RIP Craftsy: Long Live Bluprint

Many readers have written to us about their confusion with what is going on with Craftsy. Craftsy has always been a favorite of our readers and very popular with sewists all around the world particularly for the low-cost and easy-to-follow classes.

The original Craftsy business model was a one-time purchase of specific classes that interested the reader. When you bought the class, you owned it forever and you could focus on the content that interested you and refer to it forever.

A particularly popular aspect of Craftsy was the personalization of each class and the participants potential for interaction with the instructor. You may recall the Craftsy class by our own Deby Coles called Sewing Wallets: Step by Step. Check it out if you've not seen it before. There's a free video preview as well.

In mid 2017, Craftsy was acquired by NBCUniversal and the service began to change. They added an “all-you-can-eat” subscription model called “Craftsy Unlimited” where for one monthly (or annual) fee, you could get access to all their content.

We wrote about this in the article below and asked readers for their feedback and boy, did they ever express their feedback. You can refer to the article and see the 160+ detailed comments by our readers. I think this is probably one of the best collections of opinions on Craftsy and Bluprint anywhere.

NBCUniversal then rebranded the Craftsy Unlimited product to be called Bluprint –while adding subscription access to thousands of new classes on topics as varied and diverse as Yoga, cooking, painting, dance, and photography.

At the same time, they kept the original Craftsy where you could still buy individual classes and keep them forever.

Well, the Craftsy name has finally come to an end it seems.

While you can still purchase individual classes, for the time being, it seems the Craftsy name is finally being retired and everything will now be called Bluprint. I think we will all still retain access to any classes we have purchased in the past, but when you go to the Craftsy address, it will forward to Bluprint.

The new Bluprint has classes on an incredibly wide selection of topics now including not only your favorites in sewing and quilting, but also knitting, cooking, photography, paper craft and even woodworking.

To try to encourage Craftsy members to move over to a new Bluprint subscription, they are offering a pretty attractive, exclusive offer. If the wide variety of content appeals to you, you should definitely check it out now. I don't think the offer will get any better than this.

Craftsy Member Exclusive Offer is Worth Considering

With this offer, you can join Bluprint on a monthy basis for only $7.99/month and get one class to own forever, or if you choose to join for a year for only $69.99, you can get and keep 12 classes forever, even if you stop paying your subsciption in the future.

Given that classes each usually cost around the $19.99 mark, the 12 classes forever makes this offer really, really attractive, I think.

So what do you think?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on the Craftsy to Bluprint transition. Will you continue to support the service? Has it's lost its personality and become too productized? Please let us have your thoughts below.

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370 Responses to RIP Craftsy: Long Live Bluprint

  1. Denise Briese says:

    Craftsy was wonderful blueprint has ruined it …the problem is going to be when blueprint goes belly up what’s going to happen to classes i already own

  2. Dottie says:

    This is modern highway robbery. What were they thinking. It is so confusing. I will not be subscribing to this site. Why should I put money in their pockets?

  3. Allison Leigh McDonough says:

    Bluprint has seriously screwed over designers.

    On December 19, I received the following email:

    “Good news: you’ve been identified as a top designer on Craftsy! We love your work and we are excited to continue to share it. We thank you. Please note, in some cases, we were not able to include all patterns from all stores that are remaining on our site, so after Friday, 12/28, you may see the selection of patterns on your store reduced. Also, pattern upload will be temporarily disabled on all stores until later in 2019, as we revamp our marketplace and make it a more inspirational destination. Apologies for any disruption this may cause.”

    Within 8 days, with only this “warning,” they deleted all but one of my patterns and did not provide any backup of my files or provide a way to recover them. They claim that they’ll provide a way to upload patterns in the future, but that would require me to re-enter the information for the 67 patterns that they removed and re-upload the files, if they’ll even allow them back. Customer service said this when I asked about downloading a .zip or .csv that I could upload again in the future once they re-open the option to upload patterns to Craftsy:

    “We don’t have a way to change your store at this point. The patterns were not saved. Hopefully, you have those files on your computer.”

    Bluprint has essentially shut down pattern designers’ businesses. In my case, they removed all my paid patterns, but kept my free pattern available. Bluprint is using designers’ free work on their website while denying us the ability to sell. They’ve kept the content that help their business while destroying ours.
    If this is how they treat someone they consider a “top designer,” I can only imagine how little they think of any other contributor or customer.

    I would encourage you to delete your Bluprint account and take your time, money, and loyalty elsewhere. This is an unethical move by a company that’s only here to get your money. I’m asking for your support in sending Bluprint a message.

    Craftsy was a well-loved community that celebrated crafting and supported designers. Contrarily, Bluprint has destroyed the community and is trying to milk both its customers and its designers for all they’re worth. Please stand with me in showing them that our patterns, contributions, and creativity have value and that they cannot exploit designers like this.

    For those of you who enjoy knitting and crocheting, Ravelry is a much better, independently-run site that values its members. The site is completely free and has hundreds of thousands of patterns from all over the world – a much larger database than Bluprint’s.

    Pinterest is also another great source for craft ideas of all kinds and you can also try Etsy (but please know that Etsy charges sellers much higher fees. Some of us even charge more for a pattern on Etsy than we charge on Ravelry or charged on Craftsy, so check Ravelry first!).

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. Happy crafting!

  4. Shareen says:

    I agree I hate this Blueprint it is a complete rip off why should I pay twice for classes I already own?No word from Blueprint how they would compensate people who were already part of a great software program the owners just too greedy and sold us out with little thought to their loyal customers

  5. Dee says:

    Watch teaching Videos on youtube, have learned so much from them, Hail Youtube, may you be free forever! Blueprint SUCKS , just another money scam, and they offended so many artist authors by kicking them off the site. I have many good friends that design GREAT patterns , and they were kicked off. Stupid , stupid blueprint, for a better pattern site , which is awesome and free , go to Ravelry.

  6. Mary S Klun says:

    I have not had any issues with Bluprint. I purchased a whole year and received an email with my coupons for the forever classes. I have purchased 2 classes so far and am not charged when using the coupons. I have also taken advantage of some of their sales, which are pretty decent. I do miss the Friday emails from Craftsy with the contests and free patterns, but they discontinued those way before Bluprint came about.

  7. Anita says:

    There seems to be no way to save classes to computer can anyone enlighten me?

  8. barbiq5 says:

    I agree with Martha. Confusing and NOT easy to follow.

  9. Donna Thompsonn says:

    Bluprint sounds more like an architecture student needs or something my husband would use. Where in the world did they get that name? It turns me off immediately; I just hope I can get my patterns and classes I have yet to use downloaded to my computer.

  10. Janet says:

    All for the love of more money. Craftsy was the best. Blueprint ruined it.

    • Francie says:

      I agree. If you are a yarn crafter, most likely you are not interested in wood working or painting. I am in my later years of life and don’t want to sign up for anything being withdrawn from my bank account, just in case I kick the bucket my family won’t get continually charged.

  11. Janet Hammond says:

    Irene Hynes, I’m with you girl! I too have purchased hundreds of Craftsy classes, many never watched but I knew they were there when I needed them for a specific project or when I had the time to access them. I will be extremely unhappy if I were ever to lose my purchases – classes I have PAID FOR and will be gutted to lose at some point in the future when Bluprint takes the whim!
    Needless to say I am not a happy bunny.

  12. Janet Jones says:

    I cant create a new account that works, I cant log in with my Craftys account, I cant log in just using my google account and I cant get to the classes I paid for. So, I hope bluprint just goes bust. =(

  13. Martha says:

    I miss craftsy – everything worked better on craftsy and i paid for a lot of classes that were suppose to be forever. a lot of money invested and they pulled the rug out from under us. craftsy worked better and there was more interaction. It was great and bluprint just isn’t making the cut.

  14. Dona says:

    Seems to me it is now a replica and competitor of Patreon?

  15. Verna says:

    I think that word of mouth is the best and/or worst advertising: the more people I know that look into this are are more than unhappy. I’d love to know how it pans out over e first bit, how many people, like me, say good bye, vs how many sign up.


    I tried it and here’s what I just emailed to them: I just agreed to what I thought was a price of $69.99 (offered thru this weekend according to So Sew Easy Blog), but was charged on Paypal $86.59! Why the large discrepancy in the price??? When I clicked on “Check Out the Offer” at the blog, YOUR page comes up showing a price of $69.99, but when I clicked on “Claim Your Offer” it showed a price of $79.99 with a tag saying 16% Off (like $79.99 was ALREADY 16% off). And this makes no sense cause 16% off $79.99 came to $67.17!! I went ahead and hit Subscribe thinking I would be shown the price I was really paying, but it DID NOT show me what I was paying! I went to PayPal to see and it is quite a bit more. So with tax on the $79.99 that I was charged, it comes to $86.59. This is the FULL PRICE, NOT THE DISCOUNTED PRICE OF $69.99 that is supposed to be good thru THIS WEEKEND!!! If I’m not receiving the price of $69.99, I do not want this subscription. Thank you, Robin Rodriquez


    Just tried to purchase the special of $69.99, but it shows $79.99 and out to the side says 16% Off, like $79.99 is ALREADY 16% off. But if I calculate 16% off $79.99, I get $67.17! Makes no sense. And, it looks like they will charge you in a year automatically – the onus will be on me to remember to cancel at that time.


    I’m not happy with a subscription service either, but I think I’ll take advantage of this “12 class to keep” offer at least. I have hundreds of purchased Craftsy classes, and most I have not even watched! I expect at some point I will lose them. Will not be happy! So I need to spend some time and save all the documents from each class. I think they are really messing up a great thing.

    • Pamela Dale says:

      That’s fine if you can afford it, I can’t plus I object to paying twice for something, I have already bought the classes why should I buy them again probably for more money. I too have some classes I have not watched yet and some I am only half way through so if these classes are taken from me I will be very upset at the gross injustice the new owners of the wonderful Craftsy website.

  19. Irene Hynes says:

    I really liked the old Craftsy model. When I wanted to try something new, I would purchase the course. I enjoyed the variety, and that I could work at my own pace on them. I am not able to do crafts all of the time, so having a subscription does not make sense to me…there would be months when I don’t use it at all.
    Sending a monthly newsletter by email, showing what classes are available is a great idea, because it would inspire me to try something new that is out there, but a regular subscription, where I keep nothing, and don’t use it regularly does not work for me.
    Bring back the old Craftsy model.

  20. Patricia Birch says:

    Will I still be able to access items I have bought in the past? Patterns etc? Or do I have to save them all to my computer. Advice please ?

  21. Nikki Moshier says:

    I had Craftsy Unlimited/Bluprint and have been very happy with it. I rarely watch a whole class. I use it to search for techniques I am interested in and use the segments to learn how different quilters do it. For example, I search for Dresdens and found several classes that had that as a component. I rarely go back to view a class I bought on Craftsy so losing anything there doesn’t bother me. I love Bluprint’s wide range of subjects and hope to try out their yoga classes this year. They are promoting their own brands of fabric that I need to use/wash to see if I like them. They have been extremely generous with free charm packs with my orders and numerous coupons throughout the year. I really have enjoyed the change. I feel a part of a much wider, diverse group of makers.

  22. Pamela Telfer says:

    No no and no ? So disappointed. Feel like Iv lost a friend. Blueprint won’t be the same it’s just cashing in on a the popularity of Craftsy

  23. Dennice says:

    Hate Blueprint. Want my old Crafts back!!!!

  24. sandy says:

    I dont understand the “own-forever” classes. Why pay 99.00 for a subscription and then have to buy more classes? and i understand that the non-‘own-forever” classes you cannot get to the materials! LIke the recipes for the cooking classes with the measurements!

  25. Elem says:

    I can’t wait for the day when someone copies Craftsy’s old business model. Then it will be bye bye Bluprint. I felt part of a community of crafters on Craftsy. So many patterns have been removed from their website, it’s hardly worth trying to open a Pinterest link, most often Pinterest comes back empty-handed.

  26. Lorraine Irvine says:

    I liked the fact that I could buy a pattern or tutorial whenever there was something I wanted to learn. By making me pay a subscription I probably won’t bother going to Blueprint at all unless it is to find my Craftsy patterns.
    Is there a way to copy my patterns and tutorials and keep them on my computer so that I will have them even after Blueprint do away with all the old stuff – yes it will happen.

    • Sandra says:

      Lorraine you can download all of your purchased (free or $$) files, one at a time, the same way you downloaded them before Craftsy turned into Blueprint. If you have lots, be prepared with a cup of coffee and perhaps a cookie or three 😉 I downloaded all of mine as soon as sellers started posting to their blogs about how Blueprint was treating them – I didn’t want to take a chance on losing anything. Even if the picture of the file isn’t showing, it will still be available. I know some people have said they lost patterns but I myself was able to get every pattern I had purchased over the years. Not sure about the classes – I never bought any (my free ones are still available for me to watch, though).

      • Sandy Richard says:

        Sandra, Could you please describe the process you went through to download your classes. I cannot seem to find a way to do it. I have a lot of $ invested in these classes and do not want to lose them anytime in the future. Thanks so much!

        • Sandra says:

          Sandy I’m sorry – I can’t help you – I didn’t purchase any $$ classes. I only have 2 free ones that I don’t need to watch any more but which are still available for me to view. It was patterns (free and $$) that I downloaded to save.

  27. Lisa Habinowski says:

    Bring back the old Craftsy format. I’ve spent a lot of money on the classes that I would have forever. I am now missing patterns and directions for many items.

  28. Sandra Osborne says:

    I will miss craftsy.

  29. Sherry S says:

    I just signed up for the trial of $7.99 and was billed for an entire year. I am trying to get it cancelled. NOT HAPPY.

  30. modeso says:

    I live in Switzerland and loved Craftsy. The courses that have been bought are still there, but with some there are suddenly no subtitles left that I could translate. So these courses do not make sense to me anymore. Too bad that such a great concept as Craftsy was lost and the name is absolutely inappropriate, I will not subscribe.

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