Paper Bag Pants Pattern – Dressing With Comfort Made So Easy

paper bag pants pattern

The paper bag pants pattern is a favorite of casual chic dressers.  It is a super easy project perfect for sewing over the weekend.  If you pair it with a cardigan and booties, vans shoes or sandals it is sure to become your favorite outfit when you are hoping to look cool but not overdressed.  For me, it is my Sunday afternoon casual look and was my favorite pair when I was expecting with two kids.

paper bag pants pattern

Two pockets in the front will ensure you can carry a few things like your phone and wallet.  It is also great for posing for pictures if that is important to you, I just love to place my hands inside my pockets when I am standing around.

paper bag pants pattern

The elastic waistband gives you room for a curvy bum or gives shape to a flat one.  Two pockets in the front and a belted waistband to tie your pants around your waist, tapered legs that fall just above your ankles round up this very comfortable design.

paper bag pants pattern

Experience level: Confident beginner


  • 1.5 to 2 yards of cotton, cotton blend, Linen, Tencel, lightweight corduroy fabric but my favorite wool super 100 for size 16 use a woven fabric with 6-10% stretch
  • Thread to match
  • 1.5″wide elastic as wide as your waist
  • 2 X 1″ grommets
  • 2 small pieces of fusible interfacing the size of the grommets.
  • 2 yards of satin or make your own tie using the same fabric


All tools are ideal but not essential

Fabric Suggestions From

Pattern Layoutpaper bag pants pattern

Pattern Download

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Download the Free Pattern

You can download the pattern for these Paper Bag Pants from our account at Payhip.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

Sizing Guidance

Pattern suits Body Sizes from 6 to 16.

How To Print And Assemble Your Pattern

Use Adobe Reader, Landscape Mode, and Actual Size to print the pattern.  You do not need any other program to print this pattern.

Note:  The waistband, hem allowance, and seam allowance are not included in the pattern.

How To Sew Your Paper Bag Pants

This paper bag pants pattern has no seam allowance so you need to add them yourself.

Step One:  Sewing The Slanted Pockets

These pants have slanted pockets.  All slanted pockets are sewn the same way.

Print side up of the front of the pants.  Print side down of side A pocket.  Turn iron and top stitch.

paper bag pants pattern

paper bag pants pattern

paper bag pants pattern

paper bag pants pattern

paper bag pants pattern

paper bag pants pattern

Align Pocket Side B print side down with Side A and stitch around the pocket. 

Use the serger or your sewing machine as I did to seal or clean the seams.

paper bag pants pattern

Step Two:  Joining The Legs Together

Here is the way I prefer to sew the legs of any pair of pants.  Front sides with prints together, sew from the waistband to the crotch but stop about 2″ from the end. Repeat the same on the backsides.

paper bag pants pattern

paper bag pants pattern

Sew the sides and the inner thighs. Use your serger to clean the sides and the inner thighs.

paper bag pants pattern

Finally, finish sewing the crotch.

Step Three:  Making The Waistband

paper bag pants pattern

Measure the circumference of the waistband.   

You will need these measurements to cut the fabric needed for the waistband X 8″ plus the seam allowance.

paper bag pants pattern

Fold the waistband and sew the sides together.

paper bag pants pattern

Fold the waistband from top to bottom. Mark the placement of the grommets on the front side of the waistband.  Each grommet will be located at the sides of the seam allowance two inches from the folded edge.

paper bag pants pattern

Apply the fusible interfacing where the grommets are to be placed.

paper bag pants pattern

If you do not know how to place grommets here is a tutorial for you.

paper bag pants pattern

Fold the waistband then sew a stitching line on top of the grommets 1 3/4″ from the folded edge.

paper bag pants pattern

Align the grommets to the front of the pants and sew the waistband to the pants leaving a small opening so you can insert the elastic.

paper bag pants pattern

paper bag pants pattern

Using a bodkin or a safety pin insert the elastic.  Sew the elastic then close the waistband.  Use your serger to clean the seam allowance.

Step Four:  Hem The Pants

The best way to hem pants is using a blind hem or by hand.

All that remains to be done is make the pants tie using a 3/4″ satin ribbon or make your own using a strip of fabric from the pants.

To make your own tie, cut a strip of fabric the circumference of the pants plus 20″ plus seam allowance.

paper bag pants pattern

And you're done!  Please enjoy wearing these beautiful and comfortable pants.  Happy sewing!

paper bag pants

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32 Responses to Paper Bag Pants Pattern – Dressing With Comfort Made So Easy

  1. Jane says:

    Mmmh, I’ve tried to make a muslin out of the pattern. I’m pear shaped (high waist 85cm and hips 107cm) and I thought it would fit well. The general shape looks good and the legs are fine, but I’m not sure about the sizes, I’m between 60 and 65kg and size 16 (the biggest available) is really too small.
    In case that helps others: for me at least, I think it would work better with a lot more space for the bottom at the back. The curve going from the crotch to the waist is really steep on the pattern.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Thanks for your feedback Jane, very much appreciate it and yes it will be very useful for people who will consider making these pants. I suggest next time to measure the pattern before you cut the fabric to make sure it will fit your body. Kind Regards,

  2. Catherine Wood says:

    I am looking forward to making these but need some help. You say they are for size 6-16 would it be possible to give the waist size for the different sizes please also I take it that the inside solid black line is size 6 then the dotted green line is size 8 so on. I am thinking of adding a 1cm seam allowance would this be enough, also what hem allowance would you recommend? I have not made any clothes for many years and I am going to start again so I am a beginner at the moment.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      HI Katherine, I am at the farm without a way to check the pattern, I do noticed there are no sizing chart for this pattern, so I see why you are confused and reluctant to try. The pattern is a semi fitted pants where the hips and the waist are the same size, then you attach the waistband and elastic. The person who can wear this pants is am hourglass with 10 to 8 inches of diference between the hips and waist. If you have slightly larger waist it will work as long as you do not have more of your weight concentrated on the thighs. As soon as I can I will included a size chart for this pants. Kind regards,

  3. Pingback: Linky Thursday | StacySews

  4. Marcia Gold says:

    This pattern is probably great for women who have small waists and large hips.
    I unfortunately have a 30″ waist and 36″ hips. With a ruffled waist band I’m pretty sure I’d look like a perfectly straight column…
    Nonetheless, I have downloaded many very useful patterns from Sew So Easy and am very thankful that I joined!!
    Thank you Mayra!!!

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      HI Marcia, Thank you for joining and welcome. I will be sharing by Genie Pants, double layered silk outside and knit inside, this style will be very good for you.

  5. reidsfabric says:

    Sorry think these are very unflattering

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Unflattering? Perhaps for some but not for all. There are two types of woman who can wear this pants the slim figured and the one the would looks best must have a diference of 10″ to 8″ between your hips and waist. In other words an hourglass figure.

  6. Nathalie Brault says:

    hi there, I’m a size 3X and I don’t seem to see anything for that size do you have thise pattern in that size cause it is so beautiful and I think it would look great in linen,
    Please let me know

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Natalie, I do not because I dont have a way to test them. would you be willing to do it for me? Let me know. Need to be an hourglass or a pear shape. Thanks!

  7. Karla says:

    Is there a size chart for this pattern somewhere that I am missing?

  8. Tia says:

    I’m washing my fabric just now, but will sew a pair of shorts first to check the fit without using so much fabric. Now I have to choose from my stash….

  9. Jacquelyn Vogel says:

    I would love to sew these pants but I have a thick waist. Would these look good or awful on me?

  10. Charisse says:

    great pattern been trying to make this for a while. Is there any size chart to guide me on the sizes?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      HI Charisse the pattern is drafted in sizes 6, 8 , 10, 12, 14 and 16. it is quiet roommy at the top tapered at the bottom. Use a fabric that drapes well and you will have a pair of pants that are stylish yet comfortable.

  11. Daphne Baum says:

    These pants are so cute , and b I love linen. However I am a gig girln, a good 2 or 3x. Do you ever do plus s I zest of cute clothes ?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      I would like to, but I am in need of pattern testers if you are interested do send me an email and I will send you a form to fill so I can add you to the group.

  12. Candace says:

    Thanks for the pattern. I don’t see the measurements for the sizes? Where are they hiding?

  13. bloosmartie says:

    I have just bought some fabric thinking I would make some paper bag trousers, perfect timing!

  14. Saja MuQaribu Miller says:

    Going to try this one.I made a similar skirt like it.

  15. Susanne A says:

    I cant find the link for the Craftsy site download. 🙁

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