Sewing Tips and Tricks: 120+ of our best ideas

Sewing TipsWhen it comes to sewing tips and tricks…there’s no shortage of resources. Indeed, when we Google a basic question concerning a sewing machine attachment we’ve just purchased or a new technique we need to master before we can complete our next project, sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by choices.

However, it makes a big difference to have all those Sewing Tips provided by a source you know you can trust, collected and set out in a manner that’s logical and easy to make use of. That’s exactly the reason why we decided to put together this handy list of Sewing Tips and Tricks.

I’m talking about everything you’ll need as a beginner or anything short of a seasoned expert (and even then!). From understanding your machine to time saving hacks which every budding seamstress ought to be aware of!

Sewing Tips – Fabric

In everything from preparation to eventual garment care, the needs of different types of fabrics vary drastically. I’m sure many of the beginners out there have made the mistake of rushing headlong into a project, without adequately researching the special needs of the exotic fabric they are attempting to incorporate. Keep yourself informed and prepared with these handy Fabric Specific Sewing Tips!

Sewing Tips – Sewing Machines & Accessories

Many of us draw a blank when faced with any kind of mechanical device…even if it’s an integral part of our sewing lives, like our sewing machine or one of it’s many wonderful accessories. Take these Sewing Tips all about Machines and Machine Accessories as proof that you’re not alone in your confusion, we all start out with the same questions…it’s only a matter of time before you can consider yourself an expert machinist!

Sewing Tips – Tools

There are so many handy tools, accessories and nifty gadgets which are specifically made to save you blood, sweat, tears and frustration! It’s about time you learn what tools you need, what’s available and most importantly, what in the world they’re for. I hope you enjoy our Sewing Tips all about Sewing Tools!

Sewing Tips – Quilting

Such a fulfilling pastime for anyone with a real love for sewing and an urge to create artistic items full of time, love and care! Yet  quilting is no simple affair and as much as some of us want to make a go of it, the ins and outs can seem a little daunting. Never fear…you’ll find all your handy Sewing Tips for beginners in Quilting right here!

Sewing Tips – Saving Time and Money

Now, some of us may consider Sewing Tips designed to save us time and money as something of a Holy Grail. Sewing is a time consuming pursuit and at times it can prove rather costly but we manage to balance it with home life, kids, even work…that’s largely thanks to our knowledge of Time and Money Saving Tips and Tricks!

 Sewing Tips – Patterns and Techniques

A basic knowledge of pattern making and usage, as well as a knowledge of standard sewing techniques, is absolutely vital for anyone who want’s to make their own! Whether you want to design your own items or simply follow the designs of others, these Sewing Tips and Tricks about Patterns and Techniques ought to be up there on your need-to-know list!

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  1. mary says:

    Excellent resource, and if you use Mozilla Foxfire, save it to Pocket( in the toolbar) for instant retrieval. Marvellous !Thank you.

  2. Donna Thompson says:

    A great resource; thank you.

  3. Helen Jankul says:

    Thank you so much for this terrific list and your time for putting it all together for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you !! You are just wonderful and we love you ! ! !

  4. Joy King says:

    This directory is brilliant and really helpful – thank you Mayra and Deby.
    ( I’ve book- marked it for future reference so will have it to hand when those niggly questions arise; any possibility of making it available on a download??? 🙂 )
    Many thanks for you great web page, I look forward each week to your news dropping into my inbox.

  5. bcwestblog says:

    This is great. I need to do a lot of reading.Thank you

  6. Karen White says:

    This is such a comprehensive list, thank you all sew much for the work you did to put this all together.

  7. Deanna Longrie says:

    Thank you so much for this compilation and your time for putting it together, and for everything for that matter!!

  8. lacybe says:

    agree, wow! I am speechless

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    I think there were amasing things to learn, they certainly are an eye opener

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    Thank so much for your time. X

  11. Nicky Burke says:

    Wow! Thank-you so much. What an excellent resource for a newbie like me. This will certainly be my go-to page.

  12. SIDRA GOLDSMIT says:

    Thi was an amazing list. Felt like it was going on & on. So much information. Thank you!!!!

  13. Kriss Foster says:

    This is an excellent resource. “One stop shopping” for all kinds of sewing-related questions. Thank you so much!

  14. Hanneke says:

    I know what I’ll be doing tonight 😊

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    Wow. What a fantastic list. I think this is the best list of sewing tips that I’ve seen. Thanks for putting this all in one place!

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