The Sweatpants That Are Not Just For Sweating

sweatpants pattern

These sweatpants are the second pattern on our Workout Wardrobe storyboard collection and they are not just for sweating as I will demonstrate in the months to come.

The fit of the pattern is not the trend of these days which is for thick leggings with pockets.  These sweatpants are more in the traditional (read practical) style and have more room around the legs without being floppy.  With pockets large enough for your phone, they are certainly not the tight leggings that many are sporting today.  But I think you'll find them very comfortable as well as presentable for that quick trip to the store, and not to mention the gym…

These sweatpants are to be worn one inch over your belly button which is the ideal place to avoid the dreaded muffin top look.  The making of this pair of sweatpants is very easy, so I will say that the project is suitable for the advanced beginner.  It is similar in construction to the pajama pants we did last year.  That tutorial has a video and this sew along has a step by step instructions on how to sew the slant pockets so you can follow the same instructions there about how to sew the pockets.

sweatpants pattern

You should know by now that we are pushing the use of an overlocker because it really speeds up the process and makes for a better finish.  If you use one, no one will be able to tell you to made this garment.  It will look just like the pros!  However, you definitely don't need one for this project.  It's just a good next step in your sewing journey if you're ready for it.

So let's start, and as always the best thing to do is to measure yourself and pay attention to the finished garments measurements below.  These measurements are a better indication than the size of how the sweatpants will fit on your body.

sweatpants pattern

Pattern Layout

sweatpants pattern

Finished Garment Measurements

 Size Waist (inches) Hips (inches)
 6  28  46
8 29 47
10 31 48
12 33  49
14 35 51
16 36 53
18 37 55
20 39 57
22 41 1/2 59
24 43 1/2 61


  • Cotton Fleece or Jersey knit 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 yards (see recommendations below)
  • Thread to match
  • 2″ Elastic enough to go around your waist
  • Nylon or cotton cord


  • Kam or eyelet tool 
  • Two (2) grommets (eyelet + washer)
  • Walking foot if you do not have an overlocker.
  • Optional Stretch Twin Needle (use Schmetz)
  • Bodkin or safety pin (Don't forget to read our recent article on Bodkins!)

Fabric Suggestions from Amazon:

sweatpants pattern

Where are the instructions and pattern for the sweatpants?

To keep page load times fast, we divide long tutorials like this one into multiple pages.  You can find the page numbers below the sharing buttons at the bottom of this and subsequent pages.  Just click the next page to progress through the tutorial.

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I love this pattern but it’s frustrating how big it is. Why is the smallest size 6? I love your tutorials but I made the after hours blouse and I cut size small but it was way too big. It would be great if this website had actual smalls.

Julienne Yueh
Julienne Yueh


I’ve struggled so much with this pattern, as this is my first pair of pants. The video doesn’t show how to put the separate waistband together. The video shows her folding down the top of the pants. But this pattern has a separate waistband piece that needs to be attached, with elastic. Is there a different video that shows this? And how you hide the seam allowance after stitching about layers of the waistband and pants together… help!

gregory anderson
gregory anderson

I was sad to find your print function does not include the tutorial for assembling this pattern. Wow.
This is a great pattern though. Thank you.

Julienne Yueh
Julienne Yueh

Thank you for the pattern! But where do it put the pockets? I’m not sure where to sew the back pocket. And for the front, do I leave a seam allowance along the top for the waistband? Pictures look like the pocket is aligned with raw edge of top of waistband. Please help!

Wykrój na spodnie dresowe ~


Julienne Yueh
Julienne Yueh

Thank you for this pattern! Can I make the waistband out of supplex fabric, without adding elastic? Do you know how much ease I should add to do this? Thanks!


Thank you Mayra, I look forward to making these pair of sweat pants.

Mary Therriault
Mary Therriault

I am so happy to see a pattern for “traditional “ sweatpants! I don’t want the skinny joggers!

Piper Mitchell
Piper Mitchell

I can’t seem to find the video? I tried clicking the link and it sent me to a different video. I also checked the youtube channel, but I still have yet to find the video. Could you maybe tell me where to find the video, if it still exists?