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Made in a Snap – easy bag pattern

I've never seen this type of easy bag pattern before. Love those handles!

This is the Made in a Snap Bag – and its a quick and easy bag pattern and the latest in the ‘My First Bag’ series.  It’s a good bag for beginners to bag-making, although it can be just a little bit tricky in one place, but if you are careful, you can do a good job on this one. What’s special about this bag – well I’ll tell you.  See that metal frame – it’s removable.  Which means that you make up several different bags and you can swap them in and out to match your outfit but they all use the same frame.  Of course you can buy several frames and not bother to switch up the cover too.  It’s good either way. To sew the Made in a Snap easy bag pattern Materials: 6 inch half-round purse frame – … Continue reading

Introducing the new sewing forum

Come and chat about sewing and get your questions answered in this new sewing forum.

Do you remember in the last Readers Questions that I said it would be the last one for a while because I was working on something new?  Well that something new has been a lot of work and took me longer to get off the ground than I was thinking, but it’s here now and I think it’s going to be awesome!   Introducing a sewing room of our very own.  The new forum and chat room – tah dah!     Features of the new sewing forum It’s private – only for members, so you can feel free to chat and share without it showing up all over your Facebook wall etc. It’s going to be full of people who love sewing, quilting and fabric arts so you’ll always find someone with the same interests as you You can … Continue reading

How to shop for knit fabrics online

Stretch fabric swatch kit - at last I can see and feel what all these knit fabrics are like so I know which one to choose for my project. Great idea.

Do you ever shop for fabrics online?  What about shopping for knit and stretch fabrics?  Are you confident in where and how to shop for knit fabrics online, and how to make sure you are using the right kind of fabric for your project? I came to sewing only recently so naturally when I wanted to sew clothes,  I wanted to emulate the types of clothes already in my wardrobe, and these days most of them are stretch in some way or another.  I think some of that has to do with the expanding nature of my body in the last couple of years – I’ve found a stretch garment will fit me over more size changes than a regular woven garment. Many of the sewing patterns I’ve developed have been for stretch fabrics, but I still sometimes struggle to … Continue reading

Must have features for your first serger

Must have features for your first serger - and those you can do without. Great tips if you are thinking of getting one.

Hi there! I’m Irene and I usually blog at Serger Pepper; today I’m here sharing with you all I know about one of my favorite topics: sergers! Yes, I’ll do my best helping you choosing your first serger (or overlocker, depending on where you come from)… aren’t you excited? I am! Let me start saying that the perfect model does not exist! It’s all relative! Read what you should consider before you start evaluating the models/features: What is a serger sewing machine? Maybe you already know what a serger is/does, maybe not: let’s define it! A serger is a fast sewing machine that produces professionally finished seams because it trims away seam allowances and encases raw edges with an overcast stitch…. wow! Can you guess how much it reduces the boring time spent trimming and zig-zagging seam allowances? One step does everything! Do I really … Continue reading

Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouches for Christmas

Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouches - pretty much everyone I know will be getting one of these as a gift this year. Addictive free pattern!

If you are fairly new to following along at So Sew Easy, then you might have missed this project from some time back so I thought you’d like to see what I’ve been sewing. I’ve been busily sewing away these teeny tiny zipper pouches for stocking stuffers and for handy gifts for hubby to give to some of his colleagues.  They work in the sun all day, in and out of the water working as diving instructors and these little pouches are ideal.  They can hang them off their bag and have easy access to their lip balm, sun block and lunch money while keeping the rest of the stuff in their bag dry. I use mine on my key ring and its ideal to keep my lip balm and a few bank notes for when I pop out to … Continue reading

Wonky Stars Christmas Mug Rug

Wow, love this Wonky Stars Christmas Mug Rug. Pretty idea.

It’s me, Laura from CraftyHour again! I’m here today with a tutorial one of my favourite small projects, a mug rug. This one is a Christmas-themed one, but you could use another colour palette and make it for any occasion. The Wonky Star block was the first quilt block I was really interested in two years ago – I made a quilt with 6″ and 12″ wonky stars as one of my first quilted projects. Materials: Scraps of coordinating fabrics – I used a few prints from the Holiday Cheer line by Jan Shade Beach Coordinating fabric strip for binding White or other solid background Small scrap of batting Backing fabric Embroidery floss in coordinating colours How to sew your Wonky Stars Christmas Mug Rug The finished dimensions of this little mug rug are 4.5″ x 6.5″. It’s based on a 1″x1″ grid (finished squares), so … Continue reading

How to Line a Skirt in 8 Easy Steps

How to line a skirt. Ah ha moment here. This is so straightforward.

  How to add a lining to your Show Some Flare Skirt in 8 easy steps! Hi this is Judy from StoneyLonesomeSewWorks. I am a self taught sewer who has been sewing on and off for about 20 years but only became serious about 3 years ago when both of my children were in High School and there was more time! I started out sewing basic totes and easy gifts for family and friends gradually moving up to more complicated patterns. In the past year I have been most interested in garment sewing with a few quilts and bags on the side. It is very exciting to be sharing this tutorial on adding a lining to your So Sew Easy Show Some Flare Skirt. The Show Some Flare has quickly become one of my favorite SSE patterns due to its ease of … Continue reading

Color block skirt – free skirt pattern

Free skirt pattern. Love this color block skirt with the fade away panels on the side that make me look instantly slimmer!

The free pattern for December is nice and simple – none of us have time for complicated sewing this time of year!  So here’s a simple free skirt pattern for a skirt with shaped seams front and back, flattering side panels and a nice comfy fit. Make this skirt all in the one color for a classic knit straight skirt or use the seams to create a color block effect.  Be more traditional with the solid or dark panels on the outside, or go crazy with print! Features: Easy to sew Princess-style seams front and back Video tutorial Knit fabric for comfort and fit Sewn-in elastic waist Sizes 34-50 hip just 4 pages to print for the pattern – nice Works well with a ponte knit Want more of a dramatic tapered look to the center panel and skirt? The standard … Continue reading

Save on the Best Sewing Magazines

The Best Sewing Magazines and where to save money on your subscriptions. These also make great gift ideas for people who sew.

Do you already subscribe to any sewing, crafting or quilting magazines?  I buy them occasionally when I can find them here, but having a regular subscription is the best way to get your magazine delivered to you each month, and make sure you have a regular supply of patterns, projects and sewing inspiration. Getting a sewing magazine delivered is the perfect way to get access to original and seasonal sewing ideas and learn all the most modern techniques, and keep up to date with new products and materials being released.  You can tuck it in your bag to read in your lunch hour, read it on the train, lend it to friends. If you buy a subscription online, it usually works out MUCH cheaper than buying them in your local supermarket one magazine at a time. And, at this time of … Continue reading

Pattern of the Month Club Giveaway

Win a Pattern of the Month Club giveaway. Win 17 sewing patterns - 2 prizes.

It’s been a little while since we had a giveaway on the site and the end of the year is drawing to a close, so many of us are thinking about giving gifts to those close to us. I think YOU are great and I’d love to give you ALL a Christmas present, but with so many people following along now, it’s sadly not possible. I hope you’ll accept all the free sewing patterns I’ve issued this year as my gift to you all, with my sincere thanks for everything you do to help make this site a success. As a thank you for reading, commenting, sharing and Pinning my articles and patterns throughout the year a final giveaway from me.  Two readers can win all 17 (now 18 with the early release of the Jewelry Purse)  of the patterns in the … Continue reading

Non-Slip Sewing Machine Organizing Pad

Sewing Machine Organizing Pad with Detachable Thread Catcher

I’ve been slowly working on organizing my sewing space and made this sewing machine pad to keep some tools handy. This is Amy from Friends Stitched Together and today I’ll show you how to make your own! The pocket sizes are customizable and the thread catcher is detachable which means it’s easy to pull off and empty when it’s full. You will need: 1/2 yard cotton fabric 1 13″x25″ piece of non-skid “grip stop” fabric 1 13″x25″ piece of fleece or batting 2.5″ piece of velcro All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless stated otherwise – backstitch at the beginning and end of all seams Download this tutorial to keep Cutting out your pieces First, cut your cotton fabric pieces. I made a little cutting chart so you can fit it all on 1/2 yard:   1 – 13″x19″ (main panel) … Continue reading