RIP Craftsy: Long Live Bluprint

Many readers have written to us about their confusion with what is going on with Craftsy. Craftsy has always been a favorite of our readers and very popular with sewists all around the world particularly for the low-cost and easy-to-follow classes.

The original Craftsy business model was a one-time purchase of specific classes that interested the reader. When you bought the class, you owned it forever and you could focus on the content that interested you and refer to it forever.

A particularly popular aspect of Craftsy was the personalization of each class and the participants potential for interaction with the instructor. You may recall the Craftsy class by our own Deby Coles called Sewing Wallets: Step by Step. Check it out if you've not seen it before. There's a free video preview as well.

In mid 2017, Craftsy was acquired by NBCUniversal and the service began to change. They added an “all-you-can-eat” subscription model called “Craftsy Unlimited” where for one monthly (or annual) fee, you could get access to all their content.

We wrote about this in the article below and asked readers for their feedback and boy, did they ever express their feedback. You can refer to the article and see the 160+ detailed comments by our readers. I think this is probably one of the best collections of opinions on Craftsy and Bluprint anywhere.

NBCUniversal then rebranded the Craftsy Unlimited product to be called Bluprint –while adding subscription access to thousands of new classes on topics as varied and diverse as Yoga, cooking, painting, dance, and photography.

At the same time, they kept the original Craftsy where you could still buy individual classes and keep them forever.

Well, the Craftsy name has finally come to an end it seems.

While you can still purchase individual classes, for the time being, it seems the Craftsy name is finally being retired and everything will now be called Bluprint. I think we will all still retain access to any classes we have purchased in the past, but when you go to the Craftsy address, it will forward to Bluprint.

The new Bluprint has classes on an incredibly wide selection of topics now including not only your favorites in sewing and quilting, but also knitting, cooking, photography, paper craft and even woodworking.

To try to encourage Craftsy members to move over to a new Bluprint subscription, they are offering a pretty attractive, exclusive offer. If the wide variety of content appeals to you, you should definitely check it out now. I don't think the offer will get any better than this.

Craftsy Member Exclusive Offer is Worth Considering

With this offer, you can join Bluprint on a monthy basis for only $7.99/month and get one class to own forever, or if you choose to join for a year for only $69.99, you can get and keep 12 classes forever, even if you stop paying your subsciption in the future.

Given that classes each usually cost around the $19.99 mark, the 12 classes forever makes this offer really, really attractive, I think.

So what do you think?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on the Craftsy to Bluprint transition. Will you continue to support the service? Has it's lost its personality and become too productized? Please let us have your thoughts below.

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300 Responses to RIP Craftsy: Long Live Bluprint

  1. Carolanne says:

    Like everything else these days it seems NOTHING is left alone to be as it has always been. Definitely will not subscribe. Crafty was great just as it was. Sadly, the changes are rarely a true upgrade.

  2. Leah says:

    As many others I do not like the name. That being said when I purchased my classes that meant I would have them forever but now I am reading that there is a possibility that won’t be the case. I feel then they should offer the customers the classes they purchased when it was craftsy a DVD for either a very small fee of $5.00 to cover the making of the DVD or for free since it was already purchased at sometimes a not so cheap price. As far as the free classes and patterns it would be nice to keep them but since I didn’t pay for them then I feel it is up to the company what to do. However it would be a sign of good faith and a thank you for being a customer to let them stay.

  3. Ellen says:

    I don’t like either. If I wanted to “wade through ” five thousand classes, it would be great .
    BUT I have no intention of fighting thru that. Craftsy was simply organized, I knew where my stuff was and it was easy to find everything from supplies to fabric to classes. Need feedback and have questions? It was all right there. Now, not so much.
    I really have no intention of wading through anything of the sort. I WILL give it a fair shot before I leave completely. But a subscription of any sort doesn’t work for me. I look for patterns and classes as I need them. And that’s certainly not monthly.
    Here’s my 2 cents regarding the name…it has nothing to do with crafts. It’s a construction associated website.

  4. Kathleen ODonnell says:

    Blueprint is a real turnoff for me. Craftsy was my go to for inspiration. I wont pay for a subscription. We are crafters

  5. Shari Bond says:

    I didn’t even know this had happened. I was using a Craftsy class on my laptop and it still looked the same since I hadn’t closed it out. But now I’m looking on my desktop and I see the change. It seems I still have all the free patterns I have downloaded for future makes, I hope they don’t disappear! I’m not sure I like the new look or the name. It does seem very corporate and not down homey like before. Boo! Thumbs down!

  6. Annie Lee Billings says:

    Don’t care for the name change. My patterns are still there. Won’t subscribe. We shall see .

  7. cheryl says:

    As soon as I saw this I quickly went over to check and see if the patterns I hadn’t downloaded yet were still there, they were. I downloaded those I wanted, just in case things change.

  8. Linda says:

    I agree with all of the people who prefer the Craftsy name and what it stands for. I have bought several classes and hope I will be able to continue to keep them. I also hate the Blueprint name. It is corporate, techie, house plan namey. No I will NOT SUBSCRIBE to any monthly or yearly service. The word Blueprint makes me think of house plans not crafting!!!!!!!!
    I have 69 classes and do not want to lose them.

  9. Judy Aviles says:

    I have bought , at last count, 159 classes, also DVDs. I don’t intend to join Blueprint! I had better not loose my classes because of this horrible change. If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it. Who ever allowed this to happen should be punished. This is totally unacceptable!!!

  10. Zina says:

    I joined craftsy because it could help me learn to sew. When they added knitting and crochet I was delighted because those were also classes of interest to me. That’s where my interests ended. I could care less about cooking and art or yoga or whatever else they have added.

  11. Flora says:

    It feels like we are being forced into a monthly or yearly subscription model whether we want it or not. It is not a model that works for me. The transition to Bluprint has been confusing. At first there was Craftsy and Bluprint, now just Bluprint. Are the classes and free things that that were under Craftsy going to be eliminated too? Already some of the links from YouTube videos to free resources do not work. The name Crafty have an idea of what to expect the name Bluprint gives no idea. I am sorry to see Craftsy go.

  12. Debbie says:

    I liked Craftsy mainly for their patterns, though I did get a few classes. It was so fun to check several times during the month and find the many unique patterns offered by so many designers in one centralized place. The few times that I’ve gotten on since the change has left me “underwhelmed” with the lack of patterns and the sparse new ones. I am also disturbed by the way they treated the designers, giving them such a little window of time to do something else. Their reasoning for streamlining so drastically makes little sense to me but I obviously don’t know the big picture as they do. I’m not in the position to watch classes so getting a subscription is not something that would interest me. Unfortunately, I’m not finding their site to be of much interest to me any more either. I did email Blueprint to express my concerns and asked that they consider posting an easy to find listing of the designers that they dropped so that their patrons could find them and continue supporting them. They responded that they would look into it.

  13. Karen says:

    I discovered Craftsy about 18 months ago. I LOVED it. I loved the diversity of crafts it covered, I loved the fact that you could source free and paid patterns, materials, classes, and for some patterns, free video tutorials. I’m pretty discerning though. I’ve only bought 2 or three classes … I only spend money if there is something I really think is of value to me. Because I work full time, I don’t have a lot of “craftsy” time on my hands, so having a monthly subscription would not be advantageous to me. I have “bought” and favourited dozens and dozens of free patterns though. That way, when I do have time, I have something to choose from. If I want to augment that with a paid class, then I would, but not necessarily. I won’t ever pay for a subscription. Period. I would never get value from it.
    The whole Blueprint thing has been a mystery to me. Only when I read articles or blogs from my favourite pattern designers have I found out what has happened with Blueprint. That fact alone suggests to me that their marketing campaign around the change is severely lacking! Just telling us it is better doesn’t actually make it better. They needed to better communicate the need for change and how it was going to change BEFORE they changed it. And they should have consulted over the name change. Blueprint sounds very corporate and has nothing to do with crafting.
    In the future, I will continue to access my library and favourites, and if Blueprint changes further, then I will just go directly to my favourite pattern designers. Probably like it used to be before Craftsy came along. Hey, there’s an opportunity for someone!

    • Barbara Rickman says:

      You stated my sentiments also. DITTO. I will keep what I have for now. I have very little money to spend anymore on subscriptions I am not sure i will use.

  14. iluvsew2 says:

    I Preferred the more personal Craftys blueprint doesn’t make me think it is for women who sew and craft miss being able to go from some web sites to find the products they may have for free or smaller fee

  15. Peggy Melfi says:

    Unhappy with the change: I had a LOT of free patterns in my basket that I hadn’t downloaded yet. They’re gone. Designers I liked, who also offered free patterns, gone.
    And most of all? I HATE the name. It is commercial, techy, architecural, and totally uninspiring. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
    All of the above makes me want to have NOTHING to do with them. 🙁

    • Evie says:

      All of your free patterns are still there. Just click over to Blueprint and sign in using your old Craftsy username and password, click on your icon on top right and scroll down to pattern library; they are all there.

  16. Donna Hogan says:

    I love your site, and have several of your free patterns. No, I will not subscribe to anything. Blueprint is a male chauvinist name.

  17. Karen Jones says:

    I joined when it was Craftsy Unlimited and had purchased classes and patterns on Craftsy.. All of them are in my Bluprint account, including 1743 free and paid patterns I am able to download materials and patterns for my classes. I like the fact that I can access courses I wouldn’t normally pay for, such as cooking and exercise and will renew my membership when the time comes.

  18. Helen willinsky says:

    I bought seventy nine Craftsy classes over the years. I am not very computer savvy a few find Bluprint very tedious. Will I be able to keep my Craftsy classes or do I have to download them now. Thank You

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