Fat Quarter Projects: 100+ FREE & Fun Sewing Patterns

fat quarter projectsDo you have a few spare fat quarters in your fabric stash?

Fat quarters are a very popular way to buy fabric.  Fat quarters are precut pieces of fabric approximately 19 1/2″ X 22″ (50cm X 56cm) but these sizes can vary.

Fat quarters come from splitting one yard or meter of fabric off the roll down the center lengthwise and then cutting it in half again widthwise.  Because fabric on a roll is typically slightly wider than a yard or meter, the quarter doesn't come out square but is “fat” –at least that's where I was always told the name comes from.

You can really build your fabric stash when you come across those big bundles of fat quarters on sale at you local fabric store.  If, like me, you've built up a nice collection of fat quarters, you may be looking for clever ways to use them.

Although often most associated with quilting, there are really so many things you can make with just a fat quarter including bags, headbands, cushions, decorations, doll clothes, pockets, etc. etc.  People have written whole books containing only fat quarter projects.

I had a look around the internet and there are a few nice collections of patterns and projects around, but most are out-of-date, so I decided to put together a huge new collection of fat quarter projects just for you.  I really hope you enjoy and that you find something that interests you here.  And don't forget to share a pic of your work in the comments below.  I know many of the readers would like to see the examples of what can be made with a simple fat quarter!

fat quarter projects


100+ FREE Fat Quarter Projects & Patterns

So here are over 100 fat quarter projects and sewing patterns for you to enjoy.  The range of ideas and designs is extraordinary with a huge selection from easy cosmetic bags to baby burp clothes and everything in between.

Hover over the picture to show the title, click to open, or right-click and open in a new tab to keep this page open too. And don’t forget to pin so everyone can enjoy!

fat quarter projects

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28 Responses to Fat Quarter Projects: 100+ FREE & Fun Sewing Patterns

  1. Jamie says:

    A quarter yard of fabric is 9” x WOF (width of fabric). WOF is generally 44”, so 1/4 yd is 9”x44”. A fat quarter is 2x the length and 1/2WOF (18” x 22”), achieving the same area in a more useful size. Rather than looong and skinny, it is short and fat. There are also fat eighths, and fat halves that can be found regularly. And now you know!

  2. Judy Blackiemore says:

    These ideas rock. I work in a fabric sample room and donate to myself as well as charitable organizations when fabrics are discontinued. This just what I need to get the ideas going….THANK YOU for sharing✌

  3. Judy says:

    I used to love fat quarter projects, but the most recent two I’ve purchased were so unevenly cut that, once I squared up the grain line, I ended up with less than 1/3 yard of fabric of each one. I’ve decided that there is no reason why I can’t purchase yardage, cut my own fat quarters, and move forward with these cute projects. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gail Kretchman says:

    Where can I buy “Fat Quarters”?

  5. Janet says:

    Thank you for this site! I’m getting back into sewing and I love the fat quarter explanation at the beginning of the article. It put me more at ease. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you!

  6. Denise Bottcher says:

    Hi, love all the projects…. I’m a stay at home Granny who loves to sew…. may I sew some of these projects to sell at a flea/ craft markets.
    Have a great day

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Denise, as long as you are the one doing the sewing you can! Do let me know what project you chose and how did you do in the markets. I am always curious:) I love markets.

  7. PARVEEN says:

    How are you? It is very useful and amazing web site for all.I like it so much. Please send ladies latest shirt designs, and also write your address.
    Thanks a lot ,
    Have a good day!

  8. Ali says:

    Hello, just wanted you to know I enjoy looking over all your suggestions each week. I’m new to sewing and always open to new projects to learn.

  9. Ava says:

    Hi, thanks for these, they are great and have encouraged me to start sewing again after 12 years…..and this is the first time I have actually finished something in 27 years!! They turned out to be more simple than I thought they would be although I had to unpick a few seams as my sewing wasn’t always straight. I worked out a tip for getting boxy corners straight: once I had sewed the end seams I kept the pouch flat and used the corner of a quilting ruler and measured down from the seam and in from the side an equal amount and put a dot. I did this on each corner of the pouch and then flipped it over and repeated it on the other side. When I came to sew the box corner I just sewed from dot to dot. I used an erasable marker, of course, so could erase my marks before giving as gifts. Now I feel encouraged to do more. Thanks again.

  10. Esther says:

    This is a great grouping. Thanks so much for putting the list together. I have several on the must make list…now to choose which will be first!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Enjoy, love to see what you choose to do first 🙂

      • Liane says:

        I have used fat quarters to make ruffles for baby dresses. They are the perfect size. I was also able to cut out bodice pieces from the, but only when they were babies. There is so much you can do with fat quarters.

  11. Gaila says:

    Thank you for all of the wonderful fat quarter suggestions! I see many that I would love to makeup. ?

  12. Pat Burckhardt says:

    This is really great. Can’t wait to get started on some of these. Thank you for putting them in all one place. That’s a lot of work.

  13. Patti says:

    I must be missing something. I don’t see what to click or “hover” on to open the project list. I see a lot of pictures below the main title but they include dresses so am assuming this does not represent the 100 projects. Help!

  14. Sheila Perl says:

    I love this list of fat quarter projects, thank you for putting it all together!

  15. Diane says:

    This is great. A lot of quick projects. Thanks

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