What class should I review next?

Which class next

In the last big sale on Craftsy I really stocked up on classes and have a LOT now – over 50 in total across all sorts of subjects.  The prices were just too good to miss.  I've already started on the Bra Making, Construction and Fit class, but wondered about the others.

Sometimes I like to do a review of a class when I watch it and share what I learn. So I wondered which classes I should do next, let you know what I think of them and write more in detail about what they cover.

Here are the reviews I've done so far:

These are the classes I was thinking of doing soon.  Let me know in the poll below which ones you would like to see a review for.  You can even let me know if you aren't interested in reviews at all.  I'll take note of what's the most popular.

You can click each one to see the class description.

Beginner sergingpayment (18)payment (24)Travel organisers Pattern drafting from ready to wear30 professional techniquesfresh applique techniques


What are you interested in?  Let me know here…

You can pick more than one –>

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Write your own class reviews!

Would you like to write your own class review and give other readers your honest opinion about some of the online sewing and quilting classes you have taken?  We would all LOVE to hear what you have to say.  There is a section in the new FORUM exactly for this, so if you haven't already done so, do sign up and you can submit your review, notes and even photos of your completed class projects in the Class Reviews and Discussions section.

Need to learn more about how to use the forum?  Take a look here for the how-to instructions.  I'm so looking forward to reading your reviews.


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Amanda Holiday
Amanda Holiday

There is a Craftsy Class the title of which I don’t remember at the moment. It’s on scaling a commercial pattern to any size needed, whether larger or smaller. Once I get through the classes already in my inventory, I plan to sign up for that one. I’m plenty much good for stout, and can handle waist adjustments, but get lost when trying to make the pattern large enough to fit me and then lengthen the sleeves and increase the waist all at the same time for shirts to fit. .

Kelly Criss
Kelly Criss

I really want to learn how to emulate the clothing I already have and love. Trouble is, by the time I need the item again or decide I want another, I can’t find it again. So if I could duplicate these garments, I’d be so happy! Especially if I don’t have to rip them apart to make the pattern.

The Bra class seems like Id really like it, but I do t know where I could get supplies etc to make one for less than I could make one…any ideas there? I’m lucky enough that our Walmart carries a brand called sweet nothings that fit very well and aren’t expensive. But id love a better fitting one for the same amount of money.

Carla Caslake
Carla Caslake
Reply to  Kelly Criss

Kelly, if you go on facebook and ask to join the “We Love Craftsy Club,” tag me once you are in there…I admin that group and an adult garment group where we will be doing a bra sew-along in the spring using that Bra Making class on Craftsy. We have a whole list of places where you can find all the supplies you need! Bra’s are very easy to make and there are plenty of places to order exactly what you need to make them!!!!

Reply to  Carla Caslake

Thanks! I sent my join request just now!! I can’t wait for the sew along.


OOH, can’t wait for the bra making review!


I struggle with pants for me. I would love to have you review One Pattern Many Looks, I took it and failed.


Hi Deby, I’d like to see you review “Pants, one pattern, many looks.” Because of your review of Sew the Perfect Fit, I purchased that class. Haven’t had a chance to begin it yet but I have all my materials and am ready to go after the holidays.

BTW I got my knit swatches from Fabric Mart and they will be very helpful. Come to think of it I took the Sewing with Knits class after reading your review too.