Micro Boston Bag Pattern – Using Your Scraps

micro boston bagThis is the Micro Boston Bag pattern, a great way to use your scraps so you don't have to go shopping.

micro boston bag

To tell you the truth, I don't know what to think about this virus anymore.  It's hard to tell what's true or not.  But, just in case, I am staying home.  This means I am forced to take a hard look at my fabric stash and come up with a project that requires using what I have on hand.

micro boston bagBoy, do I have a lot of fabrics, perhaps too much.  Some people (my husband) might say this statement is true.  I may have to begrudgingly agree.

micro boston bagThankfully I found some interesting materials for this micro Boston bag pattern. It requires very little fabric, in fact, the pattern is only one page.

micro boston bagI have used two different materials, oilcloth, and a scrap of vinyl for upholstery.

Micro Boston bag pattern

This micro Boston bag measurements are Height 4″, Width is 4 1/2″ and Depth is 1 3/8″so it is large enough for some keys, cash, notes and a couple of cards.  Hang it from your handbag or your belt.

micro boston bag

micro boston bag


  • 8″ X 12″ of oilcloth, faux leather, Kraftex, leather or canvas (see recommendations below)
  • Needle size 80
  • Thread to match
  • 7″ zipper
  • 4 rivets
  • Double-sided tape or glue


Sewing Level:  Advanced Beginner

It is imperative that you read this article about Sewing Cures Successfully first.

Sewing Curves Successfully – Joining Rounded Shapes

NOTE:  The following instructions are for fabrics that do not need interfacing, use the fabrics suggested on the list of materials and the amazon suggestions below.

Fabric Suggestions from Amazon

How To Print Your Micro Boston Bag Pattern:

This is a one-page pattern. Use Adobe Reader, a free download, to display and print the pattern.  Print on Landscape and use the Actual Size setting.  Do not scale at all.

How To Download Your PDF Pattern

We're going to continue to use the new PayHip Webstore to distribute our patterns. As most readers know, Craftsy (Bluprint now) is closing and they have stopped designers like us from publishing new patterns on their site, so we've had to move to another service.

Our patterns are still free, but now you now have the option of making a small contribution if you like our work! We'd really appreciate it and it will help is keep going with new and fun designs like this. Even a dollar or two really goes a long way.  Maybe you don't know it takes an average of 26 hours of work to make a post and that does not include a video.

Thanks so much in advance for helping us out.  You can use any credit card and you don't need to have a PayPal account, although you can certainly use one if you have one.

Pattern Download

Download HERE

Sewing Instructions

Step One:  Sew the trim to the front and back


Step Two:  Making and attaching the handles

Apply double-sided tape to the edge.  Fold towards the center then sew the edges.

Apply glue or double-sided tape to the end of the handles and attach the rivets.

Step Three: Sewing the zipper and sewing the gusset 

Trace the zipper placement from your pattern onto the back of your faux leather or vinyl scrap.

Apply double-sided tape to the around the stitching line of the zipper.

Turn the zipper opening making sure you follow a straight line.

Apply double-sided tape around the opening.

Fold the zipper tabs in half and glue then at the end of the zipper tape.

Then apply the zipper.

Sew the gusset to form a band at 3/8″.  This band is the gusset of this micro Boston Bag pattern.

Step Four:  Attaching the Gusset

Mark the middle of the front bag piece, and align the stitching line with the center of the front piece.  Sew at 1/8″.

The key to sewing the band around a corner is to leave the needle down at the corner and pivot your work so it takes the shape of a corner.  Remember to read the tutorial on how to sew curves even though this is not exactly a curve you will find a few tips that will help you finish this project successfully. This will challenge any beginner but you will greatly further your sewing skills.  I think this warrants a separate tutorial.  Do let me know in the comments sections below.

This micro Boston bag pattern is the perfect project to reduce your scrap pile, catch up on your gift list, add to a market stall offering, or like me if you are compelled to keep your hands busy while listening to some music because you can't leave home.  I am under self impose quarantine and have only left the house to pick my daughter from school for more than a week now.  Soon the schools here in Chile will probably all go online, then I won't be going out at all.  If I had to stay here for the rest of the year and never catch the virus I would definitely do it.

micro boston bag

Join me next week when I will be sharing with you easy clothes to make and wear in case you have to look after someone sick at home and you need to change clothes after leaving the room.  Stay safe and well, sending many blessings from Chile.

Need another micro project? Check out this little number, the Mini Backpack Coin Purse Pattern.

Mini Backpack Coin Purse Pattern – FREE and Easy!

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Sharon Baker
Sharon Baker

Love this! If one doesn’t have the rivets, what do you suggest?


This has to be one of the cutest “little” bag patterns I’ve seen. Take care from Eastern Canada

Jacquie Tinch
Jacquie Tinch

Cute bag, my granddaughters will love it.

You are making the wisest choice, if you can, stay at home. If you don’t meet people, you won’t catch it. If you don’t catch it, you can’t spread it.


This is adorable but I have a question… is the first part of step 2 supposed to be part of step 1?

Peggy Cleary
Peggy Cleary

So cute! I definitely have materials on hand for this! I am so glad your free patterns are coming direct from you again.

About COVID-19, advice has changed as more has been learned about how it spreads, so follow the most recent guidelines issued by the medical experts, not politicians!


Love this cute purse! Thanks for sharing the pattern! I’m putting a shoulder strap on mine rather than handles. Stay well and happy sewing:)