Fun sock animal sewing patterns

Great collection of all sorts of sock animals to sew. The sock monkey of course, but lots of other patterns too for other animals.

Having designed simple clothing patterns myself, I have the greatest admiration for those who create patterns for 3d items such as soft toys and dolls. Visualizing how something flat such as fabric or a paper pattern, can be turned into something 3 dimensional is a skill indeed. That’s why I love sock monkeys and all the other sock toys you see. I just can’t get my head around how a simple pair of socks can be turned into something so awesome.  How they can take all those funny shaped parts of a sock such as the toe and the heel and use them to create faces, bodies and fun personalities. I’ve been collecting some sock toy ideas for a while now, but without a sock shop here, (no one wears socks, it’s too hot), they’ll just sit here on my computer … Continue reading

Quick and Simple Spring / Easter Baby Bibs

Next in the seasonal baby bib series, I created some quick Easter and Spring designs. As I mentioned in the Valentine’s post, if you don’t have a baby to sew for, these silhouettes can be used for a multitude of other projects! They would be cute on a t-shirt too! To make your own Spring or Easter baby bib, you will need: The Pattern a couple of large scraps of fabric a couple of small scraps of fabric (for the appliques) matching thread freezer paper (optional – If you have never used freezer paper before, check out my freezer paper tips!) Heat N Bond Lite scissors sewing machine How to sew a Spring / Easter baby bib [Note: for more photos of each of the steps, check out the Christmas bib tutorial too!] Cut two of the baby bib (mirrored). Note: seam allowance is not included in the pattern. Cut around the pattern, including … Continue reading

Easter bunnies to sew

More than 30 sewing patterns, tutorials and inspiration for Easter Bunnies to sew.

It’s that time of year to celebrate the passing of winter, the end of the long dark months and the coming of Spring.  Our gardens are bursting into bloom, we see more of the sunshine and a drive through the countryside is full of the joys of new fresh leaves on the trees, and baby lambs scampering around in the fields. Spring is here, and with it, Easter.  Whether you celebrate it as a religious festival or just enjoy it as a celebration of Spring and an excuse to eat chocolate, the Easter Bunny is a prominent symbol of this time of year. photo credit: Lambs via photopin   Here is an interesting article about how the pagan Goddess of Spring and Fertility was accompanied by a hare, and how the hare emerged as the Easter Bunny. It also tells … Continue reading

Learn to Sew a Circus Quiet Book (Part 1)

Blown away! Love the idea of this circus quiet book. Love felt activity books anyway, but this circus series looks amazing.

Welcome! It’s Alicia here again, from Felt With Love Designs. Last month, I started the “Learn to Sew a Quiet Book” series with “What is a quiet book?” For the next few months, I will lead you through creating a few pages I have designed. Each post will contain a full tutorial and free pattern and the last post will end with details on binding options, care and maintenance, etc. I have designed all the pages around a circus theme, with simple activities, to introduce you to the art of building quiet books. If you are interested in more options, check out our quiet book archive. Supplies: The Pattern Felt (full 9×12 sheet for the background and scraps of green, yellow, red, and black) Thread to match Scissors Freezer paper (optional – see my tutorial on using freezer paper to precisely cut your pattern) … Continue reading

The best free diaper bag patterns

Awesome collection of free diaper bag patterns and tutorials. I'm going to mix and match features to get my perfect diaper bag.

If you’ve been following a while, you’ll remember that I had 3 friends all expecting babies within a few weeks of each other near the end of last year and I went sewing crazy with multiple baby-related sewing projects.  It was fun to sew in nice bright colors and small projects for a change. One thing, however, I didn’t do especially was a diaper bag – they all got their goodies inside my Carry All Bag instead, which is a good substitute. [Here are some of the earlier sewing for babies projects in case you missed them.  You can find the list and patterns/tutorials here.] So after several readers have suggested it, rather than redesign the Carry All Bag to be a dedicated diaper bag, I thought I’d link you up with some great free diaper bag patterns and tutorials … Continue reading

Quick and Simple Valentine’s Baby Bibs

Quick and easy project for Valentines Day. Made in a flash.

Keeping on with the seasonal baby theme I started at Christmas, I designed some simple Valentine’s baby bibs. If you don’t have a baby to sew for, you can use the silhouettes for a multitude of other projects! Might make a cute t-shirt too! To make your own Valentine’s baby bib, you will need: The Pattern a couple large scraps of flannel (I used red and grey) – or other soft fabric a small scrap of pink satin fabric matching thread freezer paper (optional) scissors sewing machine How to sew a Valentine’s baby bib [Note: for more photos of each of the steps, check out the Christmas bib tutorial too!] Cut two of the baby bib (mirrored). Note: seam allowance is not included in the pattern. Cut around the pattern, including your desired seam allowance. I used 1/4 inch. Choose your applique and cut it from your desired … Continue reading

Fun and easy sewing projects for kids

30 + fun and easy sewing projects for kids of all ages. I'm going to teach my niece some of these.

Looking for fun and easy projects for teaching kids to sew?  In many parts of the world its the winter months, and not so much fun to go outdoors, so enjoy some indoor activities with the kids and share with them your love of sewing. If you are introducing a younger person to sewing, you’ll need bright projects that will attract their interest and keep their attention, while not taking days to complete or boredom will soon set in. If it’s something that they can use, show off or give as a gift at the end even better! So I’ve put together a few ideas for easy projects for kids of all ages, from simple lacing cards for the very young ones, to felt and hand-sewing projects, and those that require a bit more skill for tweens and teens. [Right … Continue reading

What is a Quiet Book?

Everything you need to know to get started in sewing quiet books, or activity books for kids

Quiet book … soft book … busy book … cloth book … They go by many names but the idea is the same. A quiet book (my favorite term) is a series of fabric “pages” containing quiet activities to entertain small children. If you’ve never seen one before, head over and browse my quiet book page archive (there are more examples at the end of this post as well.) Quiet books can be made for any age children. I have seen books for babies with fun, contrasting imagery as well as books for older children containing pieces and game boards for classics like hangman, checkers, and tic tac toe. The typical target age range for quiet books is about two to five, focusing on skills like matching, sorting, imaginative play, and getting dressed (zippers, ties, lacing, etc.) Some people design their pages to be … Continue reading

National Book Month sewing projects

20+ book-related sewing ideas for National Book Month

Did you know that January was National Book Month and the third full week in January is National Book Week.  Reading is SUCH an important part of life, for personal pleasure and enjoyment, for recreation, for learning, for reference and of course for employment skills and more. Make reading fun!  How about some of these 20+ projects for National Book Month.  From simple book covers, to book marks you can make in minutes and a few more complicated projects too.  I love the idea of a reading pillow that supports the book on your lap. Of course many books are going digital now, much of our reading time is actually spent reading online instead of on paper so there’s a project or two for the digital readers too.  20+ book-related sewing projects to try for National Book Month    

White Winter Girl’s Stole Pattern and Tips for Working with Faux Fur

White Winter Girl's Stole and Tips for Working with Faux Fur {{Friends Stitched Together for So Sew Easy}}

Every month, my son’s school has a dress-up day and for December the theme was “Narnia”. My nieces go to the school as well, so I ended up making costumes for the Green Witch, Susan, Peter, the White Witch, and Aslan (you can see them all here). I made a fur stole for the White Witch costume and have a pattern to share with you, as well as some tips for working with faux fur. My niece is six, but this would work for a younger girl by shortening the scarf pieces and for an older girl by lengthening and widening them. You will need: The pattern: Stole Pattern 1/2 yard of faux fur (you will only use half, but you need the length) or another appropriate fabric such as minky or velvet 1/2 yard lining fabric 3″ of cord/ribbon/elastic … Continue reading

Sewing for babies – baby shower gifts to sew

Sewing for babies. Lots of great stuff her for the new arrival, great baby shower gifts to sew.

I’m delighted that the sewing for babies projects I did on the site this year have been so popular.  All 3 friends have now delivered and so my miniature sewing is over for now at least.  Several people have written and suggested I list them all in one easy to find place, so here it is.  I’ve also added on a few of my favorites from other bloggers and listed my Pinterest board too.  Just so you’ll never run out of ideas. If you are expecting a new arrival to your family, or to a friend, or having a grand child, then these make handy baby shower gifts.  Everyone loves something handmade for baby. It shows such a lot of thought and care, and can be personalised too.  So book mark this page because Spring will soon be here and … Continue reading