New Fabric Swatch Kits you’ll love

3 fabric swatch kits you can get to help you pick the right fabrics online. can't beat having samples of all these fabrics on hand.


Great news – the answers to all of your fabric questions are here.  I've got TWO new fabric swatch kits for you, and the original is back in stock after repeated sell outs.  What is more, they've even added a new wool swatch pack!  If you buy fabric online, or aren't sure which fabrics to use for which types of projects, you are going to LOVE these kits.  (And you can get them for free too – find out how!)

Do you remember the knit fabric swatch kit?  I had been getting a lot of questions from readers about the different types of knit fabrics.  Many of us are finding it hard to find nice apparel fabrics locally to us. Many fabric shops have been closing down, and you may find your local store now is more of a quilting store – so to get the best choice in apparel fabrics, you need to shop online.

Stretch fabric swatch kit - at last I can see and feel what all these knit fabrics are like so I know which one to choose for my project. Great idea.

But you can't feel the fabrics, can't see the drape, smooth the softness, test the stretch online.  So how to do you know what to buy?  That's where my fabric-friends at Fabric Mart came in – I asked them to make us up a knit fabric swatch kit as a bit of a favor, they said yes and you all went CRAZY for it!  It sold out almost right away and as soon as they get it back in stock, it sells out again.

Good news – it back in stock again NOW.  Hurry over and get it into your cart before it sells out again!


See ALL the swatch kits HERE

The new fabric swatch kits – your requests

Clearly I was on to something here, and you all started asking more questions about fabrics and asking for more kits.  We had a survey to find out exactly what you wanted – and it turns out you all want everything!  You recognise a great resource when you see it.

So Fabric Mart have put together two new kits and they're bigger than ever.  Each contains 16 fabric swatches.  There is a Cottons Kit and a Silks and Silky fabrics Kit.

Here's a look at what's included in the fabric swatch kits


Note – your fabrics might be different designs, but the same types of fabric as those shown.

In the Cottons Kit:

3 fabric swatch kits you can get to help you pick the right fabrics online. can't beat having samples of all these fabrics on hand.

Voile, Lawn, Gauze, Broadcloth, Quilting cotton, Shirting, Flannel, Poplin, Stretch Twill, Twill, Cotton Sateen, Denim, Velveteen, Corduroy, Rayon Challis, Linen.

In the Silks Kit:

3 fabric swatch kits you can get to help you pick the right fabrics online. can't beat having samples of all these fabrics on hand.

Silk chiffon, Poly chiffon, Crinkle chiffon, Charmeuse, Stretch charmeuse, Sand washed silk chareause, Crepe de chine, Georgette, Silk crepe, Organza, Silk Twill, Stretch satin, Shantung, Duipioni, Taffeta, Raw Silk Suiting

And a replay of the earlier Knit Fabrics Swatch Kit if you missed it.


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How to order the kits

Each kit is $4.99 including postage to the USA (sadly due to the cost of postage, these can only be sent to the US.)

If you want to buy a kit, or 2 or 3, add them to your cart and check out at $4.99 each.  If you want all four kits, they are available at an even more awesome price of just $15 including postage.

Knit Fabric Swatch Kit

Cotton Fabric Swatch Kit

Silk Fabric Swatch Kit

Wool Fabric Swatch Kit

Buy all 4 fabric swatch kits

Get a free Fabric Swatch Kit

Place a fabric order for $50 or more and one swatch kit is yours free.  Add your choice of swatch kit to your cart along with your $50 order and then apply coupon code SWATCH and the $4.99 disappears, so you get your kit for free.


3 fabric swatch kits you can get to help you pick the right fabrics online. can't beat having samples of all these fabrics on hand.

A BIG THANKS to all the team at Fabric Mart for putting these together for us and making them such a great price.  Now hurry, before word gets out and they all sell out again!

For UK readers

Sadly these kits can only be sent to the USA.  If you are in the UK, there is a great book you can buy as an alternative that includes swatches and information, although it is more expensive.

Pin Me3 fabric swatch kits you can get to help you pick the right fabrics online. can't beat having samples of all these fabrics on hand.

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16 Responses to New Fabric Swatch Kits you’ll love

  1. Jilly says:

    I contacted Fabric Mart directly via email, asking if they would send ALL 3 swatch kits out to me,here in the UK….and they did…..and they are Soooo worth having..clearly labelled and itemised, I can now look at these swatches and know what fabric to order online….

    • Elise says:

      I’m from Belgium, and would love to have these swatch kits as well! I’m a beginner, so all those different kinds of fabric are new to me. Actually being able to feel them and see the drape would very much come in handy! What a genius idea, Deby!
      If I may ask, Jilly, how much did you pay to get the swatches sent to you?

    • Cherilyne says:

      Thanks for this, Jilly! I live in Canada and was disappointed to read the swatch kits could only be sent to US addresses! I will follow your example, and hope to have the same success. Cheers!

  2. Janet says:

    I can’t wait to order all three swatches. Since I only leave the house to go to the doctor’s office every three months, I don’t ever buy anything that isn’t online. So to me, Fabric Mart offers a great service by selecting matching thread with your fabric purchase. In your shopping cart, just click on “Match 110 Yards Gutermann Thread”. I haven’t seen any other fabric store offer this service. I really appreciate it.

  3. I must be lucky as I got one of the combo samples…when I ordered there were only 45 left in stock. I was so glad to get them as it really helps when it comes to ordering fabric on line as I do. So much has changed since I started sewing 50 years ago! I’m in love with ITY knits. Fabric Mart has some great deals. Sign up for their e-mails.

    • So glad you got in and got your Linda. They were a huge hit and all sold out quickly, but gladly are now back in stock again. Its a great resource to keep around. And wow, sewing 50 years, I bet you have great skills.

  4. smonakey says:

    Wow, those kits are popular! The combo kit has already sold out. Do you have any idea if they’ll restock soon, or should I just pay the penalty & order the individual kits?

    • I know they are working flat out to get them back in stock – they had cut 550! Wow, they were popular. I don’t have a target date for when they might be caught back up. At the moment there are only a few of the cotton and knit ones too, the silky fabrics is also sold out for now. I think if you don’t mind waiting a while, they will get them back in stock as soon as they can. I’ll announce it on the FB page when they are back.

  5. Bobbi Beharrell says:

    Very disappointed that these swatch kits are still not available in Canada! Every time you mention the kits, Deby, I get all excited, then I find out that it’s still “US only”!

    • I know, its very disappointing. If you ask in the sewing chat group, you may find someone in the US who will mail one over to you. A lady in the UK just got lucky, someone offered to send it over. Sadly I’ve not been able to find suppliers in other countries who are willing to go to all this work, putting the kits together.

  6. Deb Preece says:

    So disappointed that they don’t ship to the UK, I did start to get really excited about these swatches as I think it is a great idea especially giving details of what garments to make in these fabrics. Perhaps if more from the UK comment FabricMart may re-consider or strike a deal with a shipping company, just a thought!

  7. Nickie says:

    Couple of quick notes: first, it is “George-ette” as in a girly version of the name George. I know, it’s silly, but it is what it is. Second, the Rayon Challis is pronounced shallee (it’s a French word, darn those guys). Something you should know about Rayon is that while it is a natural fiber, it will fray something awful, and it will shrink significantly in the wash over multiple washes. So if you have a version of challis that doesn’t have any stretch in it (there are stretch challis available, they’re just hard to find) then I would recommend finishing the raw edges with a serger or a wide narrow zigzag and washing it at least three times on cold and hang to dry whenever possible. One trip through the dryer and even finished garments will shrink more and fray to the point of falling apart. You’re right about it breathing beautifully in the tropical weather, but it does require special care. It irons up beautifully like linen, but also like linen it warms to your body and creases easily.

    • Thanks so much for the pronunciation tips – funny isn’t it when you see these words written down, suddenly have to say them and I had no idea! Still, if I’m not sure, then I’m surely not alone. I’d hate to embarress myself in the fabric shop!

  8. Julia Baker says:

    Shame they don’t ship to UK 🙁

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