter.  I am using a 1.5″ diameter bottle top.fur pompoms earringsCut the fur following the technique described in this tutorial.  You will need to read this article to achieve success in making any fur project.

sewing with furfur pompoms earrings

Thread your needle with at least 14″ of the thread.  Tie a knot at the end.

Use a running stitch around the circle 1/8″ from the edge.fur pompoms earrings

Pull the thread making the circle close.  Place a small amount of polyester filling, plastic bag scraps or cotton ball inside the circle before you close it up to make the stuffing of the pompom.fur pompoms earrings

Pull the thread closing the fur pompom and sew a couple of stitches.fur pompoms earrings

Pass the needle through the jump ring or the link before the heart.

Sew the jump ring securing it to the top of the fur pompom.fur pompoms earrings(Pardon me, but my mat it is looking worse for wear..)  Below is what you should have and all it took was 15 minutes to make this pair of earrings. fur pompoms earringsHere's a pinnable summary of these simple instructions.

fur pompoms earrings

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Muhammad Holly
Muhammad Holly

I live in the Arctic. Everyone here wears real fur. You would die of exposure in the winter without it. It is hunted traditionally, the animals are honored and nothing goes to waste. To the point of having fridge magnets with fur trim!
I love how you have no issue being judgmental slamming the use of fur from your smart phone! Oh right, mining is fantastic for the environment! LOL ??? wow

Reply to  Muhammad Holly

Continued awareness of our traditional values, our way of gathering, no waste, never take more than you can use. Particularly with harvesting. Ignorance of how we live and hunt to survive and use the whole animal to eat, to craft, to earn our living is hard to help people understand. For example, we don’t kill our polar bear or hunt any bear. If the bear becomes a threat by breaking into our small schools, getting into our food storage (that we put up all year) Then and only then it would have to be put down. Then we honor the bear and utilize what we can. This only one example. Come to Alaskan villages and see how we subsist (live) and experience our values, try to live in the artic in the winter and wear a faux fur coat and see how you will die of cold because it will not keep you warm.

G.Bhagya laxmi
G.Bhagya laxmi



Since I read this, I have been on a faux fur pom pom making spree!
Finally getting my scrap fur pile down.
All different sizes. My daughter and her friends love them.

Only problem is my desk at work is getting very furry now. 🙂

Monique Segers
Monique Segers

REALLY Fur, when all these petitions go around, showing us, how ‘fur’ is from innocent animals, that are tortured and slaughtered. Sorry but this is a definite no-go.
Disappointed on this.

So Sew Easy
Active Member
Reply to  Monique Segers

Hi Monique, no need to panic. We only ever write about sewing with faux fur. I guess our regular readers would have read so much about sewing with faux fur that we don’t repeat this every time. We share your views on real fur. Thanks in any case for the feedback and kind regards.

Reply to  Monique Segers

Are you fully aware of these petitions you are signing and who is paying or lobbying. No Alaskan would ever over harvest or under harvest. We respect, honor our animals. I have worked in Tribal environmental programs and have signed petitions to let Alaska Natives to be a part of the harvesting decisions as to keep balance. We have been successful to a certain extent in keep non native poacher from disrespecting our anmals. Also to bring awareness in our planet Alaska. You might be intested in knowing that faux fur is made primarily with plastics and causing harm to animals, oceans, not to mention the pollutants to make faux fur inbulk factories (poor little Asian children working so hard to make that faux fur). Here’s a little informative article you might learn from on impacts of faux fur:
Research revealed that faux fur is primarily made of plastic, a material that is obviously harmful to the environment. In addition, these faux fur pieces fall apart easily and quickly end up in landfills. Then, they literally just sit there.