Reversible Crossbody Handbag FREE Pattern

reversible crossbody handbagThis week we are making a reversible crossbody handbag, plus a method of adding an extra pocket to it that works for the fabric and vinyl reversible tote bag as well (we made this a couple of weeks ago).

Reversible Fabric Vinyl Tote Bag – New Free Pattern

I am providing you with a basic pattern and you can come up with all the pretty details to set this reversible crossbody handbag apart from the rest.

This handy handbag can also be used as a clutch bag as well.

reversible crossbody handbag

It can also be as extra pockets for those of you who wanted more room inside the reversible tote bag.

reversible crossbody handbag

An example of a crossbody handbag in two colors.

reversible crossbody handbag

reversible crossbody handbagreversible crossbody handbag



  • Zipper Foot
  • Walking foot (ideal but optional)
  • Rotary or craft cutter

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How To Make Your Reversible Crossbody Handbag

The key to this pattern is not so much the fabric but the use of a reversible zipper.  I  have linked you to the best source I could find online.

This project is perfect for leather and vinyl that is already a medium to heavyweight and if you back it up with oilcloth you will eliminate the need for interfacing.  But the limiting factor on this project will be the type zipper you can find, so I recommend to purchase the zipper first then match the material to it.

All I could find in my neck of the woods is a zipper that can be purchased by the yard with additional heads.  The head is what makes it reversible and it has a peculiar look, see it for your self and compare it to a normal zipper head.

reversible crossbody handbagreversible crossbody handbagThe zipper tape looks the same in the front as in the back.

I want you to keep in mind that there are two ways to make this reversible crossbody bag.  One is the drop in method (more difficult because of the zipper) and the other is done by leaving a gap and turning through the gap. The same as we did in the reversible tote bag project that we did a couple of weeks ago.

I am showing the easiest way that it can be done in a home sewing environment. But, you still have to add a finish.  For better results and for those that would like to use better fabrics and materials the use of an industrial machine is ideal.

As you progress with your skill as a bag maker you will realize more and more that investing in an industrial sewing machine is the way to go.  It's something to think about if you can justify the expense.


We will start by making the D-ring tabs and adding the pockets, then we will sew the zipper to one fabric then sew the zipper to the vinyl.  We will box the corners and add the D-ring with the tabs and close the gap we have left on the fabric.

Making The D-ring Tabs

I have provided you with a strip divided into four pieces. You will need 4 pieces of each material to make two D-rings on each material (fabric and vinyl).   Sew at 1/4″ and turn right side out.  Insert the D-rings and put aside.  You will need this after you have placed the zipper and sewn the sides.

On the picture below I am showing you only two tabs, so don't be confused as I forgot to take a photo of the other two tabs in the vinyl.

But, here they are with the D-rings.reversible crossbody handbag

Adding The Zipper Pocket To The Reversible Clutch Bag

This is an optional step but it is always nice to have a pocket in a bag.  Even if it is only one.

It is not difficult to add a zipper pocket to a bag, we have already shared the tutorial and there is a video to show you how to do it.

Please follow it here.

How to add a zipper pocket to any purse pattern

I have to add just a simple note here about pockets when you own a pocket the fabric inside will show.  There are two ways to this, the tailoring method for an upscale look in your bag (follow the lining of the pocket instructions) and the ready wear or mass-produced method.

I will show you the mass-produced method and it is as simple as laying the fabric print side up and the pocket print side down.

reversible crossbody handbagreversible crossbody handbag

What happens is that when you open the pocket you will see the pretty print instead of the reverse of the fabric. reversible crossbody handbag

Sewing The Fabric To The Reversible Zipper

Print side up and place the zipper head on the left-hand side, sew where the red line is in the picture.reversible crossbody handbag On the other side of the tape, sew the other side of the clutch. The print should face each other when you are sewing the zipper down.

reversible crossbody handbagTurn the workprint side down.

reversible crossbody handbag Place the vinyl or leather piece right side down on the top side of the zipper.

reversible crossbody handbag

Turn the side upside down and place the vinyl side on the other side of the zipper tape.

reversible crossbody handbag

Sewing The Sides

Sew the left, right, and bottom of the vinyl.

Do the same for the fabric but instead at the bottom leave a gap of 6″.

Boxing The Corners

Join the sides and align the seam allowances so they run continuously making a straight line.

reversible crossbody handbag

reversible crossbody handbag

Adding The Tabs

Adding the tabs with the D-rings is what makes this bag a reversible crossbody handbag.  The procedure is the same for both materials.

Align the tab in the center of the seams.

reversible crossbody handbag

reversible crossbody handbagreversible crossbody handbagSew the corner from the side to the center a couple of times.  I am actually sewing by hand because my machine is not able to sew the layers.

Sewing The Tabs

Push the bottom seam allowance to the side.

reversible crossbody handbag

Push the top seam allowance to the left as well.  This is so the layers are not so thick and you can sew the corners with your sewing machine.

reversible crossbody handbag

Sew from the sides to the center a couple of times.

reversible crossbody handbag

I am sewing by hand three times using a running stitch.

reversible crossbody handbag

Sew the other side of the corner moving the seam allowances to the right.

reversible crossbody handbag

Here are the layers all together.

reversible crossbody handbag

Turn the bag inside out and close the gap in the fabric.

reversible crossbody handbag

reversible crossbody handbagHope you enjoyed this reversible crossbody handbag, it is actually a surprisingly easy project to do and would make a great Christmas present.

Until next time, when we will be making a skirt on the fabric of the season, a lovely jeans fabric.  Happy sewing!

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reversible crossbody handbag

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21 Responses to Reversible Crossbody Handbag FREE Pattern

  1. Hilary Williams says:

    I have a question, because I think I am laying out the pattern pieces incorrectly (overlapping the pages). What are the exact dimensions of the unsewn, cut pieces (specifically the inner & outer pieces, and the pocket piece).

  2. Kathlyn says:

    Thank! I will sew such a bag for my sister. She has a birthday soon and I want to make such a gift for her. The instruction is very detailed, thanks!

  3. Char says:

    What are the dimensions of this bag?

  4. Joyce R says:

    I’m making this cute crossbody bag as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law! But wanted to mention that the link you posted for reversible zippers by the yard is actually NOT for a reversible zipper! I had to scramble to get one I could use at the last minute.

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  6. Christine says:

    I don’t quite understand the directions for adding the inside pocket, is there a tutorial or a bit more instruction somewhere else? It’s a great bag, thank you for sharing it!

  7. Joyce BD says:

    I honestly don’t know how you do it! You provide great patterns AND detailed tutorials FOR FREE!!!! I’ve designed & sewn my own bags/purses since I was young (my mom taught me basics so I could make what I needed) and know when I came upon an issue, I’d just improvise…I don’t know if I could ever document those improvisations! I sincerely thank you for all your time, effort, friendly emails, and obviously, your great patterns!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      I do what I do for two reasons, I love to take a piece of fabric and transforme it into something new and I love to share what I have learned with you. Advertizing pays enough for me to keep on going so why charge for it? Then you send a mesages and i feel even we are worlds apart we are friends and share the bond of creating and sewing. It is a great life don’t you agree?

  8. Dawn says:

    This looks like an awesome bag that I will make. I agree with K. Hoffman that the dress in the picture is beautiful and I would love to know what pattern it is also.

  9. K. Hoffman says:

    The bag looks great, but I would also like to know which pattern the dress is. Thanks.

  10. Karen says:

    What are the measurements of the finished bag? Did I miss reading that info somewhere?

  11. Yolande Bergeron says:

    I would like to thank you, encore et encore, for your generosity with your free tutorial and especially the pattern template. The picture tutorial is very explicit,it is very easy to follow. I really enjoy your site.
    Merci, Montréal Québec

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      I am so happy you enjoy this site and find inspiration here, thank you for your comment, it makes for a happy day XOXO.

  12. Joan Macpherson says:

    This looks great. What a fun addition to the reversible tote bag. I made that one and it did seem to need a few more pockets. With this addition, it will be much better.

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