The skirt pattern, ease and seam allowances – How to Sew A Skirt Series

Sew A Skirt series from So Sew Easy. All about laying out and cutting fabric, pattern matching and grain lines. Great beginners series.

Welcome to Episode 2 in the How to Sew A Skirt Sew-along series.  The subjects for today are:  Drafting your custom fit pattern, and all about ease and seam allowances.     Drafting your custom fit skirt pattern I admit it – I’m a funny shape.  No hourglass figure for me – I’m a total rectangle. And this means I can’t get ready-to-wear skirts to fit me properly.  They are either far too loose in the hip if they fit at my waist, or fit at the hip and are far too big in the waist.  Many of us don’t conform to the standard body shape for regular clothing and patterns.  Especially as we get older, perhaps a little broader, and our body shape and proportion changes. So in this part of the Sew A Skirt, we will look at … Continue reading

How to choose fabric – How to Sew A Skirt series

How to choose fabric - part of the Sew A Skirt series on So Sew Easy

Welcome to Episode 1 in the How to Sew A Skirt Sew-along series.  The subject for today is:  Overview, tools and equipment and how to choose fabric.   Overview Let’s have a look at the skirt we are going to make together.  It’s a simple skirt but flattering and versatile.  Can be made in a casual fabric for days off or a formal fabric for days at the office or even from a glamorous and glittery fabric for evenings out and special occasions.  Make it mini, knee-length, long or floor-length easily.   The basic straight skirt is a wardrobe essential and once you have your custom pattern you can make a whole series of these in different fabrics knowing that each one is going to fit you beautifully without any fiddling about. The skirt we will make in this sew-along … Continue reading

How to sew a skirt – a step by step sew-along

How to Sew A Skirt. Beginners tutorial series covers fabric, patterns, cutting out, darts, zipper, lining, hems and more. You can totally learn to sew from this set of tutorials - from So Sew Easy.

Welcome to the So Sew Easy How to Sew A Skirt Sew-along series.  This new series will show you everything you need to know about how to draft and sew your own custom fit fully lined skirt.  From pattern making, to darts, to lining and hems, you can have a beautifully made skirt designed to fit you perfectly. We will be making these three skirts.  In fact they are all exactly the same skirt made from the same pattern and in the same way.  And I’ll show you exactly how to do it.     Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you step by step how to make your own skirt from scratch. The topics we will cover are: Overview, tools and equipment and choosing your fabric Drafting your custom fit pattern, and all about … Continue reading

An easy lined pencil skirt from my own pattern

Easy lined pencil skirt. using an embrodered eyelet fabric. From So Sew Easy.

Have you tried the free pencil skirt pattern yet?  I researched how to draft my own custom skirt pattern and wrote a tutorial – Draft your Own Pencil Skirt Sloper.  My first skirt was great and I wear it to work often.  But its dark and plain and I wanted something a little more Caribbean. Bring on the latest skirt from this pattern – a beautiful soft green eyelet with shimmery embroidery and gemstones! As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it would be perfect to make one of these easy skirts.  In the previous version I had added a waistband, but this eyelet fabric had little holes so I knew it had to be lined.  I added a nude colored pongee lining and made it without a waistband.  Voila – an easy lined pencil skirt! Its not … Continue reading

Such a Saucy Pencil Skirt !

So Sew Easy - Such a Saucy Skirt

Sometimes a piece of fabric just calls out to be made into a certain garment.  And at the sewing shop this week, I came across a roll I hadn’t seen before.  There wasn’t much left on it, but the fabric was so unusual, and so perfect for what I had in mind, that the whole length came home with me. I have really been so delighted with my progress on the Sewing with Knits course, that I am skipping out from the scheduled projects to try a few more knit projects of my own, now at last I know how to handle these more difficult fabrics.  And this one is no exception.  Its very soft and stretchy, but also has different panels within the same fabric, and sheer areas too.  It’s perfect for a very saucy pencil skirt!   This … Continue reading

Free Skirt Sewing Patterns – over 100

Free skirt sewing patterns

Introducing an EPIC list of free skirt sewing patterns. I KNOW you all love free patterns – its the most searched for area of my site.  And you LOVE the Pinterest Group Board where you all share your favorite free sewing patterns.  And the Free Dress Patterns List was the biggest traffic generator on the site for weeks after it was published.   So, here you have it.  The BIG List of free skirt sewing patterns for every type and style of skirt you can imagine.  Over 100 at the time of publishing and growing as I find more great patterns to include. Last updated on 30 April 2016.   Over 100 Free Skirt Sewing Patterns Don’t forget to check out these other popular posts on this site: Also check out the Skirts Sewing Patterns board on Pinterest. Follow Deby at … Continue reading

Sexy 30 minute easy skirt tutorial

So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.

I simply cannot believe this was SO EASY!  If you want an easy to make and easy to wear skirt that’s flattering, and so cheap to make then read on because this post is for YOU.   Want a really easy skirt pattern? See this skirt above?  It took just minutes to make and I assure you anyone can do it.  Too tight for you?  Too short?  Too long?  You can make this skirt just how you like it, then you can make another and another, and all before breakfast.  Read on…. This skirt is just two tubes of stretchy knit fabric and can be made in minutes, adjusted to your own particular style in terms of how snug or lose you want it, how long or short you want it, and can even be worn in different lengths with the same … Continue reading

Making a pencil skirt sloper and the resulting skirt

So Sew Easy - drawing your own pencil skirt sloper pattern. It's so easy - spreadsheet provided.

Why design your own pencil skirt sloper pattern? Have you EVER owned a pencil skirt that fit you properly?  I find the ready to wear either gape in the waist, or are too tight across the hip or thigh or the darts aren’t right.  I guess perhaps my waist to hip ratio does not match the ideal hourglass figure.  Neither is my widest point in the regular hip – I am a true pear with my thighs wider than my hips but with a very square waist to hips too. Now that I can sew (a little) I thought it was about time I tried to rectify this with my own pencil skirt.  But buying a pattern would not solve the problems and would require so many alterations and it’s so difficult to fit on myself without any help.  So drafting my own pattern from scratch … Continue reading

V-neck T-shirt and A-line Skirt

So Sew Easy - V-neck T-shirt and A-Line skirtzx

What is it with the use of the alphabet to describe clothing shapes?  It was only when I was thinking of a title for this post that I realised what I had made. A V-neck T-shirt and an A-line Skirt.  I just suddenly thought that was really funny!  Anyway, moving on… You may have recently seen my scoop neck t-shirts.  Love these so much, great casual t-shirts for everyday where.  The next item in my Sewing With Knits course is the V-neck T-shirt.  The neckline is a little more tricky to sew because to make it look good, you have to line up the V part of the neckline with the V part of the body of the shirt.  But the instructions are excellent.  Having a video tutorial with the instructor talking you through it is so much easier than trying to … Continue reading

Navy pleated skirt – free pattern and tutorial

So Sew Easy - Navy pleat skirt

I’d been held up previously by not having a zipper foot so my sewing options were limited.  But I’m pleased to say my prized foot is in hand and ready to sew – and I made use of it right away with this Navy Pleated Skirt. It’s made from a free tutorial here at Grosgrain Fabulous.  The tutorial gives full info on sizing and drawing up your pattern and how to sew. She recommends a stiffer fabric like a linen or cotton twill to hold the pleats and stiffen the waistband, but I fancied a lighter version and this was made with yet another fabric remnant – a soft and drapey navy blue something.  It makes the skirt very light and cool to wear and gives it a softer appearance than the one featured in the tutorial.  I also made … Continue reading

Poppy skirt – easy elastic waist skirt

Easy elastic waist skirt

I enjoyed the last couple of skirts so much that my idea of elasticated waist skirts had changed – why not?  So I fancied a combination of the elasticated waist from my paper bag skirts, and the a-line pattern I had drawn up for the unfinished skirt (still unfinished).   So I drew up a basic pattern on some paper (probably a bit TOO basic) and cut out two pieces of fabric the same for the front and back of the skirt.  I sewed these up the sides, hemmed along the bottom, finished the top edge and then folded it over just over an inch, and sewed along the bottom leaving a small gap at one of the side seams.  Then I threaded through some 3/4 inch wide elastic for the waist and tried it on for fit.  I marked the elastic where I … Continue reading