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It came as a big surprise to me, but a recent blog post I wrote quickly became one of the most visited and most commented upon on my website.  And it was nothing to do with sewing – but clearly it’s an area of interest for a lot of my readers.   I guess if you are reading my blog, many of you will also have a blog or website of your own, or perhaps are thinking of starting one.  So I discussed the various options I was considering for trying to earn a little money from my blog – and its obviously a topic other bloggers are considering too.

Thank you for everyone who commented, made suggestions and filled in my poll.  The interesting results of the poll so far will follow below.

You can find the original post at What do you think of sponsorship and advertising on blogs ?   I disclosed that my blog earnings for the entire month of January had been a paltry $3.31.  Here is the poll again in case you want to add you own vote to the subject of blog sponsorship and advertising.



So on to the results.  So far there have been 64 results posted, and there have been votes in each category, right from the hate it end of the spectrum to the love it, and everything in between.

poll results

I found that there are a few readers who really hate blog advertising and don’t want to see it or would prefer not to.  And plenty who don’t mind it in the sidebars, but would prefer not to see it in the actual posts themselves – I guess this also applies to sponsored posts reviewing products too.


But then there seem to be plenty of other readers who don’t think anything of it, don’t really notice it, or aren’t that bothered.  There doesn’t seem to be a completely clear consensus on the subject, but I would say the overall picture was rather more neutral or positive than it was negative.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been researching some of the recommended ad suppliers, and I’ve signed up for a lot of different schemes to try.  At the moment I’m trying lots of things – a bit of everything – to see what I like to work with and what seems to attract any interest from readers. So the blog is rather more heavily covered in adverts and things than I would normally like to see – but its only temporary.  I think I’ll give these things a go for a trial 4 weeks and then decide on which to work with.

But I can say that what I have learned and implemented is already making a major difference – my blog earnings in the whole of January was $3.31 but so far to the 8th February, this month’s earning is a whopping $112.59 !

That is some improvement.  However before we lose focus here, this is supposed to be a sewing blog and as interesting as the subject of blogging might be, I don’t want to go too off topic and bore those only interested in sewing.   So I thought that those interested in the blogging stuff might want to know more, and rather than fill up here with all that stuff, I prepared some notes in a PDF.

You can download this document from my Drop Box.  It includes three sections:

  • Stuff only relevant for bloggers such as hosting adverts, sponsored posts, product reviews etc
  • Other ways to earn money online such as surveys, setting up your own virtual store etc
  • If you can’t make money at least you can save money with these offers for coupons, discounts, freebies, samples and more

If you would be interested, you can download these notes -

Money Making Opportunities for Bloggers and Non-Bloggers.


It’s certainly an area I will be keep an eye on and looking out for anything interesting, not only for bloggers but for making money online in general.  Rather than post all that stuff here, and turn off my sewing readers, I thought I would keep it to a separate newsletter just for those interested in the monetization of blogs, general blogging tips and advice etc.  One newbie sharing what I learn with anyone else out there who is interested.

So if YOU are interested to learn more – sign up for my separate newsletter here which will not be about sewing especially, but about blogging and making/saving money. In the same way that I share my sewing experience from the beginning, I’ll be happy to share my experience as a blogger and pass on what I learn about earning from my blog.


 Subscribe to my blogging advice mailing list

And if you want to receive my regular posts directly into your inbox you can also sign up for the sewing posts and occasional newsletter under the Keep In Touch section on the top right under my (silly) picture.

Thanks for reading, and if there are any other comments, suggestions and things you would like to know more about, just let me know.  And don’t forget to download the notes.  Feel free to share them with any other bloggers you think might be interested.


Here is an archive of past newsletters to review.

Authored by: Deby at So Sew Easy


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50 Responses to My blog earnings update and Blog Money Making Download

  1. Thank you so much for compiling and making available the information about these opportunities!

  2. Thanks for much for that advice. I am going to print out the stuff from drop box, super helpful.

    Found you on Raising Imperfection Hop.

    xoxo tiffani

  3. Leslie says:

    Great tips. I make nothing from my ads but I can’t decide if it is worth to invest more time or not.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite post at Raising Imperfection! We feature our favorites on Friday, make sure to come back and check.

  4. trishflake says:

    Thanks for this post… so informative! Thanks so much for sharing at Monday Funday!

    Take care,


  5. Emma says:

    Great post – I am thinking about adding ads to my blog but I’m still not sure!

    I found this post via blog link up! :)

    Em :)

  6. Laura says:

    I abhor ads on blogs. Whether they’re in the posts themselves, or on the sidebars… I understand the “why” behind the the ads, but they are just offensive to me. Sorry! Of course, I’m a blogger from way back when it was all Mommy blogs & we did it strictly for fun & friendship; now everyone seems to be doing it to make money.

    I miss the days when you could read a blog & get a glimpse into someone’s real life, without coming to the end of the post & finding a disclosure that the craft supplies used were provided to them by the sponsoring company, or the vacation they took was given to the author to review… or heaven help me, the one post I read that brought tears to my eyes because the mom was so nostalgic over her kids growing up – only to find out at the bottom that one of her sponsors had asked her to write it & link it to their webpage where they were selling portraits. I just felt used all over…

    Just wanted to be honest with you. Came here from a blog hop!

    • Hi Laura, there are a lot of ‘sponsored posts’ about which I feel exactly the same way – conned, like the opinion wasn’t really their own, they were paid to say these things or use those products. That’s why I am trying to give this whole subject a lot of thought. I lost my job when I had a stroke last year, so I am now unemployed. While I love to sew and to blog, I could really do with a little income too – and if I can find the right way to do it here without offending people or being dishonest to myself, then it would be much appreciated. That’s exactly why this post is here – to find out opinions from blog readers. I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave an honest review. Thank you.

      • Laura says:

        I totally understand why people monetize their blogs. Don’t get me wrong – I would love the extra income, too!!! :-) I don’t fault anyone for doing it, not in the least. But for me, it’s a major turn off. Good luck with your endeavor though – I wish you the best of luck!

        • Thanks for your input and for taking the time to write an honest opinion. I know it’s not for everyone – and that was what prompted me to ask the questions and post the poll in the original post on the subject. I’ll be reviewing the poll again one day and posting some updated results and it does make me sad to think some readers won’t return – which is why I will be making my choices on this subject very carefully.

  7. Simplee Sue says:

    I don’t mind ads. I don’t like pop ups. Thank you for sharing this info. I’m still trying to figure out how to monetize my blog.

  8. GourmetGetaways (@GourmetGetaway) says:

    What a great story!
    I make a little income from my blog.
    I don’t do google adwords because I think that everyone is sick of being advertised to that way and rarely clicks.
    I do sponsored posts only if it is a product I enjoy using, I am usually not paid for these, but sometimes I will. I always get product some product for the post so that I can design a recipe using the product, and I always get extra product for a giveaway. This way it stays relevant to my readers and in keeping with the style of my website. I am also then giving back to my readers.

  9. Bonny @ says:

    Did I read that correctly? You went from making under five bucks a month to over 100? I am using a mix of advertisers, some of which you’ve listed, and like you, I hate Adsense. They closed my account, accusing me of fake clicks when I wasn’t clicking on my own ads or encouraging readers to click on them either. Thanks for creating this PDF!

  10. Sam says:

    Thanks for such a great list! Will definately be checking out some of those options. :)

  11. Jen says:

    Very interesting, thanks! I’m going to come back and read more later when I’m on my laptop. I also signed up for your newsletter. :) Jen

  12. Wow! That’s a really big success! Congrats! :D

  13. sandy says:

    I’ve read and reread this post and it’s very useful
    to me and many others.. I can’t thank you enough
    for putting it in words we all can understand.
    Now on to see what I can do with it..
    thank you so much for sharing!

  14. Lauree says:

    As long as the content is interesting I don’t mind sponsored posts or ad. Most of the sponsored posts include giveaways which others benefit from. I’m currently working on building a stream of traffic so I may someday monetize my blog. I say great job for making $$ on your blog. If others can do it why can’t you? :)

  15. Kara says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your research! That is very sweet of you :)

  16. wildflowerramblings says:

    I am a first time reader, don’t think I’d ever have ads on my blog, but I don’t mind a few, not tons of them — your coupons in the readers at the bottom seem decent. Thank you for the wonderful .pdf. I look forward to reading it!

  17. A worthy topic that I’m sure a lot of us are interested in. Thanks for taking the time to post your tips!

  18. Bobbie (@avisiontorememb) says:

    Love that you share this information with your readers! Thanks for linking up to Check Me Out Saturday on A Vision to Remember. I featured this blog post on my blog today and I pinned it (

  19. Emma says:

    Thanks for share this information. Really great tips about online money making.

  20. Lanaya says:

    I love the survey results. It’s very cool to see how people feel about sponsorship and advertisements!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  21. Katrine says:

    Great content! I will be reading this again and again.

  22. Kathy Moody says:

    Thanks for the great info! I loved seeing the poll results. Just signed up for your blogging tips newsletter. I had missed that one. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. Can’t wait to read the newsletter. :)

  23. ~ Megin of VMG206 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m new to blogging and have been wondering about opportunities to make $$.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  24. Jeni Verdery (@Igotthismartha) says:

    Thanks so much!

  25. Clydia says:

    Thanks for linking this information! However, I can’t get the download. Would you mind to send me a link or the doc to my email? threemangoseeds@yahoo thank you!

  26. Thanks Mary Beth – I’ve added it to my diary and I’ll be there next week.

  27. jen says:

    Thanks for gathering this info for us! I’ve heard of many of these sources, but there are quite a few new ones for me to check out too,

    I’d be curious to know the breakdown of your income in January and February.

  28. Jenna says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just signed up for the newsletter and got the download! I can’t wait to read how you made $100 in a month. That would make me ecstatic! I was about $4 last month! Thank you!

    Jenna @

    • Psst – don’t tell everyone Jenna, but up to 20th of the month, it’s now far more than that too! I’ve been amazed at how the money has been adding up. I’ll be updating newsletter readers with the month’s eventual total later on…

  29. Erica says:

    Thanks for this. As a new blogger I am still learning. :) Stopping by from the DIY Dreamer blog linky

    • Hi Erica, thanks for dropping in. I just took a look at your site and I see you are an Amazon Affiliate. I was thinking – when you do your projects, you could include a widget at the bottom with the products or materials you used. Might get you a few clicks, and even if someone doesn’t buy those products, they might get distracted and buy a TV! Good luck with the blog and do sign up for the blogging newsletter – you can see an archive to date here.

  30. Natalie says:

    Thanks for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays.

  31. Carmen says:

    Hello Debbie,
    I’ve just signed up for your newsletter. I tried to analise my blog with ZombieStat but I think you can only analise web domain and not blogs . My blog is: , ZombieStat analised!

  32. Thank you so very much for sharing all of this info. You are so generous! I’ve downloaded your pdf and I’m feeling hopeful. Really appreciate your article.

    • Do sign up for the newsletter too – that’s where I’ll be sharing all the ‘how to’ in order to earn on your own blog. Each will have some info and an action step for you to take which will improve your site and increase your earnings. I’ll go into lots of detail with real examples to follow along. It’s going to be fun and profitable!

  33. Kristina says:

    Thanks so much! I’m, a new subscriber! Found you from Crafty Soiree

  34. Thank you so much for this information. I use some of the sites you mentioned in your PDF and am looking forward to looking through the others you have listed to see if they would be a good fit for me.

  35. Lani @ Simply Fresh Vintage says:

    Just popping in from Too Much Time On My Hands. I have a brand new blog and your series is awesome! I’ll definitely take time to go back through and read all of the posts. Thank you for taking the time to share this information. It’s very helpful :)


  36. Anna says:

    I really appreciate your doing this, as I have not seen anything of its kind anywhere else. My personal opinion on ads in blogs is that bloggers work a LOT to do a service for the rest of us — I hope they make some money so that they can keep doing it! I just started blogging, and a long-term goal is to make some money off it when all my children are in school. So I will look forward to receiving your newsletter! Thanks again!

  37. bella says:

    WHy hello agan girl. WHat a great post!! I would LOVE to see this kind of improvement too, that is pretty incredible. Ok, I have to check out what you are talking about,and read your other posts.

    THANK YOU for sharing, and being so open about it with us. Rarely do we get someone to open up quite like that, so as you can see it is much appreciated !!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
    Bella’s 40 Day Challenge

  38. Linda says:

    wow. thanks for linking to What to do Weekends. Hope you come back every week. My followers, friends, bloggers (especially bloggers) need this. Take care, Linda

  39. crochetinspired says:

    Thank You for taking the time to put this information together. As a fellow blogger, I know I really appreciate the information!

  40. herjoyfulstudio says:

    This is great info, thanks so much for sharing. I recently started a new blog, but am now new to the blogging world. However the whole idea of monetizing was a mystery to me so you helped clear up some questions I had.

  41. natashalh says:

    Weighing in a couple months later than everyone else here – I guess maybe it’s because I’m a 20-something and I’m used to advertising, but it just doesn’t bother me. Unless it’s a pop up. I know someone who says he won’t trust something he reads online if it comes from a page with ads (? even the weather channel has ads now!), but that’s just not me. I don’t like if it makes noise and it helps if they aren’t everywhere and the page looks nice, but if they’re tasteful and relevant, I kind of even like them. I click on other blogger’s blog ads to find new blogs I might enjoy, and I’ve definitely checked out Amazon recommendations from writers I trust. Honestly, everything has ads today. It’s just a fact of life. Do people who hate ads refuse to watch TV or listen to the radio? It’s the same thing to me. The radio is free if you have a radio. Ads pay for it. The same thing is true of stuff on the internet! It’s the price you pay for a bit of enjoyment.

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