8 Best Fabrics for Lingerie Sewing Projects

Best Fabrics for Lingerie Sewing

Choosing the best fabric for making a lingerie depends on your desired usage– lingerie as underwear or worn alone, from colorful baby doll to slip and bodysuits that define your curve and shape.

Sewing your own lingerie gives you the freedom and chance to make something that could perfectly fit your unique shape.  Once you find the best fabric and right pattern, no one will be able to stop you from creating something amazing!

Free Lingerie patterns, plus swimsuits and nightwear

Best Fabrics for Lingerie Sewing

Making your own lingerie is the best decision ever! Here's why…

Have you ever seen something so good to wear but later get disappointed with the fitting? There is some instances that the bra cup is slightly too small, the gorgeous nightie that you thought was so perfect but later on realized that it doesn't really hug your hips right, or the fabric of that beautiful panty irritates your skin. When you make your personal lingerie, you can choose the best fabric that works for your pattern and for your preference, something that is made especially for you… to make you feel good and comfortable at the same time…something that some of the common street shops couldn't provide.

Best Fabrics for Lingerie Sewing

Lucent Satin, Florence Net and organza are some of the luxurious fabrics that are ideal for a lingerie. For cosy and practical fabrics, go for fabrics like Jersey, Cotton Satin and Mulmul.

Choosing the right fabric depends on your project. Here are some types of lingerie that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Classic slip – if you trying to get that flawless silhouette and perfect definition in your curve, this classic slip is the best and can be worn underneath your figure-hugging gown or dress

fabrics for lingerie

Babydoll something elegant and sweet with sexy style to spice up your evening routine.

fabrics for lingerie

Romper suit– a one-piece lingerie style with comfort and a touch of something flirty. Looks glamorous to wear and a good choice if you feel to chill out.

Fabrics for Lingerie

Bodysuit – a lace bodysuit is a must-have. You can wear it alone or pair it with your jeans for a demure look.

fabrics for lingerie

Robe – a soft and comfortable robe is a lingerie that every woman should not miss. Stepping out from your bathroom with that comfortable and soft robe feels great!

fabrics for lingerie


Best Fabrics for Lingerie Sewing:

Below are the best fabrics for trimmings, body of the lingerie, applique and some decorative additions for your garments. Remember to be cautious in choosing the best fabric to ensure that you only have the best one for your chosen lingerie project.

1. Princess Lace satin

• Shows off curves
• Knitted lace (front) and satin (back)
• Elegant and textured
• Moves with shape
• Luxury handle

Planning to make your own lace bodysuits? Use princess lace satin, a wonderful feminine fabric that shows off the curvy shapes of yours and accentuates your beautiful figure. It has pretty knitted lace front that creates sensuality and drama.

2. Silk Impression

• Shining Soft face
• Silky and nice to hold
• Keep shape well
• Very weightless
• Somewhat transparent

It is a mild fabric that is suited for making lingerie. It is light in weight but very tough. Because of its weight, and fascinating silk, it has no effort in sliding your skin. Smooth, silky and nice textures are same in back and front of the fiber. Silk impression is a semi-clear in texture and has a glamorous face, resulting to have a sophisticated, and translucent print. Because of these qualities, this makes a perfect fabric in making babydolls and nighties.

3. Mulmul soft muslin

 • Loose and soft
• Durable and strong
• Transparent, light
• Open weave (net-like)
• Rustic aesthetic

The Mulmul Muslin has a semi-transparent and sheer-like quality that makes it ideal for a ‘barely there' nightdress or chemise. Super soft texture makes your evening garment so comfy to wear. Mulmul muslin is indeed a glam and sexy fabric in its unique way.

4. Organza

Fabrics for lingerie

 • Transparent
• Soft and smooth
• Net-like
• Floaty drape, sheer quality
• Touch of sparkle

To add extra spice and decorative notes, organza is a great choice. It has transparent and sheer quality with some hint of sparkle. It is ideal to be used for undergarments because of its weightless characteristics but with a slight firmness.

5. Florence net

 • Gentle on skin
• Fluid drape, transparent
• Very stretchy
• Breathable and lightweight
• Non-fray net (knitted)

The Florence net is super durable and a strong fabric though it looks fragile and fine. It is a good choice for making knickers because of its four-way stretch quality that allows movement with comfort. Florence net knickers are amazingly comfortable and weightless because of its lace trim finished that adds structure and support. Its breathable and transparent quality makes it a perfect choice for a lingerie. Flows and slips over your body and gentle on skin. For making underlay for your lingerie garments or chemise, you can choose Florence net.

6. Jersey

Fabrics for Lingerie

 • Breathable
• Quick drying
• Slight absorbent
• Stretchy
• Crease-resistant

Jersey is an ideal fabric for supportive garments like slips or panties because of its stretchy, springy nature and moves with your body. Unlike Lycra, this knitted fabric provides cosy and warmth softness. It is great that you can use this for making a lightweight robe or gathered baby doll.

7. Cotton Satin

 • close weave
• 100% cotton
• soft
• absorbs and reflects light
• smooth handle

So perfect in making elegant chemise and pajama set, it is 100% natural fabric. Even it has a matt finish texture, it still gives you a smooth and delightful feeling on your skin. So amazingly smooth-to-touch texture. It is nice to wear your clothes in natural cotton because of its nice touch and breathable qualities.

8. Lucent Satin

• Dual faced sateen
• Shimmery face
• Sophisticated drape
• Lightly and fluid
• Smooth and shiny

The perfect fabric that is good for making sexy nighties and babydolls is the Lucent satin…a nice, soft, light, and shimmery fabric. When facing the light, it brings out the amazing glow of the fabric which make the fabric stunning, especially during evening moments. It is very light and nice to touch that simply slips over your body, make you feel graceful and fine.

Are you inspired to start your own lingerie project? Challenge yourself to make the perfect one for yourself before the year ends. Make something unique according to your style and preference. Feel gorgeous and always wear your confidence.

Here's a project and FREE pattern that would make a great first lingerie creation.  Give it a try!

The Bralette, Perfect Undergarment for Summer

Happy Sewing!

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There’s always the classic tricot for panties, slips, gowns, etc.


I make bras after taking a class. It is very satisfying since RTW never fit me well. Online stores like Bra Builders and Gigi’s Bra Supply plus others in the Us and abroad sell all kinds and widths of lingerie elastic, trims, fabrics, and laces. Look up the websites.


I can find the fabric but it’s difficult to find the elastic for lingerie.

Reply to  Kathy

Hi Kathy~

I’ve resorted to ordering elastics from: homesew.com . They have a good selection and the prices can’t be beat! I have in the past, used their clear elastic for undergarments with great success. I believe the price is around $6 for 50 years, or you can purchase by the yard.
Good luck on your hunt!


There are still some Jo Ann fabric stores around that sell fabric. Many years ago I also found lingerie elastic at a shop selling sewing machines. Depending where you live, you may have other stores. Chicago and New York used to have special fabric stores. Perhaps inquire before you travel.


How to purchase fabric is there a mail shopping?


It’s nice to know what to buy, but also would be very nice to know where to buy,


where can I purchas lingere elastics?