Vampire Cape Pattern – Unisex Easy Halloween Costume: Part 1

vampire cape patternThis is the vampire cape pattern, a perfect sewing project for the upcoming cold, grey, lazy sewing October days.

Making Halloween outfits for older teenagers is very hard these days.  The media, tv shows and movies often have children overly sexualized, preying upon the need for kids to belong to a pack as it is our mammalian nature.  So what is the alternative? My answer is a costume that is either funny or cool.  Since a sense of humor is subject to culture and interpretation I will leave that to you guys, I am going for cool.  I see you cool

This is a vampire cape pattern for a unisex Halloween costume that can be stitched in a couple of hours.  It uses your sewing scraps and an old t-shirt, and turns it into a cool and striking costume (plus reducing the budget significantly).  The original cape is short but I will also be showing you how to make the long version.

Vampire cape pattern

It will fit a person 4'3″ to 5'7″, from about 3XS to 2XL.  The full costume is very easy to fit, so easy that I can make a large dog can wear it.  See George our new model down below, although I am not so sure he is so happy, luckily he will do anything for a treat.

If you are taller than the measurements I have just given you, I will show you how to make this vampire cape pattern fit your body.

As you can see in the pictures the pattern features a mock-up tuxedo top, a fake bow tie as well as a white t-shirt in the center with the black sides for a color block effect.  The effect is achieved with an inset corner which I will show you how to sew in a later tutorial.

In total the whole project will take you between two to four hours to make. The Halloween vampire cape project is ideal for those who have never worked with knit fabrics before.

Vampire cape pattern

How To Download Your Vampire Cape Pattern

I do not ask you to download any other program other than the latest copy of Adobe Reader.  Use Actual Size and Landscape mode.  Never scale the pattern.

Pattern Download

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Visit Payhip to Download the Free Pattern

You can download the pattern and instructions for the Vampire Cape Pattern from our account at Payhip.

Save the pattern your computer or pattern library and sew at your leisure.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.


  • 1.2 to 1.5 yards of  two-way stretch black knit fabric
  • 1/2 a yard of white two-way stretch fabric OR an old white t-shirt
  • 12″ X 6″ red knit
  • 12″ X 6″ stretchable fusible interfacing
  • 1 to 2 felt sheets
  • Thread to match
  • 5 black buttons, covered buttons or black round felt pieces
  • 12″ of velcro or plastic snaps
  •  Strip of bias made from a contrasting fabric OR the same as the cape made to the length of your collar


Fabric Suggestions from

How To Fit The Vampire Cape Pattern

The first thing I need to point out is that there is no back on the “tuxedo”, the cape is the back.  So it is just a matter of making sure that the front will cover your chest and end at your waist.  This is to make the fitting process as simple as possible.

The waistband needs to be long enough to wrap around your waist.  The collar will have to wrap around your neck comfortably.

How To Sew Your Vampire Cape

The first thing you need to know is that there is no seam allowance included in the pattern, please add a 3/8″ seam allowance.  Also, the entire project can be sewn by only using your overlocker.

As a note, I used an old white t-shirt as the front piece to save on fabric and time.  If you want to do this too all you have to do is: cut the front in a diagonal, add seam allowance and sew the pieces together.

Sewing Level: Beginner

Step One

We are going to divide the front piece into two.  White on the top and black at the bottom to simulate a tuxedo.  Trace a diagonal line, cut and add seam allowance to the front piece.

Vampire cape patternStep Two

Cut the top on white and the bottom on black on the fold of the fabrics.  Then sew the top and bottom together.

For a complete tutorial on tips on how to sew an inset corner please follow this tutorial.

How, when and why to clip seam allowances

Vampire cape patternVampire cape pattern

Step Three

Sew the waistband piece to the side piece. Do the other side.Vampire cape pattern This is what you should have.

Vampire cape pattern

You can skip cutting the front piece and just do one color on the front creating a slimmer look.  You can save 15 to 20 minutes off of your project. I leave that to your taste.

Serge the shoulders.

Step Four

Make sure the collar can be fastened comfortably around the neck.  Because you are using felt there will be no need to serge the edges.  The collar will only be sewn to the front of the fake tuxedo, this is why felt is the perfect material for the collar.

a.  Mark a 1″ notch in the center of the collar.

b.  Cut the mark to simulate a tuxedo collar.

c.  Fold the corners and topstitch matching the color of the felt.

Vampire cape pattern

Sew a small piece of velcro or a plastic snap to fasten the collar.

Vampire cape pattern

Attach the collar to the fake tuxedo sewing it only to the front this is easily done since there is no back to the tuxedo. 

Join me on Tuesday for Part 2 of this project when I will be showing you how to sew the cape and finally put it all together.  I will also show you how to make this vampire cape pattern longer and wider so a large adult can wear it.

If you are looking for a Halloween pattern for young girls we have a full sew-along on how to make a Princess Dress Pattern, plus how to make some matching decorations in this article.

Easy Princess Dress Pattern: Have you seen Frozen?

Until next time when I will be sharing with you my favorite dress suitable for any season.

Keep your scissors sharp and Happy Sewing!

Go to Part 2

vampire cape pattern

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[…] Lovelies! We will continue altering and sewing the cape pattern from last week.  The cape pattern as it is will fit an 11-year-old boy/girl to a 2XL person but is rather short […]

Lucy McRae
Lucy McRae

I have tried several times but I can’t find part 2 of this pattern….I assume Part 2 is how to make the cape itself….

Margie K
Margie K
Reply to  Lucy McRae

Me too!! Can’t find part 2 anywhere.


[…] Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE […]

Jacqueline Lovorn
Jacqueline Lovorn

I understand this struggle. I see it every time a mom of a teenage girl asks me to alter homecoming or prom dresses. The girls are beautifully comfortable and so confident about their bodies that fills me with pride. I used to have a beautiful figure as a teenager and all the grown ups would shame me if the shorts or skirts where too short (insean 6″) If blouses or dresses where too fitting (i.e: they were not balloons) or maybe showed a little shoulder (2″ straps or peasant flounce). I ended dressing like a cloister nun because of it. These girls are modern and comfortable with themselves. So, in my opinion, parents are allowing young people to test boundaries yet feeling secure and comfortable because of parental guidance. I must be doing a good thing with my own boys too because they are not shaming their classmates. Please understand I’m not talking about JLo show outfits. The parent sewed the vampire cape and a beautiful girl was proud to wear it. To me this shows the deeper connection between the mom and daughter. Kudos to you moms, grandmoms and all the women out there who help your children grow up feeling comfortable and safe.

Susan Gray
Susan Gray

Super pattern, can’t wait to make it


Coucou Mayra,
Perso, je trouve ton costume extra pour halloween et je suis trop contente de pouvoir télécharger et suivre tes conseils pour apprendre à coudre car j’ai appris seule et je suis méticuleusement toutes les étapes.
Je trouve ta fille magnifique, cool, sexy juste ce qu’il faut et pas du tout vulgaire.
J’ai deux enfants, 18 et 19 ans, et je sais exactement de quoi tu parles en termes de compromis.
Merci pour ta générosité et tes partages.


Thanks for the cute pattern, but you better look at the picture of your young model before you talk about “media, tv shows and movies often have children overly sexualized.”

Reply to  kaye

Just because her belly button is showing doesn’t mean she’s “overly sexualized”. The only reason I even wanted to justify your comment with a reply was because of how insane it was. Are you upset she’s attractive?? Get over yourself. Maybe you’d be better suited looking for an Amish costume since that seems more your style. There is ZERO wrong with this pattern.

Gail Gibson
Gail Gibson

I totally agree with your comment about sexualizing our children. I think your cape pattern is really cool and teens will love it! What a lovely model you have too.

Marge Tomillo
Marge Tomillo

This is exactly what I was looking for for my office Halloween party. I’d better get started finding the fabrics. Happy Halloween to you Mayra.