Spring Boho Skirt Pattern – Welcoming The Warm Weather

Spring Boho Skirt Pattern

You can make a very romantic, comfortable, and stylish skirt with this spring boho skirt pattern. This skirt should be a staple in your wardrobe, because it secretly acts as a tummy control item.

The trend this spring and summer is Tribal chic. This is not a very easy look to pull off at all, mainly because of the clashing of prints. It uses a light sand or white color and focuses on texture and accessories. But done right you will be able to be fashionable and trendy in no time. Although, I will be very interested in your choice of fabric should you decide to go for a print fabric.

Spring Boho Skirt Pattern

The knit fabric around the waist will smooth your bumps in the front and at the back giving you a lovely hourglass figure.

I have used white cotton voile, but you can take a look at my fabric suggestions and end up with a very interesting look.

Spring Boho Skirt Pattern

This spring boho skirt pattern has four types of fabric not including the waistband.

The waistband is divided in two. The top layer is folded in two which is the part that will give you a smooth tummy.

spring boho skirt pattern

spring boho skirt pattern

The second part is the one that will shape around your hips. The seam between the two should fall at your belly button. Four layers of lace will add to the romantic look.

If you're looking for a little more info on the whole Boho chic look, please check out this post:


  • 5 yards of Cotton Voile, Crinkled Cotton, Cotton Batiste (please see recommendations above)
  • 1 yard of cheesecloth (54″ wide) for the lining
  • 1 yard of 25% minimum stretch good quality cotton knit for waistband
  • 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 yard of cotton voile for the lining. This amount will cover 3 tiers of the skirt
  • 6 to 7 yards of 3″ wide stretch lace trim
  • 5 to 6 yards of 3/8″ or 1/2 crochet lace or Guipure lace trim for the hemline.
  • Thread to match


A Note To Beginners…

I must say this sprint boho skirt pattern will test your patience when gathering fabric but the end will be a very versatile skirt that will take you from spring to summer back to autumn and many years to come.

Please practice with this project because I will share a lovely summer dress that

If you have never gathered a lot of fabric before, please read this post that will give you tips and tricks for beautiful and professional-looking gathers.

How To Print Your Spring Boho Skirt Pattern

As usual, we ask you to use ONLY Adobe reader to print the pattern. It is a free program. Preferably use a PC or Laptop to print your pattern on a Landscape and Actual size format.

Fabric Suggestions from Amazon.com

Pattern Download

We're going to continue to use the new Payhip webstore to distribute our patterns.

Our patterns are still free, but now you now have the option of making a small contribution if you like our work! We'd really appreciate it and it will help is keep going with new and fun designs like this. Even a dollar or two really goes a long way.

Pattern Layout

Spring Boho Skirt Pattern

How To Sew Your Spring Boho Skirt –

Sewing The Waistband

You will need the pattern to be able to understand the construction of this skirt, so go ahead and download that.

There are no seam allowances in this spring boho skirt pattern so you will need to add it. I recommend 1/2″ for the fabric where you need to gather, and 5/8″ for the sides. The best seam for this type of fabric is the French seam.

The waistband is divided into two pieces. The first part of the skirt is folded over. This style of waistband is mostly seen on summer pants, which I have a fabulous pattern that will share with you shortly.

The second part of the waistband is a single layer.

We will start with the upper waistband, right sides together sew at the sides.

spring boho skirt pattern

This is now a band. Fold over, align the raw edges and put aside.

Now we will sew the lower waistband, right sides together, sew at the sides. Use your overlocker or a zigzag to seal the seams.

spring boho skirt pattern

Align the raw edge of the upper waist, with the waistline of the lower waist. Sew and serge or zigzag. You have now completed the waistband.

spring boho skirt pattern

spring boho skirt pattern

Sewing Tier #1 And Adding Lace #1

It is absolutely imperative that you read this article first about gathering fabric properly.

Here comes the fun part. Let's say you are using size S and you have cut all the pieces including the lace. In your pattern, I have included a cutting diagram and gathering diagram.

The first tier is to be cut at 68″ x 6″. Your fabric will not be wide enough so you will have to sew two pieces together, this is where you will need the french seam. Once you have the amount required gathered to 32″ then pin every 1″ to the waistband. Don't overlock yet because we have to add the lining. You can hand baste it if pinning is too much for you, but you need to secure it somehow to be able to continue sewing the skirt.

Serge the hem of the first tier then add the lace. You have now completed tier #1.

spring boho skirt pattern

Sewing Tier #2 And Adding Lace #2

According to the pattern, your second tier is 86″ x 6″. I have added a trimming of lace in the middle of this tier, cut it at the same length as the fabric and sew in the middle.

spring boho skirt pattern

Gather the second tier to 68″. Notice, it is the same number that you used before to cut tier #1 and lace #1. Remember before you gather to use your overlocker both sides of the tiers.

Once tier #2 is gathered sew to lace #1. Then add lace number #2.

Adding The Rest Of The Tiers

The method is the same as adding tier #1 and #2. Tier #3 will be gathered to the same length as the lace of tier #2. Tier #4 will be gathered to tier #3.

How To Hem And Add Lace #4.

Turn the hem of tier #4 3/8″ twice, sew then add the lace.

This is to prevent the hem from becoming to weak with the weight of the lace.

How To Add The Lining

In this spring boho skirt pattern, you will find the correct size of your lining. For example, if you are making Size S, cut a rectangle that is 60″ x 24″. Use a french seam so sew the side and gather to the same amount as tier #1 which is 32″.

Join the lining with the waistband and sew the skirt lining and waistband together using your overlocker.

spring boho skirt pattern

Hope you enjoy this skirt, I am the first to admit that it will test your concentration, especially when it comes to gathering the tiers. As long as you remember the subsequent layer is as wide as the lace above you will not get lost.

I took me three days of four hours each to finish the skirt. Perhaps you are a faster seamstress than I am but that's about how long it should take. A good tip for you is to have the cutting measure and the gathering measures in front of you so you do not get lost.

Keep this spring boho skirt pattern to hand because I will be sharing a lovely top when combined with this skirt will turn into a pretty summer dress or a perfect wedding dress perfect for a beach wedding.

As always, let me know your questions in the comments below your or if you found there is a need for more clarification. Send me your pictures of this or any other project using the so-sew-easy.com pattern and I will add them to our Pinterest board and on this post with your names for all (10-12 million readers a year and counting) to enjoy. Happy Sewing!

If you need more boho inspirations I recommend you to check out our Boho Chic Tunic.

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I can’t find the size chart for this pattern. Can you tell me what size the 2xl and the xl are?

Thank you in advance

Kathy Boyd
Kathy Boyd

Won’t the voile shrink significantly when it’s washed? And the cotton gauze as well?


Hi love the pattern. Why is the 3in lace stretch?

Martina Rett
Martina Rett

Lovely pattern to sew, but at $14.95 for one yard of cotton fabric alone ,(x 4-5 yds required), is far too expensive. Shame.


Thank you for this pattern.
I am unclear about the lining aspect though. Is the cheesecloth cut same as the first skirt tier? So Tier 1 cheesecloth sewn to tiers 3, 4, 5 the voile (pieces 4, 5 and6)?
Hope this is clear. TY

Christine Hunter
Christine Hunter

The materials list calls for cheesecloth and voile for the lining. But the instructions don’t say why we need both or how to handle them. Am I being dense? I know how to make a lining but I don’t understand the necessity for the cheesecloth.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

Do you sell the pattern for the top that is in the pic if so what is the name of it? I’d really like to make that.


I am a bit confused about the upper waistband… is the same wasitband piece?

Marcia Wilcox
Marcia Wilcox

I have an old gathering foot for my standard sewing machine. It actually makes little pleats but in a flowy fabric, it looks like gathers. I’ll be using that instead of gathering by hand.


You list both cheesecloth and voile for the lining. Do you be both? Or choose 1?

Steadman's Girl
Steadman's Girl

Oh, that skirt is so beautiful, and I would love to make it!! But alas, all I have is a sturdy Singer 99K that only sews straight stitches. I _have_ sewn knits successfully with her, but overlocking isn’t happening.


Did I miss something? Where does the cheesecloth come in?

So Sew Easy
Active Member
Reply to  PattyHo

Hi Patty, that is the final step in the instructions about lining the skirt. Hope that helps, Mayra