Easy trick to perfectly join quilt binding

I've always struggled to get the perfect join and fit when joining my binding but with this tip it was perfect first time - and every time!

I know that for many of us, sewing on binding is our least favorite part of a project.  It usually comes at the end after all the other hard work and investment, and is a very visible part of the end result. If it doesn’t look good, then it can leave you feeling let down   I’ve recently been practicing my binding skills and especially this week practicing on how to join the two ends of the binding at the start and finish, where they meet. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but I just couldn’t get it right.  It was always wonky somehow, or I’d measure what I thought was the correct amount but then it would end up just that little bit too long and I’d get puckers trying to make it fit.  Arggh.  Frustrating.  Until … Continue reading

Simple drawstring bag with vinyl window

simple drawstring bag

Hi, Stephanie from Swoodson Says – a new year brings renewed organizing and decluttering energy so I have the perfect tutorial for you! The older my son gets, the more small toys we have building up, so I sewed up a drawstring bag with a vinyl window. I’ve found kids love seeing things peek out at them – the most played with toy in our house is this camera softie, it has a vinyl “view-finder” on the back! I put the drawstring on the outside so it is a little more durable, enclosed all the seams so it’s neat and pretty, and added a loop on the back so it can be hung up. The animal fabric I used goes perfectly with his log slice pouf – you can see more pictures of that project here. Are you ready to … Continue reading

A Quick And Easy Headband Project in 15 minutes.

easy headband

An Easy Headband Project   The question keeps popping up:  what to do with my scraps of fabric?  Should I throw them away?  Should I just give them away for free?  A couple weeks ago we published a tutorial showing how to make a beaded necklace using fabric scraps and a few small components. As another alternative, why not use your fabric scraps to make things that could be easily sold in market stalls?  Here’s a quick and easy headband project that will help you use up your scraps of fabric while at the same time making great little items that you can sell or give away to friends. I made this project with my teenage daughter (who reluctantly volunteered the model the end product…)   She is just starting out in sewing –so I’m always looking for simple and fun … Continue reading

January Mug Rug Tutorial – It’s SNOW much fun!


Mug rugs have become so popular lately! For the past couple years they are by far my biggest pattern sellers. This is probably for many reasons. They are super easy to make, they can be made using your favorite techniques (hand or machine), they make great gifts, and they can be decorative as well as functional. Most of all, they are so much fun, or in January’s case, it’s SNOW much fun! I hope you will follow us along here on our Mug Rug of the Month Tutorial.  For more holiday mug rug patterns, as well as everyday patterns, stop by my Craftsy Shop or Etsy Shop. Lets get started! What you will need for one mug rug: Small scraps of fabric for appliqués 1/8 yard of light weight paper backed fusible webbing 6 1/2 x 10 inch piece of … Continue reading

Fabric Covered Beaded Necklaces from scraps of fabric

Fabric scrap project

Looking for a new fabric scrap project?  Why not make some fabric covered beaded necklaces. This is an exciting new and easy tutorial on how to make fabric covered beaded necklaces from the mountain of scraps from the Christmas sewing marathon. Yes, I hear you!!! What to do with this enormous amount of fabric scraps left over from all the sewing that you have been doing?  Too beautiful and expensive to throw away, not to mention, it’s money going down the drain.  Too ugly to give to a friend, yet you know this pile of mangled fabric is still useful.  These beaded fabric covered necklaces are the perfect gift for a friend as a Thank you, birthday or Valentines Day present, and I will show you two techniques to cover the beads with fabric. Here are the materials you will … Continue reading

Can you cut paper with your sewing scissors?

Advice from the experts on whether cutting paper with your sewing scissors really dulls the blade or not. Really interesting reading.

Ah ha – the age old question.  Should we keep our sewing scissors just for cutting fabric.  Will cutting paper somehow ‘dull’ the scissors, make them less sharp, or less able to cut fabric if we dare to cut paper with them as well? Is this just an urban myth?  Did seamstresses of old simply pass on this mantra to stop the family endlessly borrowing their sewing scissors.  Was it just told to make sure the sewing scissors were always there when they needed them? We’ve all seen the funny memes on social media warning of the dire consequences of using our sewing scissors to cut paper. It’s discussed from time to time in the sewing chat group, and there will always be those who say yes they cut with paper occasionally and still have nice sharp scissors.  We all … Continue reading

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Fabric

cutting fabric

I must admit, I am new to blogging, but I wanted to start with a topic that is near and dear to my heart. So many people spend hundreds of dollars on a good sewing machine, use it for a few months and then they give up, and put it back in the box in the basement where it remains for years –untouched.  Somewhere in their sewing journey, many aspiring sewers become afraid or demotivated because the project did not turn out the way they wanted.  A big pile of unfinished garments is a dead give away!  Our brain is trained to look for inconsistencies and it is how we judge beauty.  Unconsciously, we know something is off and we give up before we finish.The reason for this doomed journey starts at the fabric store but is often made worse by how … Continue reading

Learn all about Kraft Tex ‘leather’ fabric

Kraft Tex washing comparison. Different methods and results on test. How to make Kraft Tex look like leather.

Have you ever heard of Kraft Tex.  It’s been in my wishlist for ages, but I can’t get it here and had to wait for the lovely Lucy to bring me some over on her bi-annual visit.  It’s a strange sort of material.  Described as a paper fabric, it is designed to be used in all sorts of mixed media, paper crafting and sewing projects – it’s very versatile. Straight out of the packaging, it’s just like a roll of thin cardboard, and you can use it like that with stamping, embossing, painting, punching etc in all sorts of projects.  You can even print on it! But when I think it really comes alive for me, is when crumpled and washed or soaked, then it takes on a leather-like appearance and is ideal for creating bags, wallets, tags, embellishments and … Continue reading

How to Make An Appliqué

Applique 101. Easy to follow step by step in lots of details about all aspects of how to make an applique decoration.

Appliqués are shapes or letters with an adhesive on the backside so that they can be applied, using an iron, to everything from clothing, (think adorable initials on Children’s coats, for example) to pillows, to tablecloths. Making your own appliqués is a great, simple, project to do with children and is an easy, and affordable, way to create custom pillows, and decorations for any holiday. To make appliqués you’ll need fabric (I highly recommend 100% wool felt, and cotton flannel), paper scissors, fabric scissors, embroidery scissors, a marking pen, pins, paper and a fusible web like Pellon “Wonder-Under”. If you want to create text, you can either draw your letters or print them out. You will have to be cutting these out, so a large, block, text is going to work much better than a narrow, scroll text. Additionally, if … Continue reading

It’s a Snap! Where and how to use KAMsnaps

Introduction to KAM Snaps. Where and how to use them, how to set them, examples of projects where they can be used.

Hi from Laura over at CraftyHour!  I’m excited to be here today to talk to you about how to use KAMsnaps! I’ve been using KAMsnaps for several years and I’d like to share some thoughts on installing them and where they are useful. I originally bought my snap press over 6 years ago when I was sewing baby garments to sell. I had a lot of snaps to set and some trouble setting the basic metal snaps with pliers, especially through the 2-3 layers of fleece I was using in my little BabyBean Ponchos. My KAMsnaps press is able to set snaps through several layers of thick fabric with ease! I’ve even seen ways to convert the snap press to a foot kick press to make it even easier. The table top snap press is not the cheapest tool, but if you are going to set a lot of snaps it’s definitely worth … Continue reading

40 Techniques every sewer should know-do you ?

Essential sewing skills for sewers of all levels. Review of the 40 techniques class.

I was fortunate, learning to sew at school  – it was one of the few lessons I took to but that’s a rather long time ago now. The course “40 Techniques every sewer should know” is great!! Divided into seven sections covering: Pressing, Stitching, Curves and Corners, Interfacing Tips, Beautiful Bindings, Getting Closure Each section covers a variety of tips. The division of the class into sections means you can easily refer back to subjects to refresh your memory. There is something for everyone in this course. Pressing Matters – This class has changed my relationship to my iron. Gail has converted me!!! A good press with the right tools improves the quality of the finished garment, within three minutes of the class starting I had learnt the value of pressing rolls. Stitch Perfect – Don’t you just hate wobbly top stitching?! Learn to use any foot with a guide (the guide is a … Continue reading